Poll: the end of pokèmon


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Nov 18, 2009
They're all good, but they need to get a little creative with them. I don't mean "ALL REGIONS IN ONE GAME>DO IT GAMEFREK, RIGHT NOW. IT N33Ds @ B DONE!", but maybe a continuity or a mild innovation.
Maybe change up the designs a little.


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Jan 23, 2010
It never gets boring for me and they're always massive sellers so why stop making them?


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Feb 24, 2010
Sure, the new Pokemon from each generation suck, but it's not like the old Pokemon are disappearing. They are all still available at your disposal. Don't like the new pokes? Stick with the old ones. Each new game introduces new aspects to the gameplay that improve the game as a whole, so why should they stop?


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Jun 4, 2008
Not until they make a Pokemon mmo. After that I don't give a crap what they do with it.


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Aug 24, 2009
Personally I think Nintendo should just stop everything they do... starting with Pokemon. It was fun for Emerald and Ruby but then this heartgold and soul thingy came out and you can like walk on walls (So I've heard) That just makes the simple game complicated.. Pokemon is about fighting and turnbase not so much as exploration and making friends. Thats how I've looked at it anyway.

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Aug 12, 2009
Jack and Calumon said:
I don't care. Pokémon will stop, but only when Digimon rises again.

Calumon: Cross Wars... I hope Saban takes it and does something good.

EDIT: No, Don't you dare hit that Quote button. I've had it with your arguments. I am fed up with coming back to the same thread over and over again.

I have Cute Calumon. Your Argument is invalid
is that an exploding triforce on its forehead? whoops I mean imploding?


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Sep 29, 2009
Jack and Calumon said:

I have Cute Calumon. Your Argument is invalid
But Digimon is ga-



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Mar 29, 2010
I never really got into Pokemon, but I just ordered a copy of Soul Silver to change that.

I've even found myself interested in Magic (on my 360) lately...




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Nov 12, 2009
I think it should. The new gen Pokémon suck. This is probably due to my nostalgia goggles and it killing childhood memories though.

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Feb 25, 2009
I'd like a system where choices affect the story. Say, certain trainers could help you out depending on wether you bought them a potion, lended them your HM slave or just pissing them off. And a system in which you become a gym leader. Choose a type, design your gym, put it online or just fight new challengers within the game, possibly including old characters, like Red, Gold, Brendan or Lucas, or Blue, Silver, May and Dawn, or hell, even Professor Oak.


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Oct 20, 2008
Can someone explain to me why exactly a fire-pig is somehow more stupid/unoriginal than a fire-porcupine? Or why a Water-Penguin is somehow inferior to a Water-Turtle? Take off your rose-tinted glasses and stop making it hard on the youngsters, you were once one of them.


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Oct 11, 2009
AdamRBi said:
odanhammer said:
I've loved to see a real pokemon game , in which follows closer to the show rather then to limited gameboy crap.
The original games where limited to 4 moves per pokemon due to limits in the software at the time.
Those limits have since been removed , and your telling me that i can still only get 4 moves.

Why not make it so your moves level up rather then your pokemon, or have the moves level up as well as the pokemon.

Second off , make it so you can catch all the pokemon in the game , two games to get all the pokemon is a scam to get more money and i refuse to follow that, although the online trading did help a lot.

Thirdly, i'd love to have a story but not be forced to follow a path, if i want to go to the "last gym" first i should be able to.

Fourthly, who is buying these games anymore , each game is a copy / paste of the last game with a few minor features added. Gold was the best of all of them , hence the remake which is just another cash grab.
Ok, first of all: No, the games should never follow the cartoon. This has been a major folly of the games in that they've been getting a little too close to the show for comfort. The closer it gets to the show, the more designed for kids the characters get and the more it's dumbed down for a smaller demographic.

Secondly, the amount of damage a move does is tied in with your pokemon's attack/special attack, your opponent's defense/special defense, and the move's power plus any items, natures, or abilities present in batter. It's already deep enough to the point where the moves can get better by simply leveling your pokemon. Also keeping it to four moves balances out the game and adds more strategy to which moves you can use and how you should use those moves together. Adding more moves could, in theory, add to this, but then again it has more of a chance of unbalancing certain pokemon and ruining the strategy aspect.

