Protectors of the Crystals, a Final Fantasy RP (Dead)


Oct 20, 2009
[HEADING=2]Protectors Of The Crystals - A Final Fantasy RP[/HEADING]​

In the land of Halvor, there lived many people of different races. Some lived in peace, others couldn't stand one another. But they all still lived a somewhat peaceful life thanks to the crystals their king guarded, a duty which all members of the royal family had accepted without hesitation or temptation for generations. Living in the royal city of Alexia, they watched over the crystals and the land, making sure that everything was alright and peaceful. These crystals had been there for hundreds of years, even thousands. No one was exactly sure how long they'd been there, but no one questioned the crystals as they had helped repel the attacks of monsters along with providing with many of life's necessities and wonders, such as great fields for which to make farms on and grow crops, weather and living environment that brought many of nature's beauties and a wind for ships and airships to ride on off into the sunset.

However, things couldn't stay peaceful, for there grew a threat to this land of Halvor. The many cities and towns in it knew of it, for even though the crystals protected them and provided them with many great things, there were still tales of men who sought the crystals for their own selfish acts. Men and women of many different races. All of them were powerhungry and greedy for the crystals, a power which rivaled none other. All of them failed, but there was still the risk that someone would want the power of the crystals for themselves. The king knew about this. He also knew that a recent group of attackers attempted to raid the castle in search for the crystals, but did not succeed. That wasn't the first time they had attacked either. The power of the crystals had been weakening, and soon they would need time to recover before they could continue their work on the earth and environment around the land.

The king sent word around each of the towns and cities to send warriors, whoever they might be. He knew the crystals couldn't be kept safe in the castle underground anymore and would need to ask these warriors for their aid to keep those crystals safe until their strength returned. He couldn't ask the guards around Alexia to go after the group because he would need them to stay in the city while the crystals would be at their weakest in case the monsters around the land would attack the city and its people. He couldn't have getting his subjects killed by savage beasts. Eight cities and towns, outside of Alexia, each with warriors of varying kind and skill, who would be trusted with the protection of the crystals and be tasked with dealing with this new threat. Any moment now, they would all be assembled in the grand hall of the castle.

Welcome, players, to this Final Fantasy RP. My co-GM for this RP is [user]PrinceOfShapeir[/user], otherwise known as Corsair. Now that I've gotten your attention with the setting above, I would like to go over a few rules.

#1: There will be no God Modding, Mary Sueing, Marty Stueing, trenchcoating or anything like those. Players who make characters like that will be rejected and characters who act like that will be kicked out.

#2: The GM's word is final. Feel free to bring up any issues you have with me or Corsair, but I do not want any arguing. If we say something is final, it is.

#3: When you're making your sheet, keep them in third person. Make sure that you use proper grammar and finish the sheet before you post it. And I want to see unique characters. No copying someone else's character.

#4: I don't want to see short posts. No one or two lines in posts. Keep them to at least a reasonable length if you can't think of anything more to add to them.

#5: I'll be allowing romance between two characters if anyone should be interested, but I want things to be kept to a minimum. Any mature content should be kept out of the RP and taken to PMs, especially when the Escapist tries to remain PG-13 at all times.

#6: Should you be accepted, it would be quite good if you got yourself Skype if you don't already have it. It's worked well for me, my Escapist friends and others that I've RPed with, working better than the Escapist groups themselves in terms of communication between players and how fast the communication can happen.

Alexia, the royal city in the middle of Halvor. It's usually lively all day and night, with many different places and shows to watch and explore, from entertaining shows on the streets to theater. Very decorative, and heavily guarded from thieves who wish to steal from the people of Alexia. Even though it is the royal city of Halvor, not only rich people live in it. The king of Alexia was generous enough to provide those that could not afford the more expensive houses with places to live around the city. He makes sure that no one is discriminated against, whether they are poor or rich.

Marlon, a quiet town on the outskirts of Halvor to the south. Mainly a farmer town, it is also a great place to get supplies from when food is running low for any of the other towns. It's not the only town to grow crops, but it is the one known for the best fruits and vegetables. Some of its inhabitants have taken up arms to help defend their town along the few guards around it.

Durakia, a city to the west of Alexia known for its brilliant scholars and mages. No other place in Halvor compares to it in terms of magical power, aside from Alexia and the crystals. A great place to learn magic at, its civilians don't take kindly to those trying to learn magic only for their own benefit and selfish acts. The guards there are more magically armed than guards elsewhere due to the magic academy there, in order to help keeping it safer.

Arnetis, a town practically made for those who wish to take up arms and defend themselves and those around them. This is where everyone is sent to who wishes to become a guard, though that's not the only reason for everyone learning there. It doesn't exactly need guards due to the many people there learning to fight, but there are still at least some, if only to keep the ones learning in shape. A great place for those learning to become rangers, warriors and paladins.

Lumalna, a city that is said to never sleep. It's a city of lights, a city of coins devoted to chance and Lady Luck, noted for being a popular vacation spot. Huge casinos and resorts dot the city, while in the dark corners powerful criminals lurk in the shadows. It's noted for having a unique approach to attacks and invasions - it lets the enemy in and lets them gamble away their shirts.

Klovar is less of a city and more a village surrounding the world's largest tourist attraction, a collection of monuments, memorials, and museums. Most notable of the city's attractions are the Royal Museum, holding many great artifacts from the Kingdom's history, dating to the beginning.

Victus is commonly called the Clockwork City, a city of wonders that rivals Durakia, albeit in a much different way. Victus is home to the Royal Academy of Sciences and is a city choked with the innovations of the scientists that dwell within it. The skies of the city are choked with the smoke and smog of their great refineries, factories, and laboratories.

Ersyr is the great tragedy of the Kingdom. It remains the religious heart of the Kingdom, where the great White Ivory Cathedral stands tall and proud, shining under the light of sun, moon, and stars. It is here that the Priesthood are dominantly found. However, a terrible curse has been levied against the city, and the Priests have found themselves surrounded by the dead rising from the massive graveyards that surround the city. They continually fight a battle to keep the dead contained, but they seem endless. Most outside the Priesthood have abandoned the city, but the Priests remain determined to hold the city and protect the Cathedral.

Byron is the great trade city of the frontier. Situated far from much of the rest of the Kingdom and lying along several trade routes along both land and sea, Byron is a rich, prosperous city, filled with those of strange nations and races. Byron is guarded by the bulk of the Royal Navy and fights a continual war against pirates and smugglers.
Name: Obvious.
Age: Min: 18
Gender: Obvious.

Race: You can choose from any existing Final Fantasy race you want so long as they aren't anything like espers or monsters.
Class: See Classes available below.

Weapons and Armor: See weapons list below for what your character's class can use, but you can use a different weapon should you choose so. Describing said weapon is highly encouraged, as is describing whatever armor or anything like that your character wears.
Magic: See magic list and classes that can use magic below. Obviously write down the magic spells your character knows if your character can use magic. Only add this if your class actually uses magic. For Black Mages, add Summons below Magic.

Appearance: Be descriptive. Describe their hair, eyes, build, clothes, possible armor, anything you can think of that others will see that may not already be in the above section.
Personality: How does your character act around others, by themselves, in different situations? Those aren't the only examples, though. Figure out how your character is.

Inventory: Aside from weapons and armor, tell us what your character is carrying. Whether it's gil, curative items such as Potions and Antidote, jewelry they got from somewhere or anything else you feel should be here, mention it here. No numbers for the amount of gil they carry is needed.

Backstory: How did your character grow up to be the person they are today? Do be descriptive, and have it be of a fair amount. 2 - 3 paragraphs minimum, with a reasonable amount in each paragraph. Also, I don't want anyone to be from an outside country or Alexia. Your character's parents can be, but your character has to be from somewhere in Halvor so long as they aren't from Alexia.
Other: Optional. Anything additional you want to add about your character that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Knight - Engages the enemy in close range, often using heavy armor and weapons to both slay the enemy and protect their comrades. Often their most powerful members learn to wield White Magic.

Thief - Agile and quick on their feet, able to steal with little difficulty.

Monk - Focuses power into their fists and feet which they use to attack their foes. They prefer no weapon at all, but can use claws and knuckles that strap onto their hands.

Red Mage - Can use a lot of the same spells as White and Black Mages, but not the high tier ones. Also uses a few exclusive spells not used by White and Black Mages.

