Poll: Netflix Zelda Live-Action Series: Are you worried?


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Apr 4, 2020
I'm sceptical. Let's be brutally honest here, something happened to Nintendos quality control recently. Some time ago their name was a hallmark for quality , despite their lack of third-party-support you would still buy their consoles because they provided a level of quality no one else did. And then Metroid Other M happened . And then Paper Mario: Sticker Star. And then there was Zelda: Skyward Sword .

It'sclear they don't hold themselves to the same standards they used to anymore. So I'm wary of these kinds of experiments.


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Jan 8, 2009
I remember an april fool's trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie a few years back and it was pretty hype. The biggest concern at the time was how they'd fit an entire game's worth of adventuring into a 90 minute movie. Turning it into a serie might work but than it becomes more a concern of budget and focus. They need the budget to bring Hyrule to life and need to focus on something worthwhile. The politics of Hyrule sound mighty boring.

So.... cautiously optimistic and very much aware of its potential to suck?