Poll: Poll of the Day #22: Favorite Metal Gear Rising Boss? (Major spoilers ahoy!)

V da Mighty Taco

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Apr 9, 2011
Today's poll is going to be on a game I've been orgasming over for at least a year now, despite having only played the demo (my PS3 is borked and I refuse to play it on this shitty laptop, without a controller to boot). What Metal Gear Rising boss is your favorite? As an added bonus, tell us your least favorite too and why that is (though obviously the poll itself can't cover both topics). Obvious spoilers are inbound, so if you haven't played the game then continue at your own risk.

The usual rules apply:

- Don't break any Escapist rules as well as any applicable laws.

- If you're posting (which is highly encouraged), make sure to explain your opinion rather than simply listing your pick.

- Keep controversies and politics out of here, unless they're directly related to this poll. To use this poll as an example, discussing the final boss's political ramblings is acceptable to a limited extent, but start cracking jokes about GamerGate, StopGamerGate, or how dumb conservatives / liberals are is a quick way to get dropkicked through the Sun.

- Derails are discouraged, as per the Escapist's rules. However, if you are going to derail things, at least do it about something silly or fun.

- Lastly and possibly the most important, be polite - even to people you don't like or openly resent. Keep yo' personal fights outta my thread!

With the formalities out of the way, have fun! :)

EDIT: Ah, fuck it. Feel free to talk about your favorite boss theme song too, because let's face it - you know you want to! XD

EDIT 2: This poll is obviously about the base game, without the DLCs. I'd thought I'd clear that up before someone makes that mistake.


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Mar 9, 2010
While it's not the most epic, or difficult by a long shot.. I kind of have this love for the precedent that the Metal Gear Ray boss fight sets. It explodes out the water, and lasers a building in half the game is instantly reminding you of a familiar boss enemy of two MGS games and through the boss fight(s) itself its showing you that despite being a major threat in the previous series, it's not shit compared to you now!