Poll: Mists of Pandaria - Why all the hate?


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Mar 19, 2008
I'm not so sure if I will be getting it, THEN AGAIN by the time it comes out I'll have my awesome gaming desktop so I can see myself buying stuff just cos I know I'll be running it at 60 FPS on high graphics.


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Feb 28, 2011
I quit recently due to lack of any "new" non recycled content. You can only do the same 5 dungeons so many times.
Races that would be better than jack black pandas.
Nagas I would return to be a naga
Playable Large murlocks
lost ones
The pygmy guys form lost city


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Nov 12, 2010
DracoSuave said:
gideonkain said:
It started all Tolkenesque
You're either trolling, or ignorant of what Tolkienesque means.

When you have a unit called the Meat Wagon [http://classic.battle.net/war3/undead/units/meatwagon.shtml], that, and this is a direct quote:

"Meat Wagons use a Meat-A-Pult? to fling Corpses at the enemy."

Tell me where THAT fits in Tolkeinesque fiction!

Is it right beside the sorceresses with sultry voices that croon sexily when you click on them repeatedly after turning the enemy Troll Witch Doctor into a sheep? That's okay, that witch doctor was too busy telling you, in his carribean accent, to 'Say hallo to is little fren'

Warcraft has always been cartoony. Always. The art is celshaded and stylised like that for a reason; it's rediculous, and always has been.

You just haven't been paying close attention to the goblin sappers have you?
Your right, WoW was never at that caliber. It's legacy started mediocre and then got worse.


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Dec 22, 2009
al4674 said:
Oh please. The pandaren race was always a joke in Warcraft lore and obviously most of you can't see the problem of them being a full scale race in the lore.

I mean seriously, what's next? A mystical race of swan people who talk like Mr Scrooge and Donald Duck? Come on, people!

Out of all the other races they could have used i.e the lost ones, nerubians, tuskarr, vrykul, black iron dwarves etc etc, they take the race that looks like the direct decendands of Po the Kung Fu panda.
They were in Warcraft III as mobs, in TFT's Orc Campaign and has (had? not sure if Cata removed it or not) a quest mentioning them in The Barrens in WoW. That's more than most of the "official" races have.

On-Topic: To be truthful I think this most of the hate is just the generic "A popular/cool-to-bash game did/changed something! THEY MUST DIE!!!1!1!" rage that nearly every game gets.


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Jan 14, 2009
For the same reason that Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm got all the hate.

To the more vocal community of WoW players anything new ruins the game forever.

Paladin/Druid heal spells got nerfed? Piss and moan and threaten to quit the game.
Favorite skill got removed? Call Blizzard a bunch of money grubbing whores regardless of whether or not that argument makes sense.
New class gets introduced? Cry about how it ruins the balance for your class...somehow.
New, entirely optional play feature gets introduced? fall back on the ever popular complaint that WoW is catering too much to the casual players.

Now yeah, I admit that Although I love what Cataclysm did to the 1-60 and 80-85 content was great, I hate the fact that it throws the narrative completely out of sync with the 60-80 content and I'd have liked it if their next X-pack made an attempt to smoothe out these rough edges and streamline the game a bit more. (Especially since the Outland leveling process is a huge albatross around the neck of the game at this point.)

But despite my complaints, I'm still enjoying the game.


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Sep 17, 2011
For me, I think instead of them adding things that isn't really necessary at this point, I wish they would focus on what they have done so far.

More Hero Classes. The DK was fun to play for it's story line, but seriously, how long now!? Where are the other ones, will they completely throw in the towel for it?

Raids... This is my biggest problem. Grinding to the point of OCD to get the gear to get into the EASIEST raids? Really? Once I saw how rare my Shaman Healer/DPS Mail drops were, and having to grind those Heroic dungeons destroyed my love of the game.

I wish they wouldn't focus on forcing content out and fix what needs fixing.

Who knows, maybe my Shaman will return...



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Dec 6, 2010
i left about 3 months after cata was released, it just got too boring for me. i have since rekindled my love for steam sales and haven't looked back since.

i said 'meh' because it doesn't look like enough to bring me back to be honest

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Dec 20, 2007
Its not that I'm upset that they're putting Pandarens in WoW, it's just that I'd wished the next expansion would've been about the Emerald Dream instead.


