Poll: The Xbox E3 round-up a.k.a I'm still not buying a Kinect Microsoft...no matter where you stick it...


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Jun 28, 2010
If you missed the Microsoft E3 show, here's a quick round-up, plus a general thought of it all:

Kinect Sports 2...and Dance Central 2...nope...
You can now scan your teddy bears.
I do not want to actually pick rocks in Minecraft.
I do not want to be a stiff-as-wood Jedi.
I do not want to talk to Elmo...maybe the Cookie Monster.
I do not want to shout at my TV to watch Harry Potter.
I do not even want to use Bing let alone talk to it.
I NEVER want to walk round Disneyland getting touched up by Goofy.
I'm burying the Fable series right now.
A NEW trilogy does not mean three more Halo games. And a remake.
I have Youtube on something called the Internet.
I have live TV already...on my TV.
Modern Warfare 3 is...well...Modern Warfare 3 honestly.
The new Tomb Raider has more quick-time events than exploring.
Gears 3 good. ICE-T not so much.
Forza 4 is impressive, even with Kinect.
Mass Effect 3. Fancy chatting up Miranda anyone?

So all in all: I'm not impressed. Microsoft are forcing Kinect down it's users' throat so much I find it alienating to myself and those who do not care for motion controls. Am I the wierd one and the rest of this supposed Kinect audience right? Or is it now just wrong to want to physically sit down with a controller and a cup of tea and play a game?

Thoughts guys? Hopefully I'm not alone in these thoughts. All my Facebook gaming fans are all pretty much saying the same thing. Except for Duncan, who has now just hibernated for Halo 4 in 2012...

Zac Smith

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Apr 25, 2010
Yup, very kinect, that's all we'll ever get. Oh well, least we got a couple of good games, MW3 is...well CoD it'll be pretty good, but I don't think any one expects it to re-invent the wheel. GoWIII looks like a laugh in multiplayer. Not really into racing games so can't say anything there.

the only real thing im really looking forward to is Skyrim, which might i say, looks likes it's made of epic sauce


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Aug 27, 2008
Motion Controls: Ruining E3 since 2010.

Seriously though, I can't even fathom myself or anyone like me ever even considering buying a Kinect. It would literally need to have a high-quality blowjob machine for me to want one. Detachable, obviously. I'm not getting my lazy ass out of this chair, even for a BJ.

Dirty Hipsters

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Feb 7, 2011
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Halo games not made by Bungie? Do not want. Motion controls, even less so.

Thank god I have a PC and a PS3 as well, because it doesn't look like my xbox will get much use for a while, at least until Mass Effect 3 comes out.