Poll: Petition to port Metal Gear to PC


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Dec 29, 2009
Metal Gear Solid is pretty much the only reason I as planning on getting a console eventually. If the next one comes to PC then I can't think of any reason to buy a console. But more to the point, I'm in favor of everyone getting a chance to play every game, regardless of their platform of choice. I say let them eat Snake.


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Jun 9, 2008
Kheapathic said:
Again, unwilling to adapt.
Its not unwilling to adapt, and I didnt said that the controls didnt work, just that they were poor. You tell me to not make a quick lean and I ask you why not? Why cant the game let me do that? I know that the game does let me lean but the way it does certainly isnt the best. I could make an FPS on the PC that used T to walk forward and S to walk back with the arrow keys being used to strafe and tell you that its your fault that you arent doing well as the game is still playable.

Are you going to tell me that there wasnt other ways of arranging the controls in a way that would let me quick lean without deselecting my gear? Why isnt the gear changed with the D-Pad since all the D-Pad does is do the stealthy slow walk that could have also been implemented in the Left Thumbstick like all the other games? I dont get why the thumbstick only gives two speeds to then have four different buttons be used for almost same purpose with a different speed. You can totally have more then two inputs on the thumbsticks.

And your excuse for the weapon is laughable.

Look, I like the game but Im not going to pretend that it doesnt control like ass because Kojima wanted to keep the same control layout from previous games with a game that worked differently. The controls were great in MGS1, the other two games needed a layout of their own for what they were (MGS2 could still get away with it but the camera is way too close and there are a lot of areas where the player needs to go first person to see where the enemies are (multiple floors, stairs, etc...).