Recommend me a PC game.


New member
Aug 21, 2009
So I have finally have a decent computer for gaming purposes (after my last one broke) and was looking for recomendations for games.

Right now I have Minecraft and Starcraft 2. I plan on getting Starcraft 1 and Portal 2 (alreay have it for X-Box but want to try some custom levels) and plan on getting a Steam account.

I'm a big shooter fan, and have been getting into RTS's, puzzles, platformers, even give me some indie games in their.
The only genres I have reservations about are horror and most RPG's. I'm a massive coward and I find most RPG's be too slow paced to keep my attention.
Also, I'm still going to do most of my gaming on my X-Box so I'm looking for mainly PC exclusives.

So bear all that in mind and give me your best shot. Thanks.