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Nov 24, 2011
Hammartroll said:
I think any fanboy's arguement is invalid because the Pandas, I bet, are ment to cater to the rather large female player base of WoW, because chicks love pandas.
Oh Gods, not the 'females love pandas' thing :/
Myself all of the female players I know think it's a silly idea - not because we don't like pandas, just because, well, pandas are a bit silly looking, especially when standing up, and at least taurens and worgens are pretty lean, the pandarians are being presented as just being overweight and ridiculous, just like the lead in Kung Fu Panda.
Seriously, if WoW wanted to appeal to the female players, they'd have given us something sexy and cool like they did with belfs and draenai, so please, pandas are not for us girls.
Asian setting? Love it. Companion battles? Sure, why not. Fat panda men...? Yeah no thanks.


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Dec 16, 2010
I left World Of Warcraft around the time they released the Cataclysm patch before the expansion was released.

If people are leaving then its not the Mist of Pandaria. The community is one reason people are leaving and the only reason I left.

*Guild drama also....


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Jun 25, 2008
Combustion Kevin said:
the players who started out at WoW don't know who these pandas are, and the earlier warcraft players think of it as a "joke-race".
Alright, after going half a fucking page about people bitching about the pandas being a joke race. No they weren't. Go play Warcraft 3, and you'll see OH LOOK it's the Pandaran Brewmaster.
Who then split into three (should he choose)
and then what the fuck is that! There are 3 more panda skins. this is crazyyyy.

Pandas are not being thrown in as a joke race. They were there before worgen were. Oh to add some insult to injury, horde players have actually encountered Pandaren objects. Chen's lost keg quest chain from Barrens.

Shit if anything Rexxar better come the fuck back because he was the one who dealt with the Panda. And if you don't know who Rexxar is then you should stop bitching.

And to the "I played vanilla and stopped" hipster-type people... I played Warcraft 1, so i'm the real Warcraft Hipster.


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Dec 27, 2010
The use not only an already established inside joke by samwise (mostly known in warcraft 3/frozen throne), but also one that has pretty much been untouched except a novelty pet or two in the entirety of World of Warcraft's life, is only the least of my concerns.

You are right, the talents are amazing, the complaints about the pet battle system are a bit unwarranted, but that isn't the problem I have anyways...

The REAL problem is the fact that Blizzard have been pretty much concentrating on milking more and more money from its consumers, and giving less content for each patch (4.1 is by far the worst, but stuff like TotC is also really bad). Paying for cross realm playing with friends, paying for garunteed position in MoP beta, uncharitable vanity pets and mounts you pay for, etc.

Also, path of the titans? Scrapped. Hard heroics? Nerfed by the next patch. Balanced PvP? More frustrating than wotlk.

WoW is dying (is a fact, although not for the reasons I described). AFAIK Cataclysm pretty much jumped the shark in consistency of new content. I have never been bored enough to quit in wotlk, but it pretty much was the case with cataclysm. Too many broken promises. I get excited about a cool feature just to get it

The new MMOs will not kill WoW, but I have a good feeling it will speed up the process, but WoW will keep losing subscribers. The sad thing is though, even if they fixed everything I complained about it will not save WoW.

I answered Meh. I am not really annoyed with WoW, just tired. This expansion will not get me back in the game...

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Mar 16, 2011
I literally only play wow for the social side of things.

The bosses in the raids are a joke now, seriously. I really enjoy pvp and arena but surely that shouldn't be all there is to the game.

It hasn't been good since Activision took over, fact.


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Feb 20, 2008
I have a one word answer to this question, and I'm not being reactionary in saying this, I'm being serious. Know why there's so much hate of it?


...Ok, that, and the whole teenage fixation on "GRIM AND GRITTY" that is completely - and welcomely, by my opinion - violated by the Pandaren.

Bring them on.


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Mar 20, 2004
I'm fine with WoWemon, I think the new talent system is fine, just fine, but the pandas man, the freakin' pandas!

First of all; Tauren and Worgen are essentially mythological creatures (Minotaurs and Werewolves respectively), where as Pandaren are a unique creation. Does that fact make them automatically bad, no. That being said I just think that some animals cannot be anthropomophized and be taken seriously; Pandas are one such animal. If would be like introducing duck people as a valid, respectable race; not going to work.