White Mage - Primarily a healer, they often need the protection of others in order to be the most efficient.

Black Mage - Uses powerful magic to destroy the enemy. Has the ability to summon and control powerful creatures called Espers.

Ranger - Uses a long range weapon to attack their enemies and stays back due to lack of being unable to defend themselves in close-range combat.

Dragoons - Warriors who wield lances and use their impressive acrobatic capabilities in battle. Their strongest members often learn to wield Black Magic.

Knight - Cure

White Mage - Cure, Raise, Protect, Shell, Esuna

Black Mage - Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Blind, Silence

Black Mage (Starting espers, unless otherwise requested so long as they start with three of them, other espers will be available through the course of the RP) - Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh.

Red Mage - Cure, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water

Dragoon - Aero

Knight: Swords (can be used with a shield or be two handed swords)

Thief: Daggers, Boomerangs.

Monk: Barehanded, Claws, Knuckles.

Red Mage: Swords, Staves.

White Mage: Staves.

Black Mage: Rods.

Ranger: Bows, Firearms.

Dragoon: Spears, Lances.
Blind - Physical attacks are less likely to hit
Silence - Unable to cast spells or call upon summons
Poison - Deals damage over time and makes the afflicted sick
Petrify - Turns the afflicted into stone
Sleep - Makes the afflicted fall asleep
Confuse - Makes the afflicted confused and makes them start to attack anyone, friend or foe
Mini - Makes the one afflicted by it small, dealing little physical damage and recieving great damage
Toad - Turns the afflicted into a toad, making them deal little physical damage and unable to cast spells (aside from Toad if said spell is known) or call upon summons
Mortal Wound - Injuries that are too serious for Cure

Eye Drops - Cures Blind
Echo Screen pills - Cures Silence
Antidote, a green potion - Cures Poison
Soft brand lotion and mosturizer - Cures Petrify
Smelling Salts - Cures Sleep
Mallet Brand Energy Drink - Cures Mini
Maiden's Kiss stones - Cures Toad
Phoenix Down feathers - Cures Mortal Wound
I'm looking for eight players including myself and Corsair. I want to see more than one person apply for each class so that I can have options to pick from, if possible, at least two people applying for each class.

If you have any questions, me and Corsair should be able to answer them.


Oct 20, 2009
Name: Yuria Mitsuri

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Mithra

Class: Red Mage

Weapons and Armor: Yuria wields a sword decorated with red lines going in crosses up and down the blade, seemingly blended into the metal instead of painted on it. The blade itself, aside from the red crosses, is dark in color. It's kept sharp whenever Yuria can, it isn't easily dulled and for her, it feels rather light, making for fast swings with it. If she were to poke the ground with it, it would reach up to her waist, hilt included. The hilt is red in color as well, something Yuria specified when getting it made. Underneath her normal clothes she wears a chainmail so that she isn't too vulnerable and also gives her enough flexibility to swing her sword without too much restriction.

Magic: Cure, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water.

Appearance: Being a Mithra, Yuria has cat ears on top of her head and a tail at the bottom of her spine. The tail has caused her to need to make some adjustments on armor and clothing, but she's always been able to do it. Normal amongst her race, she's got violet eyes which matches her equally violet hair, making her seem kind of staring if she's looking at someone or something which is in equal parts due to her tendency to not blink often until she needs to. Her violet hair reaches down around shoulder length, since she dislikes growing her hair out longer than that. She's got two violet stripes on her cheeks that join together near the sides of her face and reach up and over her eyes, ending on the bridge of her nose. Being a Mithra also comes with having short and soft fur all over her body, being kind of light brown and almost hides her skin color which is kind of tan. Her nose is cat like in appearance and her nails, which are more like claws, are kind of sharp since she maintains them like that as she's used to it by now.

Her attire usually consists of what you'd think a Red Mage typically wears. A red cap with a white feather in it with holes for her ears to go through at the front of it, red coat with two black stripes going vertically on the front and back, a red cape that goes over her shoulders and is tied together at the front, a pair of red trousers that, like the coat, has a slim black stripe going vertically across the front and back of each leg, and brown boots that reach a little higher than normal shoes.

Personality: Yuria is curious about most everything around her if she doesn't already know about it. She wants to know more about the world, so she asks if there's something that interests her. At times, she can appear bubbly, but if you make fun of her for being a Mithra, you're getting a face full of claws. She can be friendly and helpful when she wants to, and she usually is like that unless she's in a foul mood, of course. Due to how much she admires her father, she can sometimes act more like a man than a woman, a subconscious thing for her.

Inventory: Yuria carries around a fair amount of gil in a small pouch on the inside of her clothes over her chest so no one can take it. She also has a necklace with a crimson jewel in it around her neck, a gift from her mother when she was younger. She also carries in her pockets two vials of Potions, a vial of Antidote, a vial of Eye Drops and a single Echo Screen.

Backstory: Yuria is originally from the city of Byron, being born and raised there her whole life before her time in Durakia. She didn't know her father personally since he had been apparently too busy to ever be able to meet her, but her mother told her stories of how great her father had been when they were younger. He had apparently been a skilled Red Mage in his days, and had now gone traveling around the world for adventure, having no time to actually be a father, although he did send the occasional letters to them to let them know how he was doing. The stories her mother told her made Yuria feel proud of her father, but sad that he couldn't be with them. However, they had each other and that was enough for them.

She felt safe in Byron, despite the attacks they occasionally had from pirates and smugglers. From what she knew, cities and towns in Halvor were generally well guarded, so it wasn't like she needed to worry. She would play with any friends she had, and if they played as adventurers exploring Byron, Yuria always wanted to play a Red Mage. She knew enough about them from her mother's stories about her father to have a general idea of them. No one opposed to that since no one else had an interest in playing a Red Mage. That was how her childhood was mostly spent.

Little of interest happened until she reached the age of 16, when she gained the age of independence and was allowed to go and study whatever it was she wanted to become, since most everyone who reached the age of 16 were told they should learn for whatever they wanted to become. Of course, for Yuria, this wasn't even a question as she mentioned that she wanted to become a Red Mage. It wasn't an easy study since becoming a Red Mage required one to actually have the potential to wield both Black and White magic. But she felt she could do it. She'd have to, if she were to become like her father.

Saying goodbye to her mother, after her mother gave her the family heirloom which was a necklace with a crimson jewel on it, Yuria set forth towards Durakia on the local train since otherwise it would become a long travel and she'd rather be able to study at full strength. The trip took her about three days, since Halvor was a fairly large country. She stepped off the train with all her belongings, which wasn't all that much to be honest, and headed for the academy in Durakia. There, she requested to study at it to become a Red Mage. The principal there was glad to get such an eager student to become what was arguably the hardest school of magic to learn. She said that she wanted to really become one and that she would study hard. The principal allowed her to study there and from then on, Yuria would be on her way to try and live up to her father's name. Even if only her mother and she knew of her father's accomplishments.

For six long years, Yuria trained and learned as best she could to become a Red Mage. They weren't kidding when they said that Red Mages were arguably the hardest school of magic. Since White Mages and Black Mages only had to focus on one school of magic, they didn't have much trouble learning their respective school and each one generally only took three years as opposed to the Red Mage's six years. However, the few Red Mages that were there were only able to keep going because they all had the potential to become a Red Mage. During Yuria's first two years, she found out that you don't actually find out your potential on the first year right away. She was simply lucky that she had the potential, possibly due to her father, since she didn't know what else she would want to become.

She found out that each of the Red Mages had some kind of specialty, albeit only divided into three. Some were better with White Magic than Black Magic, others vice versa to that and the third were equally good with both, although of course everyone could use both. Yuria found out that she herself handled Black Magic better than White Magic, and in all her years of studying she managed to learn four Black Magic spells and a single White Magic spell, although it wasn't surprising since every Red Mage was taught Fire and Cure at the start of their studies to be able to find out their potential with each school of magic. While studying, she and every other Red Mage studying learned that there were actually two spells that every Red Mage has the potential to learn that neither White or Black Mages could learn. Haste and Slow, generally called Time Magic despite there being no Time Mages. When she would be able to learn them she didn't know, but she would strive towards learning them.

