Poll: Sex- Are you a top or a bottom?


The Killjoy Detective returns!
Jan 23, 2011
smearyllama said:
Everyone likes sleeping on bunk beds!

I'm trying to figure out if there's a relation between your sex and whether you like sleeping on the top bunk or the bottom one.

I like the top bunk, because you're up high, you get to climb a ladder, and if you fall, you get to take the guy below down with you.

What about you?
Top, because I am paranoid about being on the bottom and having it collapse and crush me. Seriously, I can't sleep on the bottom out of fear.
OP: Clever, clever title. Me wonders how many won't read the OP and post something drastically different.


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Aug 14, 2009
lacktheknack said:
Aerodyamic said:
Aggressive bottom; I might be a sub, but I'm not a passive one.
I just have to ask... you consider yourself an aggressive power sleeper? What does that have to do with bunk beds?
I'll say no more, but only because you're obviously too innocent for such sordid details.


dancinginfernal said:
Top Bunk.

I have a strange paranoia that that top bunk with crush me if I'm under it.
My brother did that to me, once; we were both home from college, and my grandmother happened to be in town, so she had my bedroom, and his room had a bunk bed, and he had always had the top bunk, so I just grabbed the bottom one when I headed to bed. I'd never realized that my younger and 30lbs heavier brother had a tendency to vault onto the top bunk, and on this one occasion, when he did, 50lbs of bed and matress, with 180lbs of chubby college kid came crashing down on my sleeping self.

Thankfully, I was sleeping, and face down at the time, so I was completely limp, and in a position to push up into the wreckage once I'd become awake enough to recognize what had happened. I was still pissed, though.