Poll: Skyrim - Echanted Item Names


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Jun 22, 2009
Of course I name my enchanted items. Makes them stand out on the inventory list. I don't want to grind all the way to max Enchanting skill, use up a crapload of skill points, guzzle a 250-septim Enchanter's Drought and use my best soul gem to create something that, in text form, looks like anonymous clutter.

("Greetings, noble Khajiit merchant! Let me unload some cra- uh- finely crafted artifacts from my latest bout of mindless grave robbing! Let's see here... four hundred weight units of assorted Draugr gear... Six identical Daedric battleaxes... Another Daedric battleaxe..." some time later: "I wonder what happened to that Daedric battleaxe I had that used to paralyze people and set them on fire?")

On that note:

pspman45 said:
I name my items based on the character's name
my Argonian thief Bal'Shik's armor is called
Bal'Shik's Armor
Bal'Shik's Boots
(pro tip: if you put a space before the name of an item, it appears as the first item alphabetically)
Dude, thanks for this!

As for WHAT names I choose for my most epic gear: I usually try to come up with a name which would theoretically fit in among the already-named enchanted stuff you find lying around, yet still stands out somehow. "Daedric Battleaxe of Greater Burnination", for example.


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May 3, 2009
I mostly name them just so I can remember what they do, but there's one item I especially like: Smartypants.


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Apr 14, 2008
Most of the time I just name the armor after myself or the NPC I intend to give it to, like "Lydia's Gauntlets" and stuff like that. Since it's one of those games you can play heavily, then not play for awhile, then come back and play again I find that doing various things like that makes it easier to remember what you were doing and going to do when you last played.

Hawk of Battle

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Feb 28, 2009
I'm kinda boring, all my stuff follows the pattern of "Adjective Noun." Or sometimes I go with "Noun Noun." When I really want to get creative "Noun Adjective."

Space is optional.


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Feb 27, 2012
My current Daedric set for my Nord Character, Avander North-Wolf is Bow of the Cold Dark Night, which has frost damage, a mace called Dark Torch with fire damage, Chestplate of Black Honor, Dark Hand, Helm of the Evil Mind, my boots Skull Smashers, and my shield The Unbreaking.

Mr Dizazta

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Mar 23, 2011
I have a dagger set with Fiery Soul Trap and Paralyze and Fiery Soul Trap and Health Absorb. I refer the the set as The Crimson Fucker.

James Crook

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Jul 15, 2011
Oooh, how I love my undead-slaughtering silver sword, which I named "Checkmate, Ra's."
What's great about the PC version of the game is being able to name your items using a real keyboard.


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Feb 8, 2009
I called my dragonbone sword Dovakhiin, once. I thought it was ironic.

And another time I made a suit of armour and named it after my wife, and gave it to her. (Aela, my first character's wife)


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Sep 13, 2008
Tzalasa'an, The Edge of Eternity

An enchanted Legendary greatsword with Fiery Soul Trap and Frost Damage.

Angelous Wang

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Oct 18, 2011
I tend to name them ether after the character or Dovahkiin's/Dragonborn's [item].

Simpler that way and they also stack in the inventory close together that way.

L4Y Duke

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Nov 24, 2007
ComandaKool said:
What kind of names do you give your enchanted items in Skyrim? Here's a few of mine.

1: Pickaxe Of One Thousand Winters - Pickaxe enchanted with Frost Damage.
2: The Axe Of Mindnumbing Horror - Woodcutters Axe enchanted with Fear.
3: See You In The Nightosphere! - Imperial Sword that fills Soul Gems.
4: Electrical Smackdown - Elven Mace enchanted with Shock Damage.

1: Boots Of Immense Loot - Boots enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight.
2: Fur Boots Of Extinguishing - Fur Boots enchanted with Fire Resistance.
3: Gloves Of The Arcane - Gloves enchanted with Fortify Magicka.
4: Necklace Of Lesser Looting - Silver Emerald Necklace enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight.
5: Not So Fancy Now! - Silver Jeweled Necklace enchanted with Magic Resistance.