While at the academy, since she was studying to become a Red Mage, she was offered a few more options for weapons than a White Mage or a Black Mage would get. Looking over her options, she chose a sword like she knew her father had. However, she wanted hers to be a bit more special to her so she asked if she could have one custom made, and indeed it could be done. She described how she wanted it, and seeing as there was always the option for a metal weapon to be made, there was a blacksmith with a smithy nearby there. He didn't have much to do generally, but he did get a few requests each year from the Red Mages who studied there. He got the note about how Yuria wanted her sword and started on working on it. It took some time, but once it was finished and ready to be picked up, Yuria was sent after to pick it up. Once she arrived, the blacksmith handed her the sword and Yuria swung it around to get a feel for it. She was very pleased with it and thanked the blacksmith for it.

Once she finished her studies, she went back to her mother's to see her and show her what she had become. Her mother hadn't changed much these six years that had passed and was glad to see her daughter again. And wouldn't you know it, it appeared that her father had taken time out from his adventuring to see his little daughter all grown up and starting out as a Red Mage. He was proud of her for becoming a Red Mage and so gave her a Red Mage's outfit in order to make her a proper Red Mage. The reason he knew about it was because of the letters Yuria's mother had sent to him and had mentioned how Yuria was learning to become a Red Mage. He couldn't stay long, but he wanted to be there to see his daughter become a Red Mage.

A year later, word was spread around Byron that warriors were needed in order to help with keeping the crystals who had helped them live easier lives safe. Yuria figured she should do what she could for Halvor and, after saying goodbye to her mother for a second time, she headed with a train towards Alexia. She wasn't the only warrior on the train, but it wasn't like a specific number of warriors had been asked for.
Name: Mira Highwind
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Dragoon

Weapons and Armor: Mira's favored weapon in battle is a Halberd. Her personal halberd, custom forged for her hand by master bladesmiths, is six and a half feet in length from speartip to base of the haft. The head is made of a rare steel alloy with a wavelike pattern through the metal, and the haft is of strong oak, reinforced by bands of steel. The spearpoint is long and slender like a dagger, while the axe head is broad and powerful. Opposite the axehead is a simple hook. While the weapon has seen much use it is immaculately cared for.

At her waist, as part of her uniform, she carries a long slender arming sword. The blade is well cared for and highly decorated as one expects a war hero's to be. The blade is marked with runes that give a brief description of the Battle of Northwind Harbor, and the hilt is ebony bound in blue leather, a teardrop shaped sapphire set into the wheel shaped pommel. While cared for Mira has never used this sword in battle.

Mira dresses in almost all times in her uniform, blue-painted scaled mail with a dark blue cloak and surcoat over it. The shoulders of her surcoat are covered in epaulettes. On the left side of the collar is a pin of a silver eagle, marking her as a member of the Airship Corps. The eagle grips a spear in its claws, further identifying her as a Dragoon Knight. On the other side of her collar are four gold, circular pips arranged in a line, denoting her rank as a Captain.

In battle she dons the traditional Dragon Helm of the Dragoon Knights, a blue steel piece with the visor depicting a Dragon's face, teeth bared in a snarl.

Magic: Aero, which she primarily uses to enhance her already impressive agility.

Appearance: Mira stands at 5'11, and has a willowy build, albeit one that is well muscled. She has flame-red hair and wears it to her mid-back, with the length hanging out the neck of her helm in battle. Her eyes are a bright sky blue, with a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Three curving scars go from her left cheekbone to her jawbone across her cheek, remnants of battle with a wyvern. While she is almost always in her uniform and it is suitable for both duty and dress, there are urban legends of her wearing other clothes on occasion.

Personality: Among her soldiers it is joked that first thing in the morning Captain Highwind salutes the flag at least a dozen times and a dozen times more before going to sleep. She is a consummate patriot, absolutely loyal beyond question to Halvor, Halvor's people, and Halvor's crown.

While her loyalty is beyond question she is no sycophant. Her desire is to protect Halvor - her people, her honor, and her interests, in that order. She will challenge any order that threatens these, and if unable to sway her superiors will creatively interpret her orders.

This loyalty extends elsewhere - to her soldiers, her friends, her family, but at all times the nation comes first. If this grants her the feeling of an unfeeling, pragmatic ice queen then so be it. It's a comfortable mask for her now. She won't hesitate to sacrifice soldiers to save her ship, her ship to save a city, or her life to save her men.

While the death she has ordered men to gnaws at her soul she buries it under an iron mask of unwavering, undoubting honor and duty, never allowing her doubts in herself or her orders to show in her face.

Inventory: It hardly counts as part of her inventory, but Mira is commanding officer of the HMAS Alexander, the flagship of the Halvor Airship Corps. The ship measures two hundred feet in length and thirty wide, with four decks, not counting the bilge and topdeck, and is armed with fifty-four cannons arrayed on the middle two decks on either side. The bow of the ship has a figurehead, a statue of a dragon in flight. The ship is brown, unadorned timbers, although well cleaned and polished to a sheen.

It hangs under a white cigar-shaped balloon half again as long and as wide as the ship. The eagle clutching a spear, symbol of the Dragoon Knights, is emblazoned in blue on either side.

The ship has a crew of two hundred at optimal conditions, but can be flown with only three, although it will not be able to fight.

Aside from it, on her person Captain Highwind carries a pair of potions and a pouch of gil.

Backstory: While most of her family was born in Alexia, Mira was born in Byron on the frontier, child of two Navy officers, and it was there that she fell in love with the open air, the wind blowing across sea and sky, and while her family had a proud tradition in the water Mira was driven to the winds, and longed to join the new, elite Airship Corps.

She joined the Halvorian military at sixteen, already demonstrating her steadfast loyalty, iron will, and stubborn pride, and within a year she was aboard the newest airship to enter the fleet, HMAS Peregrine as a midshipman.

She served there for two years until the Battle of the Byron Strait, when the Pirate King Asgan Sibbleng gathered the raiders together into a cohesive fleet and assaulted the Byron fleet. What followed was a brutal battle that left the very ocean red with fire and blood. The fleet was rescued by the arrival of Airship Group Farsight - the Peregrine, Ostamir, and Alexander, who drove a spear into the pirate fleet, and the Dragoon Knights drove a more literal spear into the Pirate King.

The battle had been costly and painful, but trade would at least be safe for a time. Mira held strong in the battle, and manned her cannon with swiftness and skill, never halting or wavering even as chainshot tore at the hull.

For her valor Mira was promoted to officer status, becoming a Lieutenant, and at her request began training to be a Dragoon.

Over ten years she served with valor and skill, rising through the ranks, earning the spear of the Dragoon Knights, facing down and slaying a wyvern terrorizing Klovar and earning her distinctive scar in the battle, until a few months before her thirtieth birthday, when Commander Mira Highwind, commander of the light airship Redtail fought in the Battle of Northwind Harbor.

The Battle was a gruesome and bloody affair, as the small fishing village was besieged an army of the northern tribesmen. Even with the luck of the Redtail being in the area and spotting the barbarian horde early it was a grim situation. They were desperately outnumbered and few of the fishers and trappers of the town were any kind of warrior.

Commander Highwind lead the Redtail in a number of strafing runs, emptying their shot supply and wreaking much havoc on the horde, but not enough, before returning the ship to the town and ordering her men to take defensive positions, with the exception of the least able of her crew - the cook and doctor, both cripples - and loaded the children and incapable aboard the Redtail before sending them to alert the rest of the Airship Corps of thel danger.

Then she lead her soldiers in a valiant defense of the town, superior training and command giving her decisive advantages over the disorganized hordes. Her halberd ran red with blood and her cloak was soaked in it, but little by little they were driven back, Mira always the last in the retreat. For three days they held the town, and the river ran red with the blood of fallen soldier and townsman and barbarian.

At the dawn of the fourth day she saw it on the horizon, the shape of the airship Falcon. As it swooped down on the hordes, cannons blazing, they broke and began to flee. At long last it was over.

The cost was high. Half of Northwind's people were dead, even counting those fled on the Redtail. Of her crew of fifty only nine survived counting herself and the two noncombatants. She expected, and indeed felt she perhaps deserved scorn and disgrace.

Instead, after recovering and returning to Alexia aboard the Falcon she received a hero's welcome, the King himself bestowing a sword on her as well as a promotion to Captain and command of the legendary Alexander, newly refitted and rebuilt at the shipyards of Victus.

