Poll: Who would you rather let die, your pet or me?

Ghengis John

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Dec 16, 2007
Nuada_Redd said:
Joy. What do you know? The usual shit has been thrown -_- it would be nice if an opinion in this area was respected, and not just called stupid, or silly, or airheaded. Actually considered to schmaybe have come from a half way rational brain.
Nobody threw shit at you or called you stupid, silly or airheaded. If that's how you feel you might be onto something but nobody insulted you. Also, it's really lame to come up here saying people make you sick, toss around the f-bomb and demand people listen to other people's opinions then to play the victim and cry foul when they offer you theirs. It makes you look like a bratty, spoiled and inconsiderate child. Man up. And if you want respect, give respect.

My veiws relate to the idea of human superiority, and the idea that many individuals have that an animal is little more than an object or a machine, or at least much insuperior to a human. I disagree strongely. I nod to many of the points already made on this issue.
That's fine but what you actually said was:
Selfish? To save the life of being whom I am close to, who I am responsible for, over a stranger? Why
to which I gave you your answer. An entirely reasonable answer that apparently wheeled you and made you want to run away, but not without first calling me a poo-flinging monkey, and for that matter to equate my response to shit because you had no other way to attack it. That's not a very rational response. If you can't defend your positions with anything other than name-calling and bitterness then you should stop for a moment to take stock of how valuable or how logical they really are. For that matter, whether it's your place to impune on anyone else's reason or whether or not you belong in such a discussion in the first place. Taking stock of why they are important to you is a great first step towards generating a halfway rational response. If you can only see that you were wrong, or you feel foolish, be a man and face up to it without all the sour grapes. That's how you grow as a person and make a sounder argument next time. Btw, coming off as really didactic here I know.

I apologise that my venting of fustration and the predictable shit-throwing has interupted the both of you.
Nobody "threw shit at you". Don't be a drama-queen. And don't get frustrated so easily. Somebody could troll you and it makes you look like a blind fanatic. And now you're admitting that you only came in here to vent rage, how was that even halfway rational? Don't post in anger, you'll make dumb mistakes that people won't let you walk away from and they'll use them to undermine your credibility.

As for Carl he's a child. Anytime anyone makes an irrefutable point like "your dog can't recognize itself in a mirror" or "no, apes can't ask questions" he chooses to ignore it so he can keep living in his delusion. The irony is he isn't even appreciating the animals in their own right, but merely because he's anthropomorphizing them. Talking to him is a waste of time. You don't want to be like him.

Walter Sobchak

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Feb 27, 2011
Nuada_Redd said:
Walter Sobchak said:
Can a duck make a building if not it's not as important as humans if that makes me selfish then yes I am selfish, but I am a selfish person with regular protein levels and video games to play in my spare time not PETA rallies
I did not mention PETA, nor any of the other issues you've attributed to my opinion. I like how people jump to conclussions. Actually, I do eat meat, personally, and wear leather products. I have my own veiw within this decision, but that is neather here nor there. And I like my video games, thankyou very much. State one thing, and everyone is like 'oooooh... THAT sort, eh?' Widen your perspective, guys. Dont group everyone together, and try to treat others with a little respect. Dont worry, it wont fucking hurt.

Sooo... you matter if you can build a brick and mortar house? Well, that was well thought out. Well done. Gold star. Many people cannot do this, without quite a bit of knowledge and training. Sometimes still cant. Think we might have quite a considerable drop in population.

CarlMinez, maybe one day I may gain your calm when discussing such a fustrating subject. Im aware that I'm possible not going about expressing my veiws and thoughts on the issue in the best of ways, but it is more than fustrating, and to be honest I've had it up to here with this sort of thing. You have a good discussion going there, and good points have been made. I apologise that my venting of fustration and the predictable shit-throwing has interupted the both of you.
You want to know why I haven't shown you respect it's because I find most people are stupid as hell, and I'm not afraid to think you're stupid as hell. As an atheist I believe the sanctity of every human life and I believe that everyone should have the chance to live their life to the fullest. I personally would kill every cat and dog on this planet to save you someone stupid as hell. Your to selfish to the same to me because you love your furry animals which makes you stupid as hell
P.S. By saying ducks can't build buildings I don't mean they lack the reasources and techinical skills to do so I hope you could set up a tent I don't think a duck could