Poll: Should I get a 3DS or PS Vita?


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Jan 2, 2011
Vita! True it may have less games, but the a lot of the games it does have are just awesome. The persona games are worth it alone. Plus it truly is an impressive piece of hardware, games like gravity rush look stunning for a portable device.

Kenbo Slice

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Jun 7, 2010
3DS dude, it has Animal Crossing. ANIMAL CROSSING!

Also Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion, and Fire Emblem Awakening.


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Aug 28, 2013
Haha your first post is to call those who vote 3DS "nintendyearolds" which doesn't make any sense. And then talk up a bunch of "features" the Vita offers, but don't actually name any games to buy, but call all 3DS games "shovelware." And then offer ignorant "facts."

Get your head out of your rear end please. Most of us that voted 3DS offered a logical conclusion, not a fanboyish, one sided view. Just so you know, you don't HAVE to HATE the competition, to like the other. Please do some actual research before offering a biased opinion.[/quote]

Clearly you're too butthurt that your handheld is a piece of child trash to notice that I did list numerous titles for the Vita,"P4 golden, Soul Sacrifice, Dragons Crown, and blazeblue extend; as well as Uncharted. Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Virtues Last Reward, Disgea 3..."

Personally the 3ds games are gimmicky and worthless. Super Mario 3D land has been called the iOS version of the Mario series by many fans, Lugi's mansion 2 has caused people buyers remorse (because it isn't really that fun), Fire Emblem Awakening is much a worse gimped version of the gamecube fire emblem game, Monster Hunter 3 is a port of a game(NEW FEATURE: NOW NO ONLINE!, Code of Princess was the definition of shovelware, and Animal Crossing is the same cashgrabing rehash that doesn't offer enough of a tangible difference from the DS version.

Everything else is just a port (ocarina of time, starfox, donkey kong)


You know all those cool games in Japan like Bravely Default and Dragon Quest? YOUR NOT GETTING THEM. Europe is getting Bravely localized, so its fully in english, but you'll never be able to play it on your north american system! Isn't that great?

Vita has a shitload of japanese games that you can play without locks, like hatsumi miku, dj tecknika tune, alter tori plus, and a shitload of other golden jrpgs.

Why don't you do some research yourself, clorxxb?


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Jan 5, 2011
For my Vita, I have Persona 4 Golden, Dragon's Crown, Gravity Rush (downloaded) and that thing has one hell of a camera.

For my 3DS, I have my Pokemon games, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Project X Zone, Kirby and Monster Hunter.

All in all, I'm happy with both of them.

I'm putting you, OP, back in charge of your own money. But, if you absolutely insist on putting me in charge of your money...I think I can put a pig in the ground, get some beer on ice and all my rowdy friends can come on over tonight.


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May 19, 2013
Absolutely Vita. Better in every way.

Better hardware, screen, controls, ergonomics and better game for on the go.

People like to point to 3DS games like Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem and stuff, and sure,
the Vita doesn't have at much regular console like titles (why do you even need them on a mobile device?),
but a lot of games to play in short burst, like 5 to 20 minutes.

Like Stealth Inc, Pixel Junk Monsters, Earth Defense Force 2017, Motorstorm RC, Hotline Miami (best version),
Velocity Ultra and a bunch of others. Also Playstation Mobile has some good mobile games, that are even better on the Vita.

3Ds is just terrible. No matter how the software is, it's gets mutilated by the horrible hardware, the tiny resolution, the uncomfortable button placement and that Nintendo keeps ripping people off, by making purposefully bad hardware to later on sell you add ons, like the Wiimotion Plus, the Circle Pad Pro, or a WiiU Gamepad Battery that isn't shit.

I play almost every day on my Vita but there has been barely anything worthwile for my 3DS.


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Oct 1, 2012
Krogger said:
Don't listen to the nintendyearolds in this thread, get a vita if you have any sense.

Vita has a lot of great games and the technology is superior for the same price. Personally I own P4 golden, Soul Sacrifice, Dragons Crown, and blazeblue extend; as well as Uncharted. Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Virtues Last Reward, Disgea 3, Papaton, Soul Caliber, Dokuro, Mega Man Maverick, Metal Slug XX, and Darkstalkers that I all got FOR FREE from PS plus.

Yes, the 3ds has more games, but it's really all shovelware. Games like Luigi's Mansion 2 and New Super Mario Bros 2 are just rehashes that are really mediocre. The 3ds has quantity, the vita has quality.

Now onto the hadware. Vita has an oled screen with touch functions, glorious dual analog sticks, clicky and responsive buttons, and an interesting back touchsreen. I get 5 hrs of battery.

The 3ds is based on a gimick, which nintendo is abandoning as evident by the 2DS. It has one circle thing, which causes 3d games to control horribly (such as MGS 3 and Kid Icarus *a game that comes with a stand because the controls are so bad*). It also has a yellow tinge to the screen, low resolution, and still uses resistive technology. 3ds's pull 4 hours of battery.

Now onto software. Vita supports party chat, friends lists, multitasking (usefull for VLR because you can open up a webrowser and switch back to the game instantly to get past a puzzle), and instant on/ suspend. The killzone beta and Soul Sacrifice have proven that the system supports online. You can also take screenshots.

3ds supports single-tasking, friend codes, and mediocre online experiences (Monster Hunter without online co-op, what?).

The choice is up to you. The cheap 2ds console may be aluring, but it's clearly a cashgrab by nintendo. Sony has a long life for the Vita, and the future of remote play and streaming is awesome. I got my Vita on craigslist for $180 new and I love it to this day.

Shovel ware? I didn't know that zelda, mario, multiple shin megami tensai's, fire emblem, metal gear solid, nano assault, cave story, virtues last reward, resident evil, splinter cell, rayman, pokemon, etrian oddessy, professor layton, code princess, kid icarus, tales of the abyss, sonic, spiderman edge of time, blazeblue continuim shift 2, dead or alive, street fighter and even more coming out.

As for metal gear and kid Icarus having bad control's, I have both and their fine, only an idiot would have trouble with it and the stand was a bonus you got for buying it new. The touch ressistant screen is much cheaper to produce, just as effective for those that don't like fingerprint's all over their screen's, The battery is actually 5 hours with 3d, wireless and max brightness and come on who sits down and plays a portable for 5 hours anyways.

The 3ds can also go straight to internet to solve puzzles unless your playing a game with backwards compatibility, a problem you don't have with the vita I'll admit because it doesn't have backwards compatibility.

Finally as for gimmick's don't you think having two touch screen's is a bit worse then 3d that you can turn off at any time? or what about the whole facial recognition control's that they talked about back at e3? but no, no, no sony doesn't make gimmick's right, that's something that only there competitors do I mean that 6 axis control's in lair were awesome right.