She accepted these honors just as she faced war and death - with stoicism.

Since then she has commanded the Alexander in many battles and lead her crew to many victories, further building her heroic reputation.

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Sep 16, 2010
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Once again, I would like to present my Black Mage Character. I hope the idea is acceptable for this setting.

Name: Nr. i -Alias: Mr. Engbyr, The Fat Bird-

Age: 5 months since construction - appears to be in its forties

Gender: Male-Aesthetic

Race: Black Mage (See Final Fantasy IX - Note I may be taking liberties in the creation process)

Class: Black Mage

Personal affects:

-Three foot long rosewood rod, wide as a thumb, gnarled in certain segments, and artificially curved to make the grip more natural. Bejewelled with one emerald at the tip; wrapped in leather at the grip.

-Dagger; six inch blade, ornate hilt decorated with a silver ring. Carried in a simple leather sheath.

-Two waterskins

-Echo Screen

-Three hundred gil

Black Magick: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Blind, Silence

Summons: Adrammalech, Famfrit, Belias

Appearance: Stands at a height of 5'8" and without any clothing or wardrobe looks like a walking cadaver. Skin is a disgustingly dark shade of gray, eyes are pupil-less. Draped in a large leather robe and wide brimmed hat, he looks a lot wider and oddly smaller than without. The robe itself is red embroidered in silk with the design motif of a chocobo - its wings, talons, and facade. Lining its robe are chocobo feathers that occasionally reveal themselves in the collar area. Also is bundled in shirts, pants, and gloves that make his physique bulkier than he appears. To hide his corpse-like face, they had adorned him with a white beak-nosed mask with feathers painted on it.

Personality: Nr. i speaks when spoken to, and tends to be focused in the tasks given to him. Nothing else matters to him except for what he's doing, who's calling the shots, and where he needs to be. To others, he would appear to be cold, and uncaring due to his single-mindedness and detached demeanor, but in truth all this is a fabrication. At his core, Nr. i is not self-aware, and any idle action he makes - from conversation to drinking - is just part of an ingrained protocol to hide his true nature.

Backstory: Backstory: With the inception of Magitek research and development, a cabal of brave young minds collaborated to push back the boundaries of this knowledge. The result of much time, gil, and raw material was a creature very potent in mana. Their tests showed an instinctive skill in black magic, and phenomenal resilience against mana. It showed a potential for a combat mage and sought to discretely make it combat ready. They would tinker some more, trying to replicate the Black Mage - or the Template, or Nr. i as he was referred to in the notes but progress was slow, and their focus was stuck on their already made creation.

With enough training, the cabal saw fit to send him in the field by himself. He went to Ersyr a place filled with undead, and while he was successful in repelling zombies, the priests mistook him for one of their foes and attempted to kill him. By virtue of not being undead he survived and was collected by one of the Cabal. They changed their tactics after that, dressing him in multiple layers of clothes and apparel to make him look normal by human standards. They had also ingrained a social protocol in him in case people were suspicious of his appearance. It took some doing, but the researchers managed to safely set him loose without drawing suspicion.

As 'The Fat Bird,' Nr. i is established as a brutal but effective mercenary. Direct and quick to use force in any job - from fiends to escorts. To his creators, he has performed well, but clients were unofficially required to micro-manage him if they wanted anything besides killing fiends and brigands. Outside a job, he is very detached and stoic; during a job he is single-minded in its pursuit. If there needed killing to be done or maintaining a defense, he was certainly brought forth.

Recent tests the cabal had done on their Black Mage had found a slight increase in mental activity, and their efforts went back to producing him in large numbers.

EDIT: Gave Nr. I a somewhat proper alias besides a title.


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Jan 23, 2010
Name: Roderic Fouillel

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Duskwight Elezen

Class: Thief

Weapons and Armor: Roderic holds to the idea of being well armed to make sure that if you are caught, you are not "caught" quite yet. With that said, Roderic keeps a collection of knives on him. Six knives, actually, all of which are stashed in different spots for 'ease of use', in his terms. One of the knives, his favorite, is fire enchanted. He has 'collected' this particular knife for a selection of reasons, first being that it has proven to be able to start fires to keep the cold away, and second because most people back up when a comrade is lit aflame. The other knives are all expendable, and ordinary knives that Roderic won't hesitate to throw. Only the flame one is considered important, and only until he can be assured that he can acquire another later. He does have additional space for quite a few more knives, but right now the six knives do just fine.

The armor that Roderic uses is a Black Garb, largely to assist in more night work as a thief always works best under the cover of night. Of course, that doesn't mean that Roderic doesn't also practice his craft during the day, using his fast skills to get whatever he needs when he needs it. The garb has no obvious modifications, as being a thief means there isn't any room for getting fancy. He even tends to wear a blue robe over the clothes so as to have something covering himself for the weather, and something to ditch if he needs to change appearance quickly.

Appearance: Roderic stands around 6 foot, an average size for his race. With dark blue eyes, and short black hair, kept generally in a slight mess at the top of his head as it keeps patted down due to the constant exposure to the elements. In keeping with his kind, he has also kept to being slim, limber, and a small form of refinement, which has always been useful in getting into fancier parties. With longer limbs, and a generally contemplative gaze, Roderic can't help but always seem like there is something at the edge of his tongue, but doesn't know what to say.

Overall, Roderic has kept his appearance generally clean and unremarkable, and as long as he has his say he plans to keep it that way.

Personality: Roderic is confident, blunt, and when it comes down to it not all that worried about the world around him. Attempting to treat him like a criminal has only increased his boldness in his work, and also has led to a certain stoicism to how he presents himself. Roderic isn't above leaving some behind in order to get things done, but by no means does it make him a terrible himself at least. He takes the answers that he has, and he runs with them.

Inventory: Roderic carries about a small assortment of Antidotes and potions, largely to go along with his travelling nature and the need to be prepared for what problems he could encounter along the way. Along with the survival gear, he also has on him a set of thieves tools for those things that prove just too difficult for a small pin and deft work with his hands.

Backstory: Roderic felt that his calling when he found himself catching things that fell, or better yet starting to heft things off of nearby passerbys. His skills seemed to only multiply from there, going from simply grabbing a few coins from a random walker, to collecting some gems for a girl, to sneaking into mansions to get an 'overdue payment'. As Roderic continued to develop his skills, he felt that he had begun to get too good in the city Lumalna...and attract some unwanted attention.

With his collection of knives made, Roderic made his way out of town and on his own. From there, it was a collection of hard knocks of learning to survive in an even rougher world than the city which would rob or kill you, as the wild wouldn't care about payments for later. After four years of scraping out an existence, Roderic earned his confident style as he found himself surviving where other bones showed their failure.

After his wildlife adventures, Roderic found himself in the city of Victus. While he couldn't claim to be a scientist, he could appreciate the interesting security that they had there. Even more so could he appreciate the amazing tools that he hoped to one day be able to afford...or acquire through other means. However, after two years of trying to acquire the interesting technology, he heard the interesting call from the kingdom of Alexia. With that, Roderic decided he could use a nice change in pace and that his years long attempts were not making the progress he wanted. He made his way towards the castle, but not entirely confident in simply taking the front door approach.

However, he would find his own way to see where this particular call to adventure led. Hopefully to a very nice payout, depending on the circumstances. Or even better yet, a piece of the crystal to keep with him, for such a thing would be incredibly rare...and possibly incredibly powerful.


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Aug 5, 2009
Name: Gerhard
Age: 37
Gender: Male

Race: Clavat

Class: Black Mage

Weapons and Armor: Gerhard carries an enchanted short sword with a dull grey appearance and a runed hilt. Stolen from his father during his escape from his homeland, it is distinctively different in style to the swords smithed in Halvor. Its runes occasionally flare up in the heat of battle to inflict the Blind status on those it strikes but Gerhard's magical experience is too limited for him to improve the old charms himself. He disregards armor entirely, preferring the traditional Black Mage garb of blue robes, brown boots and conical leather hat.

Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Silence.

Summon: Ifrit, Titan, Sylph

Appearance: Having inherited the robes during his on the job training as a Black Mage aboard merchant ships, his face is continually obscured by the magic generated passively by his own body. The robes are faded significantly and the hat is beaten badly as is typical for a mercenary Black Mage on the oceanic trade lanes. As Gerhard's station would always be on deck during the night hours, his clothes still smell of the violent sea storms he endured while standing on duty.

