Press Release - Watch the Teaser Trailer for The Protagonist

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Jul 10, 2006
Press Release - Watch the Teaser Trailer for The Protagonist

Press Release

A brand new, story-driven, RPG from developer 3Mind Games (stacked with veterans from Ubisoft, EA, and more), is in development for PC and set for release next year. As the first sprawling, narrative game from the studio, The Protagonist is aiming to entice fans of epic space operas such as Mass Effect with its rich, branching narrative and unique, turn-based combat system with flavors of XCOM and Divinity: Original Sin.

Watch the Teaser Trailer here [].

This first look into the combat-style and narrative of The Protagonist shows ANGEL and her comrade RADICAL engaging in deadly combat with a new race of alien foes, while the commanding voice of the Terran elite orders its citizens to take up arms against their oppressors.

About The Protagonist

The Protagonist features an extensive branching narrative and turn-based tactical combat - each choice the player makes affects the course of the game. It stars a Special Operative with the Terran military force code named: ANGEL. Her current mission is to infiltrate an alien space station of the invading KL-T but all doesn't go as planned. She awakens in the infirmary of the space station she's tasked with infiltrating and needs to figure out how to escape this place while it's in full lockdown.

- Recruit a wide cast of fully developed characters to aid in your mission. The only way to survive and succeed will be to rely on the strength of your team and nurture their loyalty.
- A unique combat system allowing players to customize their character's close-combat abilities like never before. Players will be able to tailor, experiment with, and perfect their martial-combat style using this system, then share combos with the online player community.
- A dynamic dialogue system where the choices players make during the course of the game will have consequences. The reactions and responses players receive from other in-game characters may drastically change based on their previous choices throughout the course of play. Players have to pay attention to the way they navigate conversations or they might be in for a surprise!
- Initiative and Action Points System (I.A.P.S.) to give players full control over the actions they want their character to take on their turn. Players must create their own strategy to defeat enemies.

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The Protagonist will be available on PC in 2019.



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Apr 4, 2020
Whatever, just wash your hands.
The fuck? We get news again? ...Creepy.


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Nov 20, 2009
The game looks about as inspired as the title. The Protagonist, christ


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Jan 7, 2010
Zykon TheLich said:
The Escapist has staff?
Doubt it. This exact same article can be found word for word around on some other gaming sites. The same applies to the other recent "press release"-articles. What's strange is that the Skyrim VR announcement doesn't look like the official press release by Bethesda, but looks to be copied from some other site that has reworded the official press release.

The Escapist has become a masterpiece of journalism.


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Dec 5, 2008
I wouldn't make an announcement if this was all I had to show. Two fairly un-interesting characters on white backgrounds without any depth or variety, with minimal animation, between title cards promoting "features" we've seen dozens of times before.

The team responsible might well be staffed with industry veterans, but apparently none of the advertising/PR people made the transition.

None of this is to say they might not in time create something worthwhile, mind you. This just isn't how you make a strong first impression.


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May 15, 2014
Callate said:
The team responsible might well be staffed with industry veterans
Companies mentioned were EA and Ubisoft. The trailer might appear uninspired, but I'm sure they've already got a novel, exciting monetization system worked out, with a robust, customer-focused structure that nonetheless provides the agility to adapt to shifting market conditions and leverage opportunities to synergize with external services.


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Apr 5, 2020
...someone's a fan of Oblivion I see. 0_0


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Feb 23, 2018
The animations are a little ridiculous on the movements I find, and the scenery is empty ....they should have waited to have something a little more solid,, because there it does not really really want. Wait to see with the gameplay and narration, wait and see...

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