Rape vs Violence: A Double Standard

Moonlight Butterfly

Be the Leaf
Mar 16, 2011
Gorrath said:
Moonlight Butterfly said:
Gorrath said:
Rape is a criminal act the last time I checked. To paraphrase you literally millions of people have been raped and don't need to see it fetishised in video games.

Rape is as wrong as child pornography. 'pixelised' or otherwise.
I don't understand what the criminality of actual rape has to do with a fictionalized portrayal of it though. We may as well make the argument that real murder is illegal and millions of real people have been murdered so we shouldn't have video games or any other media that have murder.

If real people who have been victimized don't want to see that kind of thing in games, they can simply not buy the games. I fail to see how a fictional portray of anything can possibly be as bad as actual abuse, but then it seems that you are comparing actual rape to child porn (a valid comparison) and then substituting fictionalized rape for actual rape.

It does not seem like it should be any more difficult for people who don't enjoy certain material to aviod it than it is for me to avoid material that I don't like. I don't see why fictionalized content of any subject should simply cease to exist simply because I don't care for it. I don't particularly like movies that attempt to show wartime battles in a realistic light because of some experiences I've had in my life. I also can't watch movies which have a heavy focus on torture for the same reason. I would never say that such things shouldn't exist for the entertainment of otehrs who do enjoy that kind of thing though.

When we make ourselves the moral arbiters of fiction, we open the doors to censorship, which is toxic to a free and open society.
Restricting child porn is censorship too. But you apparently don't have a problem with that.

If games depicted rape as something abhorrent that's fine by me. But they shouldn't allow games like rapelay.