Personality: Bitter, sour and cynical; Gerhard had taken a lot of abuse while at sea when he was younger and it has caught up with him. While he isn't truly hostile to those meaning well, he can be hard to converse with and enjoys pointing out others mistakes. He is at unease when asked about his past and prefers to rather tackle the next problem than stand around and talk about it.

Inventory: 3 Echo Screen pills, 2 Antidote, 3 potions, 1 golden necklace with emerald pendant.

Backstory: Gerhard was born in the city of Durakia while his parents were on a magical pilgrimage. Making many friends, he fell completely in love with the city and the surrounding lands. When his father moved the family back across the sea to their ancestral homeland, he was heartbroken. After 3 rebellious years at home, Gerhard left his home country at the age of 15. Boarding a ship to Halvor after stealing his father's sword, he was certain he'd find adventure in the country he once knew as home. Things turned out differently than expected when he landed in Byron to find out he was adrift in a city far away from the rest of civilization. As he pondered his fate, he was press ganged one night into a ship's crew as a cabin boy. There he was discovered by the ship's resident Black Mage to be full of potential and, after taking the necessary oaths, began his apprenticeship.

After ten years of following his master Calamai from ship to ship, he earned his own robes and began to work alone as a mage on deck. During the many voyages and many ships, he met a White Mage by the name of Jaina with whom he grew attached. Together they served on a great ship named the Halygast, serving with its guards in the constant war against sea monsters and pirates. Eventually Gerhard saved enough gil to purchase a beautiful necklace for Jaina and surprised her with it. After some further voyages, he proposed. They were to marry when they next landed in Byron but a gigantic serpent struck the Halygast. The combined efforts of the crew and Gerhard vanquished the sea monstrosity but not before it had devoured a third of those aboard and his precious Jaina. When the ship limped into harbor Gerhard switched vessels and continued on alone. He began drowning his sorrows below deck during the day and standing atop at night.

Jaina's death brought out the worst of Gerhard and during his last years serving the merchantmen he was universally regarded as the most unpleasant mage to hire for a guard. In fact, when he turned 35 he was nearly blacklisted, staying in the city a full year before finding another job. He had ceased to seek out further magical learning and was simply living day by day, still carrying the necklace as his only sole reminder of happiness. When the King's men came to Byron, the townsfolk all suggested Gerhard in an effort to rid themselves of the morose and cynical drunkard. To their surprise, he accepted the request and, for the first time, set out beyond Byron and into the land of Halvor. While no longer the optimistic youth who had stowed aboard a ship decades earlier, the chance to have a real adventure was too good for him to pass up.

Other: His eating habits and sense of hygiene come from a life aboard ships of rough sailing men. He smells.


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Jan 3, 2014
Definitely interested in this and will hopefully have a sheet up in the next few days.

What kind of technology are we looking at here? I noticed that you've mentioned airships and trains, as well as the "clockwork city". How advanced are these?

Also... in terms of creatures, can we cite anything as long as it's from a Final Fantasy game?


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Jun 9, 2008
I'm just going to leave this here.

Name: Rowen Caruana

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Weapons and Armor: Rowen wields a pair of silver six-shot revolvers that he has become very accurate with. They are polished to a shimmering shine and he looks after them with great care. There is a small sight on the end of the barrel that doesn't see much use anymore, and a pair of oaken wooden panels on the handle stained a mahogany brown. Rowen is never seen without his guns. In case he runs out of bullets however, he does keep a small dagger strapped on the inside of his right holster. It isn't much but it's still sharp.

Magic: Rowen can make it appear as though one of his thumbs can detach from his hand.

Appearance: Rowen stands around 5'11", weighing 170lbs with not much of it constituting muscle. He has short black hair, cropped so that it doesn't stick out on the sides but it does spike at the top. Not that it's shown much. His eyes are green, and they are sharp, part of what allows him to maintain such focus when lining up his shots. An attempt to grow out his facial hair has only yielded a small patch of black on his chin, not even wide enough for a goatee. He doesn't cut an imposing figure without his clothes on, as the lack of muscle has made him somewhat lanky, and despite all his time outside in the trees, he is still somewhat on the pale side. He has a tattoo on each of his hands of an black arrow, a tradition of his teacher's that he claims focuses the mind on the body and puts everything in harmony.

His usual outfit consists of a large green jacket with a high collar on top reaching up to cover his neck. The jacket is usually open revealing a black shirt criss-crossed with thin brown stripes, and has multiple pockets for his ammo and belongings. His pants are brown, with long black stripes on the side to emulate shadow, and more pockets. His shoes are deep brown, made of leather and well worn from his time training and travelling. The pride and joy of his outfit is his wide brimmed deep brown hat that he is almost never seen without. There is a red silken band wrapped around the top part, and there is a small semi-circle shot out of the front part where a bullet nicked it. It's the only time he was shot and he doesn't fix it to remind him to always be on his guard.

Personality: Rowen is very cocky. He is incredible sure of his own talents, almost to a fault. As such, he feels he gets the right to critique everyone on everything, from battle tactics to attire. He doesn't do it politely either, usually trying to make some sort of snide remark while he's pointing out the perceived flaw. His social skills are nowhere near as honed as his sniping skills and it shows.

Inventory: Rounds of ammunition, a pouchful of gil, two potions, two vials of eye drops and one antidote.

Backstory: Rowen was born in Lumalna, the son of a casino-owning family in the heart of the town. He was the youngest child, and for the Caruana family, if you were going to be involved in the family business, you had to have a skillset that could be of use. So while his older brother was designated the day-to-day successor and his older sister was designated the one in charge of the staff, it was decided at birth that Rowen would be trained to handle security.

However as he grew and hit puberty it became clear that he was not exactly going to develop into the intimidating type. His body type was more configured for money counting then money collecting. A bit distraught about how they could maintain his chosen path. The solution they found was to send him off to Arnetis to learn how to shoot. If he wasn't going to have the biggest muscles, they were going to make sure he had the best guns and the skills to use them.

Upon arrival, Rowen showed an immediate affinity for the revolvers he was assigned. He proved to be a quick study and his aim was exceptional even at a young age. As he progressed in the academy, he got to move up to higher calibre guns and other variances but the revolvers were always his favorite. He became well versed in camouflage, and became very conifdent in his abilities. A little too confident for his parents' liking.

Eventually, his parents decided that Rowen had learned enough and sent one of their top consiglieres to retrieve him from Arnetis. Rowen listened to what he had to say, as well as his master, Simo. They both made good arguments, so he did what he always did. He flipped a coin. It came up tails and that meant staying at the academy. The consigliere was not pleased, but he went back to inform the Caruanas of their son's choice.

Shortly after the flip, a representative of the king sent word that skilled fighters were needed for a travelling party. Simo volunteered Rowen as his sharpest shooter, and the young man was whisked off to Alexia. For Rowen, this has only confirmed in his mind the status of best shooter in the land right now, and he is eager to prove it to the rulers in charge.

Other: In a nod to his hometown, he will often make decisions by flipping a coin, choosing to rely on luck to decide fate. It's worked so far.


Oct 20, 2009
Lotus_Gait said:
Definitely interested in this and will hopefully have a sheet up in the next few days.

What kind of technology are we looking at here? I noticed that you've mentioned airships and trains, as well as the "clockwork city". How advanced are these?

Also... in terms of creatures, can we cite anything as long as it's from a Final Fantasy game?
There's nothing that's modern there. I would say, if you're looking for a reference from any of the FF games, it's about as advanced as Final Fantasy VI. There are guns, for example, but nothing automated. Or automatic, whichever word is correct.

And yes, you can. This is a Final Fantasy RP, Final Fantasy monsters are to be expected.

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Jul 1, 2010
Name: Dagon Seth
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Race: Yuke.
Class: Monk

Weapons: Dagon fights barehanded, as all monks do. However, he does not use martial arts. Instead, he uses a fighting style that consists of suplexing, powerbombing, choke-slamming, piledriving, drop-kicking, and moonsaulting to batter his foes into submission. He will occasionally use a grappling technique if he is aiming for non-lethal results. The only he bears resemblance to regular monks would be when he strikes with an open palm.

Magic: Dagon fiercely denies any claims that his performance is enhanced by magic.

