Poll: On No More Heroes (potential spoilers?)


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Mar 29, 2013
So I'm playing No more heroes, I get to the infamous rank five, meet Henry and realize "Hey this guy has the same voice as the guy who leaves you voice messages for the U.A.A(In both Japanese and English dubbing)" so I search this up and it comes up nowhere (least for me and my limited research.) Do you, my fellow Escapists, think that Henry is the voice mail guy and that I'm not just stupid for thinking this?


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Sep 19, 2012
What do I think? Well...
I think Henry IS Travis, a la Fight Club. Yes, I've played the sequel, and yes I know it proved that particular theory non-canon. I don't care. It makes so much sense. I mean, Travis is the only one who interacts with him, Henry kills Letz Shake and yet Travis gets moved up to #5, there's that bit after the Rank 5 fight where Travis and Henry square off and as soon as Sylvia shows up Henry's suddenly gone... and then there's the "secret" final boss fight. I mean, how is one NOT reminded off the classic parking lot fight between Jack and Tyler?
Stupid canon, always ruining the cool story interpretations (see also: the Indoctrination Theory).

Edit: Forgot more evidence:
Let's not forget that Henry is married to Travis's dream girl (as one would expect his fantasized ideal self to be). Also, the only time Henry is playable is in a nightmare sequence. As in, a sequence that takes place ENTIRELY INSIDE TRAVIS'S HEAD.
I mean seriously, how much more subtext could there be?