Recommend Anime by posting AMVs that made you watch an Anime


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Apr 20, 2009
Well I cannot deny it has been a long time since my last post here on the Escapist. Some of you might recognise my username; as author of "The Escapist Community and Forums Codex & Index & Guides", interacting with me from back when I was a moderator, or mentioned by other Escapist admin community figures in attributing me for some passing assistance, in some thread, or project of theirs (When totally they deserve all the credit! Like [user]Caramel Frappe[/user]'s "User Groups Help Thread & Index").

Post AMVs that inspired you to watch an anime, along with the name of the Anime(s) in question, to help ME! Why else would I come here for answers?! This is all for my gain! So only I have new anime to watch! No one could possibly use this thread to also discover anime they want to watch, or see AMVs they think are cool! others discover the anime you love.

Being a massive Anime fan I come here to YOU! YES YOU! For guidance! Not life changing quidance-... wait, not gonna paint a target on myself by saying something like that. I have no idea how this or anything seen on this thread could change your life...Nor do I want to be culpable...
Reasons I made this thread:
Personally I find that unless I am looking through MyAnimeList, CR's News Feed Summaries on new/current Anime, or been recommended something by a friend; that my main source for discovering or choosing to watch an anime is from AMVs.
So to keep things sort, post AMVs; which were good enough to make you watch an anime, or that you think are good enough to sell us on watching an anime, or animes. Add a little theme information to help, or also leave a comment of your own to assist in recommending something.

To start:

Or if you think this is an attempt at self advertisement, and thus do not want to follow the link, you can also access the video by going to YouTube, and searching for 'Bestamvsofalltime Double Vision'.
Anime: "The World Only God Knows"

Main Themes: Comedy & Romance