Appearance: Like all Yukes, Dagon's head is concealed by a helmet. It is rounder than most Yuke helmets, with his horns sticking out of the sides. He has recolored it, making the whole mask dark blue, but with a white skull in the center, with the slits at the mouth forming the teeth and the three holes working as eyes. He also has two simple skulls painted on the right and left side, to try and seem like there are three faces. He refers to this as a mask and not a helmet.

Unlike most Yukes, he wears as little armor as possible, only having pads on his knees and elbows, pauldrons on his shoulders and an armored skirt (he insists you call it a tasset). He wears a dark blue tunic long enough to get near his knees. The small batwings near his shoulder armor show that he is a male.

Inventory: Dagon has a small sack of coins he keeps in his pocket and a canteen.

Personality: When he is alone, Dagon walks, eats and sleeps in meditation. He is deeply religious despite his odd methods of worship. However, all of this changes when other people are around. Dagon is boisterous, direct, and flamboyant. He will often strike poses and speak his praises to the crystals. He enjoys a hearty meal and lively celebration, and will often take the time to speak of past glories, though he mostly ends up prattling on to himself after a few moments.

Dagon considers himself (and often refers to himself as) "divine fury made flesh". He will not tolerate the presence of monsters or "fiendish ones" (evil people), but he can be pacified to see reason by a figure of authority. He seeks to show the glory of the gods, and the quest will how he does so.

Backstory: The Yuke who would become Dagon Seth had a rather unspectacular time growing up. He trained his mind to study magic, but right before his 13th birthday he had an epiphany. Inspired by the great forces beyond his comprehension, he left his home, abandoned his name and dedicate his life to training his body in service of the gods.

20 years would pass before he was seen again. The first time he would appear to the world as Dagon Seth was near the cathedral of Ersyr. It was a particularly bad night. The moon was full, the undead were numerous and supplies were low. Suddenly, the priests heard a call from the distance. They weren't able to hear it over the moaning zombies, but they saw the source: a Yuke who was now striking down the undead one after the other. He would fight until the sun began to rise, making his way to the cathedral, where the priests let him inside and let him rest. The next morning, Dagon introduced himself (waking the entire cathedral in the process), and told them he was there to do the work of the gods.

However, said work called him to other villages as well. He swore he would return to cull the zombie menace when needed. The next couple years passed, and Dagon would stay in the same area, helping local villagers with bandit and monster problems, returning to Ersyr on every full moon. He lives off of charity from those he helps, with his bombastic behavior and dramatic posing and speech patterns leaving quite the impression. He now comes to Alexia after hearing about a quest of great importance from the King. Dagon is determined to give any adventurers the power of the gods to help them.

Other: While playing this character, I would make liberal use of ALL CAPS. If this would bother you, let me know.


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Dec 30, 2010
Name: Lilianna Serafine
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Race: Gria
Class: Knight

Weapons and Armor: Lilianna's weapon of choice is a Flanged Mace. She had to save up a lot to get the one she has now, but it was so worth it. The mace is made of steel, with bright white veins running up and down the length of the weapon. It's telescopic, ranging from the normal 3 feet to 5 feet, making it usable even mid flight. The handle is wrapped with black leather for grip. The mace is imbued with holy magic, giving it added damage against the undead and doers of evil.

Since she can use the mace one handed at its shortest, Lilianna also carries a medium sized shield for defense. It's best described as a crusader shield, with a flat top and ending in a point at the bottom. Instead of a stereotypical cross or something, Lilianna's shield is emblazoned with marigolds. While her mace is still earning its wear, the shield is old, with several dings and hammered out dents. It was handed down by her mother, her mother's mother, and her grandmother's mother. On the inside, "Be brave. Be strong." is engraved.

Lilianna has custom armor for her wings, which function as extra armor during battle. The rest of her armor is relatively lightweight compared to her wings, so she depends on them for extra upper coverage. The only other special piece is her arched barbute helm, which is made in two pieces to allow her to put them on without worrying about her horns.

Lilianna also carries a schiavona as her "at work" weapon.

Magic: Cure

Appearance: Lilianna is short and slight, limited by her Gria physiology. She's 5'2", weighing some 120 lbs without her armor. She has long, voluminous red hair, more of a dark rose color as opposed to flames. Her eyes are gold, with reptilian pupils. Her horns are a foot long, gracefully curved, painfully sharp, and a pale shade of gray. Her muscular wings are larger than average due to having to fly with her equipment on, with a tip to tip span of 6 feet. Her arms and legs boast several scratches and scars from enemy weapons, and her shoulder one from a friend.

Personality: Lilianna didn't get to where she is being soft. Fiery, competitive, brave, Lilianna isn't afraid to butt heads. She's a punch first, ask questions later kinda gal. She can't stand coming in second place, or losing to anybody in anything worthwhile.

Lilianna's pledged her mace and her life to the crown of Halvor, as any other member of the Halvorian military would. That said, she doesn't unjustly idolize the royal family. She recognizes that they can make mistakes and that they're just human, but she does respect them, and will never endanger them in any way.

Inventory: A Phoenix Down and two potions.

All Lilianna remembers from her youth is steeped in story and picture. Before she could walk or fly, she was entrusted to the Highwinds, a Naval family on Byron. A favor to her mother, they said, a close friend. All she had was a small picture of her. Eithne, they said her name was. Lilianna's spitting image.

She was raised as she was, the daughter of a friend, alongside the Highwind's own daughter: Mira. Proud Mira and headstrong Lilianna fought almost all the time when they were together. When Mira joined the military, Lilianna was hot on her heels a few years later, eager to show up her adoptive sister.

While Mira took to the air, Lilianna didn't see the reason to get on an airship when she already had wings. She pledged her life to the crown in Arnetis, the city of swords. At first, of course, it was hard. She was small, even at 16, having to train with robust men and women twice her weight. It was always a big free for all, but Lilianna earned her stripes with blood and sweat.

By the time she turned 25, Seargent Serafine was given her own squad. It wasn't much, but she'd be damned if she wasn't going to have the best squad in Halvor.

They got to test their mettle when a horde of Behemoth attacked Arnetis in broad daylight. While the citizens were fighters and warriors, they were unorganized and rattled in the face of the gigantic monsters. Lilianna eagerly stepped forward to challenge the beasts, her men behind her, and inspired the panicked citizens to reorganize and push the monsters back. Their battle raged all day, their numbers replenished by a couple squads that had been in the area. In the end, all the monsters were killed in showers of blood and gore. Lilianna made it through with no casualties in her squad. Most of them had to get their armor cut off due to tall the blows they sustained, but it was better than leaving in a body bag. They were all laughing about it at the bar by the end of the night.

They were all given promotions, and the "Little Dragon of Arnetis" was granted a position in the Royal Guard.

For a time, it was peaceful, but Lilianna had to drill and exercise all damn day. It was like going through boot camp again, but this time it was like you got your own personal drill seargent who throught you weren't shit, and was determined to prove it. Not only that, you were required to be composed and proper. The royal guard were elite not only in combat, but in behavior. Ladies and Gentlemen that could kill you with anything in the room.

She proved her worth a few months afterwards. Lieutenant Colonel Hyginos Bion, a highly decorated army leader, organized an uprising against the crown. It wouldn't have been an issue if it hadn't of come out of nowhere, right in the royal city. He knew how to get into the castle, and all the ins and outs of the The Guard engaged the rebels right outside of the throne room, while the Royal Family retreated underground with half of their guards with them. The bad thing about in house rebellions? You always ran into someone you knew. For the Crown At the end of the day, Lilianna was standing in the blood of friends and enemies in equal measure. But the Royal Guard did not flinch. And she would not flinch. She had other men and women depending on her now. Men and women with families and friends of their own.

Captain Serafine spent her next few weeks immersed in work. Inspections of the city's defense, the guard, and as much paperwork as she could get her hands on. In the end, it was just too peaceful. On the days she wasn't on castle rotation, she spent her time at the bar. A few drinks, and a lot of brawls. It was easy for a small gria to get lost in the crowd, and she was careful to cover her tracks.

For once, having access to the dungeons and scum that rot in them paid off, and one starry night, Lilianna found herself in full armor, facing a 7 foot tall Roegadyn with a battleax. Somewhere between a backhand and the floor, she was handed a weapon that changed her whole strategy. A battered old mace. Unbalanced, heavy, and deadly. She loved it. From that night on, the Little Dragon was a regular in the ring. It was a nice supplement to her 9-5, she got to work on her strategies, and she got to bash some heads in.

