Poll: Yahtzee changes joke in ZP video


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Jul 23, 2011
I'm a firm beleiver that comedy is open to everything and that nothing is off limits! That joke wasn't being aimed at trans people it was just a metaphor created for that particular point. It wasn't malicious or anything like that. Granted jokes can be taken the wrong way but I belive that having the person explain it, is a much better way of understanding then just changing it as nothing is learned.

It's like racism jokes. There are jokes that are actually racist, but there are also jokes that seem racist but are actually poking fun at the subject and making it seem ludicrous. Or the London bombings. We had a choice of wether being "terrified" or getting on with it. Being British we made fun of the terroists thinking that they would be able to get to the people by disrupting the London Underground of all things? Something that runs smoothly for about 1 day a year!

Dismal purple

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Oct 28, 2010
I am a pre-op transsexual and I wasn't offended. However if he regrets the joke then he regrets it.

I guess what happened is that he got uncomfortably close to "MtF's are male, so having sex with them is gay". But his explanation shows that that was not his intention. I like watching How I Met Your Mother and they DO cross that line. You know that classic "You see that girl? That's a man! *puke*", it's not funny to be on the receiving end of. I have a male friend who is afraid to hug me because he thinks it's gay. He jokes "no more than three seconds or it's gay" and it really gets to me. It makes me feel inadequate.

With that said most transsexuals don't want anyone touching their pre-op genitals so I'm not sure who you are fighting for. In fact transgirls in my community are told to stay away from "tranny chasers" because they only want the thrill and don't give a crap about you.

pictured: an offensive joke (trigger warning).

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Mar 7, 2012
Even as someone who does have a fetish for pre-op trans women and simultaneously identifies as straight, I didn?t find it offensive. I understood the context, felt a little bit annoyed (fact: the largest demographic for T-girl porn are straight men), and moved on. I can understand why some people might find it offensive, but Yahtzee has made equally controversial, if not moreso, jokes that play on stereotypes in previous ZP videos. I mean, I can?t remember all of them, but I can?t think of a reason why there was apparently more of a backlash to this joke than previous ones, other than that transgender people seem to be the most discriminated minority out there.

Not to say that I don?t think he should have changed it. He says he personally regretted the wording of it (and if you think even the most edgy of comedians, or just people in general, don?t have joke standards or regret certain things they say, you?re wrong), and I?m not going to bother making up theories that he was ?forced? to censor himself. There?s no proof of that. It was his decision to change the line, it?s done, that?s it, and the world keeps turning.


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Jan 4, 2009
dunam said:
I can't believe yahtzee got this far without changing an offensive joke before. Kudos for the long streak, now let's see how long the next one will last.

Lieju said:
The trans community is used to these jokes, for the most part. Yahtzee is not coming from a place of hate, and everyone knows it. I sincerely doubt that it was changed because of trans people complaining, and moreso to help get rid of the douchebaggery from the transphobes.
How can one speak for what an entire community is used to?
That wasn't me who said it, you messed up the quotes.

Relish in Chaos said:
I can?t think of a reason why there was apparently more of a backlash to this joke than previous ones, other than that transgender people seem to be the most discriminated minority out there.
Like I pointed out before, it weren't just people who initially complained about the joke who made the comment-thread explode.

There are quite a lot of anti-trans people here, it seems(at least more than homophobes, for example), and they jumped in the discussion with their opinions on gender identity, and it escalated from there.
Mar 9, 2010
God fucking forbid someone make a joke at the expense of transsexuals. I get they're not exactly the happiest bunch of people, being in the wrong bodies and all that, but it's not even a joke about them. It's poking fun at the people who engage in sexual activities with them before their operation to sort out their junk.

I'd just like to quote something that sums up this entire argument:

It bothers me that Yahtzee writes a lot of jokes at the expense of women or anyone who isn't the middle-class, able-bodied, straight, white, cis man.
Okay, fuck everything then. I must be a **** because I'm white, not disabled, not gay and have no issue being born a dude. Oh don't worry though, it's not as if this completely undeserved hatred is completely undeserved, I have all the privilege in the world and life is easy for the likes of me in comparison to someone who isn't all of those things.

This crybaby culture needs to change fast.


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Mar 16, 2009
It's a joke on the internet. I mean we can start breaking it down and say the implications of the original joke is that it's gay to suck off a pre-op transsexual because they're dudes, and that's offensive to transsexuals because they think that since they consider themselves to be the gender they want to be, it would be strait to suck off a pre-op transsexual, but even that conclusion itself sounds like a fucking joke.

If yahtzee legitimately himself believed the joke was in bad taste and changed it by his own volition, there should be no debate here at all, but he had no OBLIGATION to change it. Honestly I don't get how people thin skinned enough to get offended by things like this survive in the world. It seems like you'd just be a mess, constantly in a state of outrage over fucking nothing.


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Feb 18, 2011
Daystar Clarion said:
Anyone who gets offended by a joke is too thinned skin.

I've heard some godawful jokes in my time, but I've never once been offended by. Sure, I've found them tasteless, crude, etc, but not once have I thought 'You know what? This joke hurts my feelings. Time to let everyone know just how hurt my feelings are."

The joke in question was more about cognitive dissonance, then it was a dig at transsexuals, but then again, I've seen some really obvious Critical Miss jokes fly right over the heads of people around here, so hey, what do I know?
Well it depends in this case.

If Yahtzee, upon seeing the criticism, reflected, and truly regretted making a joke about transsexuals for his own sake, because he doesn't want to be a guy that makes jokes like that, then I think its fine. He has every right; it's his show. He should be represented the way he wants to be represented by his work.

On the other hand, if he did it simply to appease upset fans then... yeah, it should've stayed. People are too thin-skinned. It wasn't a particularly scathing joke anyway.


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Nov 21, 2008
On one hand, I have trouble finding that exactly offensive. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

On the other hand, if it is offensive to certain peoples, I don't mind it being changed, if just because I don't agree with making hurtful jokes to people who are already bullied/disliked/etc.

So, *Shrug*.