(Rant) Role-Playing Games That Need to be Made


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Jun 21, 2013
Smolderin said:
Can I please have a good Pirate RPG? You know....that isn't SIMS Pirates? And that movie tie in game for the Xbox don't count either. I want a good modern Pirate RPG where you start out with nothing, recruit crew, take on missions, search for treasure, raid and plunder towns, get drunk off of rum, partake in ship battles, have epic sword fights, and manage all of your supplies and equipment.....Why hasn't any of this happened yet (and Risen 2 was crap btw)? It needs to happen...CD Projeckt RED...make it happen.
Assassin's creed blag flag? Might also want to look at caribbean. It's a lot like mount and blade only your a pirate. Though there doesn't seem to be a really good mix of these two games. Black flag is lacking in the RP aspect, but caribbean doesn't have a a lot of closeness you play most of the game 100 miles above your character


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May 20, 2010
RomanceIsDead said:
Dragonball Z MMORPG. Pick android, saiyan, human, namekian, alien, or whatever majin Buu is. FLy around, gain power level, and learn transformations. Create custom finishing moves, etc. Man that would be sick.
This actually did exist in the form of Dragonball Online, you could be saiyan namekian or even a majin(both male and female which I found interesting) it's story was written by Akira Toriyama and was supposed to be the canonical replacement to GT.

I say did because I don't think it ever got out of beta and it certainly never made it to getting translated into English from it's Korean origins and brought to the world.