Those are my favorite creations, how about yours.
Dude, those are some damn cool names there. I particularly like the Axe of Mindnumbing Horror.

I do name my enchanted gear, but mine are more mundane, like Ebony Frostshield, Steel Plated Helm of Concentration (fortify Magicka) or Steel Plated Sprintboots (fortify Stamina regen).

I don't tend to enchant weapons, so I don't have too many of those.


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Dec 7, 2007
Crown of the Crimson King (Helmet that augments conjuration)
Dominus (Broadsword that absorbs stamina and paralyzes)
Sky Scourge (Dragonbone Nodachi that inflicts shock damage (My most damaging weapon yet))
Devil's Hide (Dreamcloth Fur armor enchanted with damage and fire resistance)
Mountain Storm (Longsword that inflicts damage to magicka (Via shock) and stamina (Via frost) as well as health)


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Jun 21, 2009
You can name enchanted items? -Goes to check- Well I'll be, you can. I never noticed before.[footnote]Wouldn't be the first time I only discover a feature after dozen of hours of playtime[/footnote].

Yup, now I have no choice but to an entire new set of equipment, just for that.


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Apr 3, 2010
Made only 1 enchanted named weapon

It was back in Oblivion. I didn't have access to the enchant altar but I did get very lucky finding an oblivion gate stone that drained health and slapped that bad boy on an ebony bow and I call it Bloomhunger. Bloom is another word for health. Coincidentally, it's also the name of a corrupted tree boss in guild wars 2.

In Oblivion I think enchanting a bow with this one property was the only way to drain health at a distance which made it particularly swagalicious to me. The only other way to steal health from an enemy was a melee-range spell which was pretty lame as I often wanted to use a bow.


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Sep 20, 2012
It's the hardest part of making a new weapon.
"Okay, I got a new sword and I can enchant it with fire damage that's way better than my last sword. Now then... Firebrand? Burning Edge? Inferno Sword? Feck..."
I don't bother naming my enchanted armor something special, so no worries there. My accessories are named for what they do, with an adjective to describe how potent the enchantment is, so also very simple. Still, I always have to stop for a minute to think of a good one for each and every weapon.


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Sep 10, 2009
I have a dwarven crossbow called The Dragonsticker which I use for shooting down dragons. It's enchanted with lightning and frost damage and takes down dragons in 1-3 hits. I mainly use it when dragons attack me in towns, after that one time in Riverwood when a dragon decided to kill all the merchants.

The rest of my items are even less imaginatively named, Character's Dragonscale Boots, Crafting Necklace (+Alchemy and + Enchanting) etc. I almost always have pair of Packrat Boots too (enchanted for +Carry Weight and if I have the perk also for +Stamina for the little extra bit of carry weight. These don't get much use anymore ever since I increased my characters carry weight by 500 via console.
Oct 14, 2015
i love hoarding Woodcutter's Axes

so here's what my imperial quinnVneck wields and enchanted [she's a tank build without armor]

she wears taverns clothing only [you know to show more of her neckline]
[note all my enchantments are at the minimum of 1 point damage to avoid spending all my soul gems too early]

FireFighter's Axe - Enchanted With Fire Damage at 1 point [i know the irony right]

Frosty Axe - Enchanted with Frost Damage [obviously, but very useful against those Markarth Bastard Guards especially when they wield their damn shields...you've got no idea how many of those foresworns supporting fucks i've killed]

Magical Axe - Enchanted with Magicka Damage [being an imperial and using Restoration as a major school, requires magicka]

Magical Shocker - Enchanted with Shock Damage [used against damn Mages and damn necromancers]

Soul-Thief - Enchanted with Soul Trap [at again 1 second...to have more hits, besides i get to successfully capture souls of lesser creatures such as wolves]

Vampire's Axe - Enchanted with Life Drain [at 1 point...i know it may sound useless, but hey at least i get a heart point each hit]

more will come