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Aug 8, 2010
The-Traveling-Bard said:
Yup. I went to my sister's place for my birthday and wanted to watch netflix on my brothers Xbox. I needed a xbox live gold status to do it. I was insanely pissed off about it. I almost threw the controller. (A bit over a over-reaction i know, but come on! This is stupid)
I don't blame you, to be honest, although I think my reaction would have been more an exasperated laugh then a facepalm hard enough to break my nose.


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May 8, 2009
-If the Xbox One servers go down and I can't check in, do I suddenly lose access to play all my games? Microsoft never answered this so its a valid concern.
-I sometimes go to places without internet connections, if I take a trip I want to play my games, taking that ability away is a major drawback.
-The Kinect is shit, I don't care how good it is I don't want a camera with microphone recording me every time I'm playing my game system, there is no reason for this to be required and its a major drawback.
-Picking out a fun crap used game for $10 means you'll have a fun weekend, given what Microsoft has said this will not be possible on the Xbox One.
-All of those extra features, the TV stuff, social crap, I don't want those, when I see the system's power will be constantly drained for shit I don't want I get irked. It's already rumored that the Xbox One's memory will not be as good as the PS4's, losing 10-20% for an overly bloated OS that does nothing for me is a major drawback.
-Steam is Steam, when Xbox Live offers the same prices, sales, and offline abilities of Steam then you can compare, now you can't.
-PS4 is cheaper and is a better system, paying less for more is a good thing.
-I don't care for the looks of the PS4, there are you happy?
-PS+ required for multiplayer is a pisser, but in the grand scheme of things it ain't so bad, since I play almost exclusively single player games a shit wasn't given by me on this, so no cry of anger.
-I hated passcodes as well, you're crazy if you didn't think people hated them.
-I base my game forecast on the last iteration, PS3 had a ton of the great niche JRPG titles and I quite enjoyed the game library. The 360 had a great one too but I found myself sticking with my PS3 these past few years.

And thats it, no need for another one of these topics since any of those other threads bashing the Xbox One were also quite clear on the pitfalls. You cherry picked a bunch of odd ones to make claims against (as is often done) but if you don't focus on the actual complaints you're just wasting our time.


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May 31, 2011
Can somebody explain to me "Steam is the form of DRM" thing?
Any steam game can be launched directly from its installation directory. No internet connection or even steam client in "offline mode" is required.


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Dec 30, 2010
-Specs of PS4 make it potentially more powerful than the XBOne one paper
-The caliber of Sony owned studios is better in my opinion, so I think it will have better exclusives and more exclusives that I personally care about
-Playstation Plus will STILL be a greater value than Xbox Live Gold
-The indie focus from Sony gives independent developers less hurdles for development and release
-$100 cheaper (better hardware, "games first" machine for a lower price)
-Camera isn't forced upon us
-No used game DRM
-No online authentication required
-No extra subscription required for existing Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts
-Removable/replaceable/upgradeable hard drive
-The POTENTIAL of backwards compatibility via Gaikai (but I'll only care about it if my PS4 can detect the PS3 disc i already own and I can stream it over the cloud WITHOUT me having to pay for it again)

Some more minor notes for me:
-The lack of Halo is eased by Bungie developing Destiny
-Some of the social and cloud aspects intrigue me. The convenience on playing games while downloading others or playing a game WHILE its downloading is very nice. The "jump in, jump out" functionality seems useful
-Not region locked. It doesn't apply to me, but a good friend of mine studying abroad in Japan bought two Wii U consoles, one for US games and one for Japanese releases, its nice that I wouldnt have to worry about that if it ever became a factor.


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Jul 11, 2012
What am I onley one who likes the AWESOME console design that looks like duke nuke'em's left bollock... no? well then if (IF!)i would buy a next(ha ha ha... so sad...) generation console then it would be ps4 or the new gamecube... yeah because xbox one has the worst selling points... We wont let you play games the way you like but the way we want and onley because we want your money... And what of the once benign backwards compitability... why pc has it and noone else nowadays... Why cant i play Suikoden 2 on ps4?..


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Jun 1, 2009
PS4 isn't region locked, I can play every JRPG released on it with no issues (as I speak Japanese, I don't even need to mess about with translation websites) and I can order the cheapest version of any game I like, from whatever country is selling it cheapest, confident it'll play.

Even so, I'm not going to buy one on release, maybe 12 months down the line if next year's PC games turn out to be a bad crop (doesn't look likely).


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Jan 20, 2011
It's really not so much that people are really excited for ps4, but instead are satisfied.
This is because of the bottom three things on the list of poll options.


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Feb 22, 2009
I voted other, it did nothing to impress me.