It was a delicate balance: by day, Lieutenant Colonel Serafine was of the king's guard, the purple and white elite of the city. By night, she was a nameless, faceless, fighter, betting her life for gil.

Other: Lilianna still writes her sister, but between Mira's traveling and the speed of Chocobo mail, they don't exchange letters often.


Oct 20, 2009
[HEADING=2]Attention, everyone.[/HEADING]​

I will be keeping submissions open until Sunday, 2nd of March, around 4 - 5 pm my time. (For reference, it's almost 3:30 pm right now for me.)

I hope to see more submissions before then.


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Mar 15, 2012
Hello hello. Wandered in when Redlin gave me the heads up. Gotta get my snooze on right now but methinks I'll put up a sheet for a white mage after work tomorrow.

EDIT: There we go!
Name: Vaila Califax

Age: Min: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Burmecian

Class: White Mage

Weapons and Armor: Being a white mage, Vaila carries a staff. It's a simple, though well made instrument of polished brass about 4 feet long. It's topped with a navy blue sphere and has a red ribbon tied around it just below the sphere, but otherwise is largely unremarkable. Her attire is a green hooded robe bearing some simple gold spirally patterns, paired with a shawl bearing the traditional white and red design associated with white mages.

Magic: Cure, Raise, Protect, Shell, Esuna

Appearance: Staff, Robe and Shawl aside, Vaila is lightly built, as is typical of burmecians. Her ears protrude through a pair of holes cut in the hood when it's over her head and the tail also is afforded freedom of movement due to a small opening cut into the rear of the robe. Vaila has long tan hair, although it is kept in a neat bun out of the way. She has yellow eyes and a small golden earring in each ear. A smart looking black leather satchel is worn over her shoulder to carry a few personal items in.

Personality: Generally quite pleasant and polite unless you manage to try her patience past its limits. Has a general distaste for messiness and will do her best to keep herself and her possessions clean. She's definately much more at home in the city than the great outdoors. Holds knowledge and the right way of doing things in high esteem. She's not the sort to suggest using unethical means of achieving things.

Inventory: Her satchel usually contains one or two books she happens to be reading at the moment as well as a canteen of water and usually a bag of mixed nuts for snacking. Two potions and two echo screens are also kept inside the satchel. She carries her gil pouch inside her robe, having had an earlier satchel stolen with her money inside it before. There's also a small pendant with a spiral emblem that she wears around her neck, but it's usually tucked down the front of her robe and not on display.

Backstory: Born in Klovar, Vaila inherited her affinity for white magic from her mother, a local priestess. Her father meanwhile was one of the curators of the Royal Museum. Between the two of them, the young Vaila was encouraged from an early age to take an interest in learning.

As she grew older, her curiosity was far from sated and with the enthusiastic support of her parents, young Miss Califax enrolled in the magic academy of Durakia, spending the next few years becoming well versed in the art of white magic.

While in Durakia, Vaila spent much of her free time reading as many things as she could get her hands on from the city's vast libraries. Beyond her studies and general enjoyment of knowledge, the habit of reading as much as she could also resulted in both infrequent bouts of insomnia and a guilty pleasure for trashy romance novels. The latter something she has been careful to keep under wraps, on more than one occasion blaming her obvious tiredness on insomnia when she was simply up late reading one of them.

Following her graduation from the academy, the newly minted white mage relocated to Byron, plying her trade tending to those passing through the port while also having an unrivalled opportunity to see the various comings and goings of the port city. So many new things to see and hear about, right there on the frontier.

But now there was something bigger afoot and Miss Califaz was making her way to Alexia with all due haste. This promised to be a very important endevour.


Oct 20, 2009
[HEADING=2]Submissions are now closed.[/HEADING]​

And considering that we have nine sheets when I wanted eight, everyone gets in. All the sheets look good and acceptable. I just need everyone's Skype username to add to a group there that me and Corsair have made. You can just send them to me in a PM. Expect an opening post somewhat soon.


Oct 20, 2009
The crystals were getting weaker with every day. King Theodoric was expecting the warriors to arrive soon. He was tired out of worry, as was most anyone else in the castle of Alexia. He paced back and forth, his wife simply watching him, unable to do much if anything to diminish his worries. At least once the warriors would come, their worries would all be lessened. The guards had all been put out on patrol around the city and along the borders of it to be ready for any possible attacks by the monsters. It was almost as if they could sense the weakness in the magic field that kept them out of the cities and towns, as many of them stalked the cities, waiting for the opportunity they would get.

Time felt like it was going slower than usual, but seemed like the crystals were getting weaker faster. It was probably the endless worrying, Theodoric thought, but he couldn't shake the feeling that the crystals were close to the end of their time. He had every magician in the castle working on trying to maintain the crystals for as long as they could, looking for a way to protect them even further if they could. So far, they hadn't been able to come up with any solutions, but they would not stop until there was nothing left for them to do. Any moment now... King Theodoric thought as he kept pacing back and forth.

He wouldn't have to wait for long as the front door opened and a group of people entered the grand hall. Theodoric's heart felt like a weight had been lifted off of it as he made his way to his throne, ready to address these warriors and tell them of what he wished for them to do.
A young Red Mage was amongst that group of people, admiring the castle in all its glory. Alexia had looked absolutely amazing on the outside, and the castle looked even better. Yuria didn't allow herself to blink often in case she missed something, causing her to actually blink more often than she normally needed to. While she was curious about this or that, she was there for a reason and couldn't let her curiosity take over. When she entered the grand hall with everyone else, she was treated to a magnificent sight.

A red carpet leading from the throne of the king and queen out to the middle of the floor, covering most of it with what appeared to be marble tiles along the sides of the carpet. The walls all around were white and black in color with the ceiling in the same colors and a silver chandelier hanging from it. There were great many windows there, glass paned with many beautiful artworks by various artists. Along the walls were many suits of armor, each with various designs as to show the many kings who had come before king Theodoric. Behind the throne was a mural with all four crystals on it, each going in a row with an element surrounding them and each element blending in with the one next to it. The far left crystal was bright red with streams of fire all around it, the second to left crystal was bright blue with water orbs all around it, the second to right crystal was bright green with gusts of wind and leaves surrounding it, and the far right crystal was light brown with floating rocks surrounding it. Each crystal was different in shape as well. The fire crystal had three protruding and swaying spikes on the top of it to show a flame, the water crystal was in the shape of a water drop, the wind crystal looked like a small tornado and the earth crystal looked like a rock.

Yuria looked up towards the throne where the king and queen sat. While the two of them were getting tired from worry, they still tried to maintain the same confident look they always kept up for their subjects to show them that there was indeed hope, and that their rulers were just and fair towards everyone, not abusing their power for cruelty. King Theodoric had straight brown hair that reached down a little past his shoulders, with his beard in the same color, reaching a bit further down than his hair. His eyes were bright blue and he wore an outfit fit for a king. All of his clothes were red, even the royal cape he wore even though the fluff under it was white. He wore an ornate tunic decorated with many jewels in various colors, ranging from cerulean to crimson to jade to purple and to other various colors, pants made of the finest cloth and boots reaching half way to his knees. The queen wore a beautiful dress made from the finest silk there was, light yellow and orange in color, also decorated in various jewels but not in as many ranging colors as those of her husband's tunic. They varied from white to red to orange to yellow, and some variations of each of those four colors. Her hair was blonde and reached down towards her midriff and lower back, and her eyes the same blue color the king had, but hers were more soothing than bright.
While these were many warriors, Theodoric expected there to be more. "From where do you all come?" he addressed them all in his deep and powerful voice. He was quickly given an answer from a select few in the group that they were from Byron, Victus, Lumalna and Durakia. "Then while we wait for the rest to come, I want you all to feel comfortable. Be at home. Ask my servants of anything you may need or want while we wait." He didn't want to have to wait, but it was inevitable that some would come sooner than others.