Third, true: Making it necessary to trade to catch all the pokemon does seem like a ploy to get more money. Unless you have friends who got the other versions or wifi in which case they were buying the game anyway. Though on that subject they do need to stop with the this-version-only Legendaries.

Fourthly: I'm still buying these games because I love the series, there's enough change between each game in the core gameplay mechanics to keep it interesting, and because of that I can have a whole new experience, especially if I play through it to have fun and not just "beat the game." Honestly, Pokemon Platinum, I took that game slow and didn't beat the elite four until after Heart Gold came out. I haven't bought the Remake yet, but I'm still Playing Platinum.

I'm not going to say you need a bit of imagination to enjoy the game, but it really helps in terms of the story and characters. Pokemon games appear cookie cutter/copy pasted because the shell of the game doesn't change. That's because they kept changing how the game works and how it's played, which in a game is the number one priority of developers.

And just to restate: The games should NEVER be like the show. EVER!! If you want a game based off the show, buy Pokemon Yellow Version.

EDIT: This post sounds looks like a rant, I'll sum it up:

1. Pokemon Games should never mimic the Cartoon, the Cartoon should more closely follow the games. (Almost like the Manga does.)

2. The Pokemon gameplay mechanics are so intertwined under the surface that something like multiple moves could throw the balance off.

3. The need to trade pokemon to complete the pokedex can be seen as a way to make more money, but it does have a bit of merit to it involving people to communicate with others to finish their game instead of being antisocial with it.

4. I love the series, they've done such a great job making each generation different enough then the last in terms of gameplay that it makes up for the fact that the general plot is the same.

5. Pokemon Games should NEVER be like the Cartoon! EVER!!
i actually enjoyed gold the most out of all the games , as it had the largest area to explore, most game time.
Yellow was a game in the right direction however, it does lean to a more kid friendly aspect, which of course is what pokemon is. A kids tv show.

I just believe that by following the show a little closer , meaning adding elements of the show into the games a bit more , they would improve the quality of the games.

Just an example , the noises shouldn't be 8-bit anymore. They should use the tv show noises.

Rather then have turn based RPG , switch to a more dynamic game , where a battle takes you into the area and lets you be the pokemon , with the ability to switch between and use potions,etc.
So that you can dive under the water to evade an attack , rather then use calculations to determine if you get hit and how much damage you take.

This would include adding the ability to use more then 4 moves , and would also make battles more intense , much more fun , and would also make them more like the show , where skill is considered more as you might have a weaker pokemon , but you know how to use them better. Or are just much more smarter.

Since currently its like both pokemon stand infront of each other using attacks. Rather then jumping around , hiding behind rocks and trying to evade each other while attacking at the same time.

A game like that would also be great with how much your pokemon like /dislike you , and how tried /rested they are.
Since a weak pokemon doesn't just have to be because of health points and level, it can also include that they are tried and just plain hate you for not giving them a treat once in a while.


Dec 16, 2008
henritje said:
they did Pokèmon Colloseum and pokèmon XD gale of Darkness both on the NGC
A game where you cannot catch wild pokemion properly is not a true pokemon game.
It is a mediocre spin-off.


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Sep 23, 2009
I don't think they should "stop" as in "end the franchise", but rather "stop" as in "stop making new breeds and instead try doing new stuff with what we already have".


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Apr 8, 2010
blakfayt said:
*ahem* No, they should hire me to write and produce the next game, who would like to join team rocket (a new name they would have yes) and steal pokemon?
MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Bring back Team Rocket! Join Team Rocket WITHOUT having a game over or a bad ending! I'd join in two seconds!

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May 13, 2010
I've been a fan since the days of Red/Blue.

Ruby/Sapphire were a blight, mostly cause the Pokemon were unoriginal and they took away a lot of the innovation, but at the same time, they added a lot of new, good mechanics since then.

The Pokemon games are just as fun as t hey have always been. Sure, their are the elitist pricks who say "The first/second generation are the best", but Im willing to bet they havent played since then (or played Ruby/Sapphire).

Each generation adds more Pokemon, mechanics, and fun. The new ones (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, as well as the remakes of Gold/Silver) are the best the series has to offer (parring Stadium 2).

As long as Nintendo can make them fun, original, and tweak the gameplay, they should continue to make the games. And, sure as rain, there will be people whining about the new generations. Despite never playing them.