On top of that I'm at a loss as to what Blizzard was thinking by making them a playable race or even a serious aspect of WoW. They seriously can't have expected a race which started as an April Fools joke (which clearly shows they don't even take them that seriously) to be taken seriously by the WoW community. If they are in their offices scratching there heads all 'I can't believe so many people are so pissed' like then they'd have to be some pretty big dummies. To introduce such a clearly controversial concept at such a critical time for WoW (with subscriptions hemorrhaging quickly) is insanity.

But what really kills it for me is the fact that Pandaren are able to be BOTH Alliance and Horde. I'm all for homogenization within reason but this is too far. Hell, why not let Orcs become Alliance members, or Night Elves become Horde members? Lore? If they can come up with lore justification for Blood Elves joining the Horde then they can just as easily come up with justification for Tauren Alliance members. Hell, why not get rid of factions all together?

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Nov 5, 2009
I quit... It looks...meh...mostly because

WHEN YOU KILL GOD...Who else do you kill?



Yeah...was disappointed when its now Pandaland and PvP plus some other shit and magical Chinese blah blah blah lets make one race for both factions... I can see the next expac being... Horde Humans and Alliance Forsaken because FUCK YOU just wear a flag and kill em!

Also I was disappointed when leaky rumors suggested that Mists was going to be another fanwank for Horde when the Alliance magically lose Theramore and I like how I was pretty Sylvanas was going to die after being told not to use the Forsaken shit on the Worgens and doing it anyway... Oh the fact Cataclysm ends with EVERYONE DIES except players and Thrall is babydaddy


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Jan 14, 2009
dagens24 said:
They seriously can't have expected a race which started as an April Fools joke (which clearly shows they don't even take them that seriously) to be taken seriously by the WoW community.

But what really kills it for me is the fact that Pandaren are able to be BOTH Alliance and Horde. I'm all for homogenization within reason but this is too far. Hell, why not let Orcs become Alliance members, or Night Elves become Horde members? Lore? If they can come up with lore justification for Blood Elves joining the Horde then they can just as easily come up with justification for Tauren Alliance members. Hell, why not get rid of factions all together?
Yea they have been used as "in jokes" for April Fools in WoW but that's not where they were introduced.
The Pandaren Brewmaster was a playable mercenary hero in the Frozen Throne expansion for Warcraft 3.

The d20 Dungeons and Dragons Warcraft RPG Monster Manual has a handful of pages detailing the Pandaren culture and their use as player characters.

From my experience, the only reason the Pandaren are being given to both factions is because since the game first started there have been folk on both Horde and Alliance side asking for the Pandaren to be introduced as playable characters...giving it to both sides was the only way to introduce them into the game and not "screw" one faction.


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Oct 22, 2009
WoW is dying very fast. Let's just say this is a very poor choice of expansion to make any attempt to keep subscribers.


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Jun 24, 2011
Wow already has other beast races, pandas are just another beast race
First of all, none of these other beast races got their own expansion.
second, the other beast races are based off of things which appear commonly in fantasy and so don't seem so out of place
Pandas already existed in warcraft lore
They did, but they were also obscure. I actually liked the pandaren brewmaster in wc3 because he was just a silly side hero which wasn't used often. Pandas as a playable race isn't even that big an issue, the issue is that the ENTIRE expansion is panda themed.
I'd imagine if Blizzard released a "fogs of Taurenland" expansion, people would be equally pissed.

Talent trees were simple before to
While I agree that there wasn't much flexibility to the old talent system, I don't believe that providing even less choice is the answer. It's possible to make a leveling system easy to understand while giving a wide range of choice, look at Rift's talent system, even Skyrim's talent system.

I imagine that most of the customization at this point will be gear swapping. I guess that's not such a bad thing, but still.

The pet battle system

Hunters already did this.... I don't see the problem = \

maybe this is because I still love pokemon at 21 years old lol


Im not sure why im complaining, I dont even play anymore. To me, my entire time playing WOW was leading up to killing Arthas... after that it just seemed a little pointless. The whole deathwing thing was kind of cool I guess (he's from WC2 isn't he?), but I was already sick of raiding at that point.