However, it wasn't long before the rest of the warriors arrived to the grand hall, seeing that others had been quicker than they to arrive. The king gave a preemptive smile before asking the ones that had now arrived into the grand hall. "I assume that you all are the arrivals from the other four cities, Marlon, Arnetis, Klovar and Ersyr?" When the responses from the warriors were positive, the king stood up from his throne. "Then I want to welcome each and every one of you here. As you may all know, you have all been summoned here for a great task. I cannot ask my guards to do this, since I need them here in my city, the city that I've been tasked to protect along with all the other cities around Halvor. What I ask of you is dangerous and I don't know the full extent of the danger myself. You have the option to leave if you so wish. But Halvor needs you. I need you. The people in every city, your families waiting for you at home. Are there any who desire to go back home before this task is over?"

No one walked out. No one showed a sign that they would leave right now. Theodoric was very pleased with everyone who had arrived. "I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart and for the hand of everyone in Halvor." Before continuing, he stepped down closer to the warriors, stopping in the middle of the stairs leading from his throne down to the floor. "Your task is to head over to the mountains northeast from here where we are certain there is a group of people who have a plan to take the crystals away. While that might not sound too bad, note that you'll be traveling along dangerous grounds and heights littered with monsters who have no desire other than to hunt and kill to survive and show their superiority. Your method of transportation is an airship that I will provide for you, and a crew for the airship which will help you with traveling there, lead by captain Mira Highwind. I'm sure that you may have some questions for me, so if there are any, then I will answer them to my best ability. But I ask that it will not take too long, for I would like you all to leave as soon as possible to deal with this threat." Theodoric took a good look over the group as he waited for any possible questions.


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Aug 5, 2009
Gerhard took the time during the trip to look at his company. The few who had heeded the call to action seemed for the most part to be sons of farmers clad in secondhand leather armor. There were a few mercenaries who looked moderately confident in their abilities and who had rallied when monsters attacked them in earnest. Of most interest to Gerhard was the fact that the White Mage Vaila had joined. He had always dismissed her as a stuffy, intellectual type who looked down at him and the other drunks of Byron when they stumbled past where she plied her trade. It was a genuine surprise that she would sign up for adventure.

"Wonder how long she'll last in action." scoffed Gerhard to himself as they made their way into Alexia.

The beauty of the capital itself managed to stir the heart of even the bitterest of Black Mages and Gerhard couldn't help himself from gazing at the elegant architecture that characterized this most important of Halvor Holds. When they were marched up to the palace gates, Gerhard noted that among the guards there was many a Black Mage hat dotted among the battlements. Not for the first time since he agreed to join the cause did he begin to feel anxious about his own abilities. Shoving it aside, he loudly bellowed while they were waiting.

"Isn't the King in a hurry? We're here now." he spoke loudly.

A few glares from the guards did not perturb him and Vaila's particular look of disgust made him chuckle. They were led directly to the throne room through the corridors of the palace and at last Gerhard got to see the face of the man he owed his allegiance to. The King and his chamber were as ornate as Gerhard had dreamed about when he was a lad but he couldn't help but notice the distinct look of great stress that played among Theodoric's face when he thought nobody was looking. Still, he put on the effort to give them a grand welcome and he did not seem to judge those from the lower classes like some of the guards had. Overall Gerhard was impressed. This was not an aristocrat who was out of touch with reality.

"Are there any who desire to go back home before this task is over?" asked the King at the end of his welcome speech.

And go back to be the laughing stock of Byron? I'd rather become the royal caretaker than endure that.

Gerhard, like all those who had accompanied him, stood firm. He understood the danger and in fact welcomed it. It would be preferable to die in the service of Alexia than to finally make a slip and be devoured by monsters in the service of the men who had stolen his youth from him. He stood quiet, waiting for instructions. He had never been on an airship but he assumed there would be alcohol to be found aboard it.


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Mar 27, 2011
At the King's mention of her Mira stepped forward, her face a stern and steely mask, her Dragon helm tucked under her arm. A familiar face, she could be seen in a dozen offices throughout the Empire, a painting of her staring down from the deck of an airship, demanding to know if you had what it took to join the Airship Corps.

Mercifully they had stopped having her publicly speak.

Now she was here, against her protests. The Alexander and her crew could handle this mission without the need for a pack of dilettantes and gloryhounds, but she had been countermanded. And she could grudgingly admit that some of these could and perhaps would be useful on this assignment, but to a man they lacked discipline and respect for command. That would be quite frustrating, as would having to use an understrength crew to save billeting space.

It was a day perfectly concocted to annoy her.

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Sep 16, 2010
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Nr. i

In the darkness the Black Mage waited. He felt no sense of location or passage of time. Time flowed like a river around and through him as his eyes settled on the old door, vacantly wondering what needed to be shot at next. The stench of decaying flesh and bone registered in his nostrils since being summoned here by the Arcanists. They wanted him to wait here for something, forbidding him to leave, and they had the look of excitement and haste on their faces. They would poke and prod him and then leave, but each time they brought more bodies black and lifeless of mana. Then the Arcanists stopped coming to the holding chamber altogether. Things clacked and clattered in the room beyond over time as if something was happening. Another order echoed in the Black Mage's head as they happened: "Fry anyone who comes in here who's not us." As quickly as the noises happened they stopped. And silence took hold of the chamber again.

Then the Arcanists came to him again. They festooned on him the clothes he wore when he was sent beyond the chamber, taking great care to fasten the mask upon his face. Murmurs and whispers echoed as they urged him outside. Only one of the gathering was speaking things to him, and showing images for the Black Mage to remember. The route was new to him; most of the jobs were in Byron and Ersyr, and the towering buildings were not familiar at all. Halfway through the escort the Arcanists left him for parts unknown. The directions to the main building still lingered in his memory, though the purpose was kept vague. "Report to this man and do whatever he says." was all they said to him. "For all purposes, you are Engbyr again, taking this job and doing whatever it takes."

Time passed again and the Black Mage arrived. He saw the man in the image addressing a crowd of people. Each of them looked like they were contracted for the same thing. He replied as the others have; a neutral response of, "Victus."

Then the congregation gathered they scattered, though he stood where he was eyes focused on the man in the image. And a quickly as they left, they came together again focused on the man as he was. Then came the task:

"Your task is to head over to the mountains northeast from here where we are certain there is a group of people who have a plan to take the crystals away.... Your method of transportation is an airship that I will provide for you, and a crew for the airship which will help you with traveling there, lead by captain Mira Highwind. I'm sure that you may have some questions for me, so if there are any, then I will answer them to my best ability. But I ask that it will not take too long, for I would like you all to leave as soon as possible to deal with this threat."

"Where is the airship?" 'The Fat Bird' asked, eyes staring through his mask. Gradually protocol began to set in.


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Dec 30, 2010
"Captain please!"
"The order was all hands on deck, Lieutenant Serafine, and we're already spread thin. All the cities need constant 24-hour protection-"
"I don't care! I put in my request a month ago, and you're telling me that I can't go?!?"

The Captain of the Guard, Acteon, glowered over Lilianna. He was a decade older, streaks of gray starting in his dark hair. Normally, they would never be having a conversation at this volume, but this was important.

"Look I-" Anna took a deep breath, wiping away the stray hair from her forehead. "I've already arranged for Major Isa to take my place, you won't even notice I'm gone! I'm going to be more help out there knocking monsters around than staying on a wall watching them prowl around outside! The crystals are dying, and the king called for warriors from all the cities. Outside are a group of mercenaries, militia, i saw a man walk in with a pitchfork! Who better-" She moved to look him in the eye. "Who better to join the ranks, Captain? You've trained me yourself, you know what I can do! I'm a trained soldier, a warrior, and a servant to the crown."

They stared at each other for a long time. But he was considering her position, which was all that mattered. She could glare all day. Finally the Captain sighed, massaging his temples, and Anna knew she had him. "Give my regards to the Captain." "Yes, sir." "Dismissed."

Lilianna bowed and exited, making sure the door was closed before doing a fist pump in victory. That was all the celebration she could afford right now, though, since by the look of things, they had already started. Right, Left, Left, Right, Straight... Lilianna knew the castle like the back of her hand by now, coming out into the throne room through a side door. Between the servants, guards, and "warriors", she was able to slip in unnoticed. Quick scan of the crowd, and of course, Captain Highwind was on the other side, looking like she had a particularly big stick up her rear this morning. Now that she thought about it, Mira was going to be in charge of all these people. I bet she's gonna regret having an Airship now She decided it would be better to stay where she was for now. At the end of the day, all roads would lead to the Alexander.