Poll: Physical or Emotional Pain?


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Aug 13, 2009
Balvale said:
Jimbo1212 said:
Physical is worse as that takes time to heal. Emotional is just about getting your head straight.
I think you underestimate the process of getting your head straight in certain circumstances.
Not at all. I just happen to be level headed and not struggle with being emotionally screwy over any issue.

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Jun 9, 2009
This is impossible to answer. We need some sort of scale, some sort of measuring unit to use. It would need to be a scale that could show values of both physical and emotional pain. We could call them "escudos" because why not. Five escudos of emotional pain would equal five escudos of physical pain. That way, when somebody said "I've got ten escudos of pain!" people would know how bad it was even if they didn't know what sort of pain it was.
The problem is that there's no default level of physical and emotional pain, so you can only compare them when they're equally intense. But if they're equally intense it means that you can't say that one is worse, because if it's worse it means they're not equally intense.


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Feb 24, 2010
DanielDeFig said:
Bran1470 said:
physical pain heals emotional doesn't. i guess you can figure out which ones worse :)
Really? How does one "heal" a crushed arm?

Compare that to being betrayed, which is easily solved by not associating with those ppl, and getting new companions.

(I'm not picking on you, I was just on a roll from my initial post)
im just going to let this one slide due to the fact that you seem to lack knowledge in psychology

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Aug 19, 2009
Emotional pain definitely.
I've broken my left arm in two places before and despite being incredibly fucking painful at least the pain could be easily countered with industrial strength pain killers at the hospital.


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Jan 25, 2010
Amberella said:
You also do not know the emotional pain that I have gone through, so that argument is flawed as well. One thing I can say is perhaps I have not experienced severe physical pain, but again you or I don't know if I ever will have to experience that severe physical pain, do we? No. With that said, I am still going to go with emotional pain is worse. Considering I am still deeply scarred from the emotional trauma/pain I went through.

A few facts about emotional pain.
- Circumstantial evidence is that chronic emotional stress can be associated with heart disease and early death.
- Also it known that intense emotional stress can also lead to a heart attack.
- In fact, emotional pain involves the same brain regions as physical pain.
Emotional stress and emotional pain isn't the same, and this thread asks about emotional pain. It's true that short term emotional stress, usually caused from a situation where the brain releases a high amount of activating chemicals and overloads the nervous system can be fatal (usually following a panic attack or similar). Emotional pain, not so much.

Emotional stress (possibly caused from emotional pain of some sort), when it isn't emmidiatly fatal, is of course also a long term condition, but it can also be caused by physical pain, except that physical pain can cause it both long term or very very very short term.

Your emotional pain might feel severe for you, but it obviously isn't so bad that you haven't been able to move on with your life in one way or another, and you aren't afraid to speak of it here. Also, like i said in my first post in this thread: Emotional pain, for all intents and purposes, can be defeated with strong character and willpower. Physical pain in most cases can't.


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May 27, 2009
I listened to a professor tell me about the time he was hit by a driver that had fallen asleep at the wheel.

He was sitting on the back of his truck, parked, and well off the road. She swerved off the road, ran over the highway guard rail (which he believes ended up saving his life), and smashed into him, catching his leg between the two vehicles.

He was knocked into a snow drift, and fell unconscious. His foot was mangled, and his leg was blown open by the impact. On the matter of his foot, doctors told him that he could either have the foot amputated, or that he could have some vein and skin grafts taken from under his arm. When they TRIED to do the grafts in a 6 hour surgery, the OR was so cold that he lost circulation in his foot, and they had to stop the procedure, and close him back up.

They gave him one last option to save his foot: To go to a burn ward; for 30 days, he had to take a water pick, and clean out what was left of his foot (to the bone at several points), and wait for scar tissue to form, before he could get skin grafts. He was not permitted to use any form of anesthetic or painkiller during this time due to other complications of the accident.

This was all in addition to 12 other surgeries, and daily physical therapy for 2 years.

I've been diagnosed with Major Depression, and I do have some really, really low moments, but listening to him describe all of the things that he had to go through only serves to further cement my opinion that physical pain blows mental pain out of the water.


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Mar 22, 2009
I'll take moderate physical pain over moderate emotional pain, but I'll take severe emotional pain over severe physical pain because the latter probably means I'm dying.


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Jan 30, 2008
zelda2fanboy said:
smithy_2045 said:
Emotional, by far. It's much easier to find the root cause of physical pain and fix it.
Not if you live in America and don't have money. My knee hurts and there's no way in hell I can get that fixed. My best bet is that it might go away on its own, which is not guaranteed to happen. Emotional pain has always gone away on its own for me. Things can distract you from emotional pain, but not from physical pain. For example, you can sometimes laugh at a funny movie when depressed, but if your ribs are broken, laughing sucks.
The right side of my body is constantly aching. Yet it doesn't even compare to the emotional pain I feel all the time. To use your example, trying to watch a funny movie is more likely to make me think about how much I miss the times I was happy, rather than making me feel better.


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Nov 25, 2009
Physical pain is worse for me.. as much as i hate emotional Pain.. i've learnt well enough how to block it all out physical... not so much..

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Jul 15, 2008
It's hard to say really, as physical pain is easier to gauge (especially from an onlooker's perspective) than emotional which impact can vary even more greatly from person to person than physical pain. For me I would have to say that emotional is the worst as the effects of emotional pain can last for years, while physical pain tends to heal better over time.

Of course that is not always the case as some physical pain can also lead to bad emotional pain as well depending on the nature and duration of the injury.


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Jun 26, 2008

I'm a wimp when it comes to injuries. D: I can handle emotional ones, since I've had a lot of experience =P

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Sep 20, 2009
i vote emotional pain, tends to last a lot longer. you can break half the bones in your body and be fine a year later, while some heart aches last a life time

Zhukov said:
Whichever one I happen to be experiencing.
this answer is awesome


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Jan 21, 2009
Emotional. Because it is caused by people you know well and trust. I'll take the physical pain please.