Poll: Who has a higher pain tolerance; Men or Women


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Mar 12, 2009
Desfox said:
Well I guess I'll give up after this because no one cares, but if you do, one final article

I will now assume the position of a passive spectator
Sadly people never read links =/


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May 18, 2010
Oscar90 said:
teh_Canape said:
I heard that women do

you know, because of the whole giving birth thing =P
Being forced to go through pain if they want a child doesn't necessarily mean they have a higher pain tolerance.
as I said, that's what I heard

I'm not sure and honestly, don't really think it's important knowledge to me

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Dec 30, 2009
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plz, plz, read these before posting more opinions
Thanks for these, pity it's so far down the thread most people won't read this far.
Deshin said:
This is why a kick in the groin is typically tauted as being so incredibly painful, you cannot develop muscle on your nutsack.
I accept your challenge. TO THE GYM!


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Oct 18, 2009
Dags90 said:
IckleMissMayhem said:
Yeah, cause major abdominal surgery's the easy option...!!
Doctors certainly enjoy being able to schedule it. I think about 30% of babies are surgically removed instead of being born in the U.S.
Firstly, it doesn't matter whether the baby exits via the sunroof, or via the fun chute(!!) they're still born.

Secondly, looking at the amount of extra staff needed for a caesarian, (not counting the use of an operating theatre for a couple of hours) rather than a natural birth, where, in the UK at least, no doctors are usually even involved, unless there's some issues, or the woman wants certain types of pain relief I doubt very much that it's a matter of "scheduling".
Dags90 said:
AccursedTheory said:
C-sections are, for the most part, safer. Surgeons can control many of the factors of childbirth, instead of just hoping everything turns out okay.
If by "for the most part, safer" you mean "can lead to an up to 3 times higher mortality rate" then, yeah. "For the most part, safer".
As I've already said, c-sections aren't to be taken lightly, it's major abdominal surgery, and that carries risks/longer recovery time etc etc... but in some situations, maybe where the mother is absolutely knackered, and/or the baby's heartrate indicates problems, having the option to perform a caesarian has saved countless lives, both mothers' and babies'.
Hell, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been born by section, neither would my mother.


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Mar 28, 2009
Women are biologically predisposed to have a higher tolerance. Men are biologically predisposed to repeat the thing that led to the pain in the first place.