Poll: For four grand, would you flash a non-sexy body part?


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Mar 15, 2008
Souplex said:
I can't, because every single part of my body is sexy.
You know...I'm surprised it's taken 3 pages of forum text before somebody nailed this joke (unless I missed it but I don't think I did...). Well played good sir!

Someone Depressing

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Jan 16, 2011
Jonluw said:
How is this even a question?
Particularly considering my identity doesn't have to be shown.
For that price I'd flash whatever to anyone who asked. Why should that bother me?
Is it some sort of weird idea about the sanctity of your body? Is it the fact that someone would be getting their rocks off while thinking of you?
I don't see why this bothers people. People are too uptight about nudity generally.
I live in Britain. If it's after 8 PM, anything on television goes. For movies, the biggest censorship they have for nudity in movies is a sprite of fried shrimp or crayon drawings of naked people.

I can't quite tell if that's lucky, because pretty much any Scottish actor has exposed his/herself at least once in their career, so nobody really wants to mention Scottish movies.

Jamieson 90

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Mar 29, 2010
Maybe my financial situation is better than most in this thread, but I wouldn't feel at all comfortable selling a picture of any part of my body for sexual purposes, and certainly not for £4,000. But hey maybe that's just me.

Edit. Christ 96% in favour ... does no one have any dignity anymore?


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Dec 8, 2010
yes, yes i would, if someone wants to see my knee or whatever is the least sexy bit on me fo 4 grand i wouldn't hesitate.

i would try and get the payment as high as i could though


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Jun 13, 2011
Bertylicious said:
MetalMagpie said:
I don't really see much difference between accepting money in return for building someone a website (which I do) and accepting money in return for a picture of my feet. In neither case has the person "exerted power over me", because I decided whether to do it or not. "Will you do X if I give you money?" is basically how a job works! What matters is whether or not you're comfortable with what X involves.

If someone instead put a gun to my head and demanded a picture of my feet and then (once I'd done it) threw some money at me then yes, that would feel very weird. Being forced to do something is never nice.
I have to admit that I've kind of taken it as read that everyone felt the same way as I do about such things and this poll and post has made me consider why I feel the way I do.

To answer your question, I do think that this is different from working because if I were to contract you to build a website then what I am buying is the website. Part of that contract will be you working on that website, my expectation for you to do something, but fundamentally it is the website, your labour, that I am purchasing.

This is different. In this hypothetical situation I would be purchasing you. Just because it carries a shroud of anonymity doesn't get away from the fact that you are selling yourself, even if it is only an image.

I dunno! I guess I'm just not comfortable with that and it seems weird to me that anyone would be. I guess part of that is how I see myself and how I think about money. I don't have many scruples or principles but I don't want to be carried in life. If I want to do or have something then I want to do it with money that I myself have earned, not that I've had given to me though beyond my computer, my toys and passtimes, whilst having the fiscal freedom to go out for a drink or night out or a holiday with my mates whenever I want to, I don't have any real interest in money or stuff. I'm a pretty basic human living a simple life.

Plus I haven't got any debt and I've got decent savings so maybe that affects my perspective.
I respect your point of view and I respect you for expressing it so openly. Your point about selling a product vs "selling yourself" has made me realise that there is something I would feel weird selling.

I code for a job but my passion is writing fiction (especially short fiction). This is likely to remain a hobby (rather than any sort of money-making enterprise) because I haven't yet been able to square with the idea of selling my stories. The idea of something so personal to me becoming the possession of someone else (even only in part) makes me feel very uncomfortable. My feet are just feet - I use them to walk around with. My writing is my self-expression. It says who I am, how I see the world and what I believe. And, for now at least, that's not for sale.

But I would happily sell pictures of myself (providing the pictures weren't embarrassing) because my physical appearance just isn't very precious to me. I am not my face or my feet or any other part of my appearance. Even if all of those were taken away (by some dreadful accident involving skin-melting chemicals), I wouldn't be any less "me" than I am now.

I would consider that I had "sold myself" if I were to accept money to do something that goes against my fundamental beliefs. If I were to accept money to take someone's life, that would be selling myself. (Which is why a career in the military has never been an option for me!)

$4000 for a picture of your feet is a bit an odd example, but models are paid for their appearance all the time. I guess what's really interesting is how each of us feel differently about what we will and wont accept money for.

Patrick Buck

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Nov 14, 2011
Bro, if they saw my feet, they would flip their shit. They're not exactly normal.... Hehe, but why the hell not? I could do a lot with 4000$.
Maybe buy 8000 packets of skittles, or a fredo bar.


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Sep 16, 2013
Jamieson 90 said:
Maybe my financial situation is better than most in this thread, but I wouldn't feel at all comfortable selling a picture of any part of my body for sexual purposes, and certainly not for £4,000. But hey maybe that's just me.

Edit. Christ 96% in favour ... does no one have any dignity anymore?
The issue is not dignity directly but what the act of prostituting your body means to you. Some people are quite liberal with their body, some for financial gain see no issue with it and others have a high personal attachment to their naked body feeling it would either betray their morals or negatively impact their life. While the concept is the same, what our dignities are built from are wide and varied - Mine link's heavily with my selfworth, pride and honour, Ultimately the only opinion that matters is my own. If its socially unacceptable to do these acts and I should feel bad for prostituting out my body then honestly, thats everyone else's issue, not mine. I refuse to allow society deem what I should and should not do. I wake up every day, look myself in the mirror and accept the decisions I've made good, bad and indifferent.

So; I have no moral issues and the act in itself is inconsequential to me.


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Dec 15, 2010
Yep... yes to both. Though I will take extreme care with the last one to make sure it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass later. (though that would answer the question of if I really have a sweet ass or not... ahem, apologies)
4000 dollars is a good deal. I might attempt to negotiate a better price just for the heck of it but i'd likely do it anyway, perhaps even for less.
Anonymity is bliss and it pretty much grants a free pass, not to mention deniability.
It'll be easy money...


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Sep 18, 2010
Certainly. That's considerably more than a fairly high-class prostitute gets for hours of... work. A simple picture is nothing next to that (and even middling low-class prostitutes make more money than I do). I'd give 'em full frontal (as if anyone would pay me for that) and use the money to rebuild a project car.

captcha: stinky feet
...this thing is learning...

Speaking on limits and what I consider "selling myself"... I will never again allow myself to be told where to live for under $1 million/year after taxes (in which case my plan is to retire after 2 years... I even have a budget laid out). That's what I told every retention NCO my last year in the army, and that's still my standard. Living anywhere outside of the temperate rainforest I call home is the most miserable thing I've ever experienced (especially the swamps of Arkansas. Fuck that place harder and with even spikier objects than Iraq). I'd rather be shot again.


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Jun 26, 2008
Feet for 4 grand? Hell yes I'd take that deal.

I'd be willing to go legs/arms back for that kind of money. Though I don't think I'd be able to go any further than that. Definitely not fully nude or genitals.

I was embarrassed enough when I had a medical exam in my underwear, I think I'd pass out before going nude for that kind of thing. x_X


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Mar 16, 2012
To be perfectly honest, I'd do it for less than that. I mean, it's my feet, or hands, elbows, whatever. I'd even send them for free.

Fully nude though, I'd charge by the inch. So if my penis measures... uh. I... I'm bad at math.


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Dec 1, 2010

Hell, I could just cheat and take a picture of some random person's feet and claim they're mine. He'd never know...

For the fun zones? Nope. I don't want just anyone looking at my goodies.


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Dec 31, 2009
Ive been sending pictures of non-sexy body parts to people for free.....

....ive been selling myself short :/