Possible cure for so-called "consolitis"


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Feb 16, 2010
I can title this with one very appropriate word.


But if you insist I elaborate then I'd settle for.
WTF are you even thinking?

But if you wanted a real explanation I think I'd say:
Fastest way to destroy PC gaming, a large attraction to it right now is that it's cheaper to buy games bar the entry price.
If a game is going to cost more than normal it better deliver more than normal.
I don't mean 3 or 4 hundred hour campaign, I already get that in every Fallout and Elder Scrolls that is released.
If I got Oblivion for $40 do the math on how much more time I need to get from this game if they want me to pay $80.
Super Toast said:
Also, comparing the car industry to the gaming industry is like comparing Bambi to Cthulhu. The two industries are completely different.
Especially since the comparison to be made if at all is the Computer itself with the car, not the software on it. He might as well be talking about floor mats or individual radio stations.