Reaper Miniatures Is Crushing Kickstarter Goals With Bones 3 - Update 2


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Feb 17, 2011
Reaper Miniatures Is Crushing Kickstarter Goals With Bones 3 - Update 2

Reaper Miniatures has unveiled yet another hugely successful Bones Kickstarter - one that surpassed its goal in two minutes.

<a href=>Reaper Miniatures, a tabletop company <a href=>that pulls in millions with each Kickstarter campaign, is adding a third set to its insanely popular Bones line. If you're not familiar, Bones are high-quality plastic miniatures that Reaper heavily discounts during the crowdfunding phase, usually giving backers a huge collection for the base pledge. Now Bones 3 will bring even more fantasy figures to your tabletop - including unique items that fans have requested from the very beginning.


Here's how it works: When you pledge $100 or more to Bones 3, it unlocks a Core Set of 50+ fantasy minis, including a warrior, wizard, rogue, monk, all kinds of lizardfolk enemies, and even a dog companion. Every time a stretch goal is hit, Bones 3 will automatically add unlocked minis to your Core Set. To provide context, when Reaper ran Bones 2 that $100 pledge ended up giving backers over 150 models. And that's not getting into larger boss figures that you can tack on by adding more to your pledge.


<a href=>Bones 3 just started today, and has already pulled in over $325,000 - enough to unlock a set of Orcs and the $15 Marthrangul dragon. But with 18 days to go, you should absolutely expect much more to follow, including a unique mini from designer Julie Guthrie. We'll check back in before July 25, 2015 to see how the campaign is developing, but it should be a treasure trove for tabletop gamers everywhere.

Update: What did I tell you? Not ten minutes after posting, Reaper Minis unveiled several additional stretch goals and optional addons. The Core Set now includes extra Heroes, pulpy Savage Worlds characters, and "Chill out" monsters. Meanwhile, the Diabolus dragon, Frost Giant Warriors, and Blackstar Corsair troopers can be included with your pledge. There's also a mini Torture Set, paints, and my personal favorite: adorable Mousling heroes that would fit right in with your D&D classes.


Update 2: With a full day under the Bones 3 Kickstarter's belt, the campaign shows no sign of slowing down. Not only is it inching up to the $800,000 mark, Reaper Mini has revealed even more addon figures to sweeten the pot. Alongside new sets of Goblins, Lycanthropes, and Crusaders, you can pick up "Invisible Heroes" made of transparent plastic. There's even a third dragon - Viridius - which if the scale image is anything to go on should have an impressive size in your games.

Meanwhile, there are still strech goals on the way - the current ones being a Mystic Circle setting mini and a band of Ogres.


Disclaimer:This writer is a backer of the Bones 3 Kickstarter campaign.

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Sep 23, 2010
Wow, $100 for those? They aren't even painted! What good would that do me, I can't paint for crap?

Ftaghn To You Too

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Nov 25, 2009
God damn it, and I haven't even painted the last set completely. Time to starve myself again and get another damn batch of these damn miniatures. I could stop but... Nah.


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Aug 30, 2010
WOOOO! Finally a bones where I have money to pledge to it! And I'll get the minis just in time for my 21st birthday!

For the record, I'm 19. God I hope my tastes don't change drastically in the next few months.


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Feb 9, 2010
My wife and I started at $175, anticipating some interesting add-ons, but at the minimum we're probably already expecting to get two of the larger dragons and the frost giants. Looking good so far, but I'd like to see some more things:

*Illithid variants
*Drow variants
*Male and Female non-melee hero variants (need a good male bard guys, come on)
*new undead (last kickstarter was skeletons and ghouls, we need some vampires, ghosts, etc)
*STANDARD LYCANTHROPES (more werewolf, less werebat)
*Reapers version of "Githyanki" and possibly "dabus" (the settings coming back, you know it is)
*Townsfolk who aren't all old fat people (or strumpets).

Still working on painting the last set, but there's a long way to go till this one ships.

Oh, and if you're worried about painting skills, I used to hate the idea of painting my own miniatures. Now I realize, that that's part of the fun. And you don't have to be a skilled artist.