-The price difference is negligible here in Australia, only $50 difference.
-I've never had any problems with XBL whereas if I go on my PS3 the PSN constantly drops out.
-DRM is no issue with me.
-The games on PS4 looked quite boring compared to those on the Xbone.
- Most importantly, I've already pre-ordered my Xbox one.


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Mar 30, 2011
CaptQuakers said:
The answer is simple. Microsoft is trying to fuck you, yes you, right in the ass with a rather large black brick of plastic, but can't do it, because it needs another black brick of plastic with a camera to do it. As has been said before (most likely, I couldn't tell as I hadn't read the entire thread before posting this, but I just had to get this out before I went all 'splody-head) when you buy an Xbone game, you don't own it. While (for the time being) you may have the disc in your hand, you won't have much consumer rights to anything on that disc, which is what you paid for to begin with. Should you sell it, THEY delete the installed information from YOUR hard drive. Had that happened on a PC, it would have been called a VIRUS. They also require an internet connection once every 24 hours, or you won't be able to play ANY of the games that YOU 'supposedly' own. Then there's the Kinect 2.0 thingy. The XBone REQUIRES this thing to be plugged in for the XBone to work at all. Have I told you that the Kinect 2.0 thingy will be able to track your heart rate? Well, it will, and it won't be long before it starts reporting everything it learns to Microsoft/Big Brother (I realize that sounds paranoid, but that's where this line of crap from Microsoft eventually goes.)Not to mention the fact that anyone that doesn't want or have the internet connectivity that the XBone requires, we've all been told to go fuck ourselves. Not good. And to tell us that it's going to be $500... they gotta be nuts.

Now let's have a look at the PS4 for a moment. When you buy a PS4 game, do you own it? According to their E3 showing (which btw, was freekin brilliant, except for the Assassins Creed showing... that was hilarious) yes you do. Can you lend it to anyone you wish to, or take it out into the driveway, and run it the hell over with a truck? Yes you can. That's called consumer rights. Will the PS4 need an internet connection at all? Short answer, no. Long answer, no. Will the PS4 require the Eye camera to be plugged in for the console to work? No. Is the PS4 under $500? Hellz yes it is!! $399 USD.

Now lets compare the styling of the two. XBone. Two toned black box. Yay. PS4. Two toned black box pushed over (rhombus). Yay. No one wins any style points on this round.

So basically, what we have here is two consoles that look somewhat similar (in color), one is higher priced with less functionality playing games, while the other plays games FIRST, at a lower price.

For me to have had to explain this means it's possible that you've not had internet in awhile. Here, take one of mine. You'll need it if you plan on buying an XBone.

(Source: Owner of an Xbox 360 that has been told to go fuck myself)

Now, I don't normally hate all over Microsoft like this. But between the nightmare operating system that is Windows 8 (suffers from split personality disorder) and now the XBone, they've got some work to do before I upgrade ANYTHING that says Microsoft on it. Personally, I think they might be trying to go out of business. I've never seen so many stupid things come out of one place so quickly that wasn't trying to go out of business.

I wonder, can you tell which console I'll be looking into, and which one I'll be flipping off?


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Aug 30, 2011
Other - it didn't. It was going fine until it fucking said PS+ was necessary for online play, which is about the only serious disadvantage in the entire console.

And don't even try to argue Steam is as bad as the Xbone's DRM. RIDICULOUS. SALES. They make everything alright. If I save more money buying the game than I would probably end up with having bought and sold a physical copy, I'm benefiting, and what's more, I still have the game.

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Jul 7, 2020
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Greg White said:
Eclipse Dragon said:
CaptQuakers said:
And as for XBL vs PSN they will be much of the same thing surely ?
As it stands, PS+ is a MUCH better value than XBL. PS+ offers free games (for as long as you're signed up), those games being some pretty huge titles (recently Uncharted 3), and discounts for PSN purchases for keeps (even after you've canceled subscription). Last time I checked, PSN (including PS+ and non PS+) didn't have intrusive ads. There are also several other features (like data backup), but I don't personally know much about them. PSN also uses a lot more customer loyalty promotions.
PSN lost any support I had for it after it was hacked because, for whatever reason, a major, multinational corporation trusted with the information of its users, didn't have the sense to have security on their network and then tried to buy everyone off with a few cheap games.
I'm pretty sure XBL has gotten hacked more often than the PSN. They were just less advertised smaller scale things that Microsoft didn't feel the need to tell you about. I don't know, I'd take one big hack that the company corrects and completely redesigns their system afterward, over several smaller hacks that nothing gets done about and I never even know happened.

Edit: Here's a story Jim Sterling wrote about it. [http://www.destructoid.com/xbox-live-hacking-is-a-very-real-problem-219646.phtml]

Edit 2: What I mean is that you're perfectly free to distrust Sony because they got hacked, but don't go holding Microsoft as the bastion of internet security while demonizing Sony (or vise versa). If you weren't doing that, then you're good.