Report: Skyrim: Legendary Edition Compiles All DLC Packs


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Oct 17, 2008
Its a decent game, if your on the fence about bugs, most have been patched out. Also, community modding for any elder scrolls game is always crazily good. If they don't patch a certain bug, the community does. Steamworks makes this so much easier.


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Nov 16, 2008
KoudelkaMorgan said:
This is why I didn't get any of the DLC, apart from not wanting them in the first place.

Random NPC massacres by vampires? nty

Getting to build yet more homes I never spend any time in? nty

Allowing dragons to spawn in order to get to go to Solstheim? tough decision ._.
I didn't bother with Dragonborn because I too don't want to spawn dragons and go down that road. I didn't like Dawnguard and thus don't have it installed. I barely touch Hearthfire.


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Apr 2, 2008
I've been waiting for this for quite some time now. Good timing too, seeing as how I'm looking into buying a new computer fairly soon.
Steven Bogos said:
Dragonborn [] was the most recent, and final DLC to be released for Skyrim, and saw the player venture to the lands of Morrowind to find out that he is not the only Dragonborn in existence.
Excuse me? I think you owe my Breton mage an apology. She's a bit miffed.


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Dec 3, 2008
I'm disgusted that there won't be one more DLC. I was certain that the conflict between Skyrim and Hammerfell over ownership of Dragonstar was going to be a focus and perhaps a potential ending for our dragonborns. There is so much potential still for Skyrim, the end of Dragonborn does not feel good enough to finish the game on, it isn't like how the end of Shivering Isles basically made me think, 'well, I'm finished now, my character is a god'.

I was sure that they would do one more DLC (and I had a suspicion that the dragonborn would be killed off at the end of it). Skyrim is a great game but it isn't finished yet!


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Jun 24, 2009
As somebody that has played mod-free, vanilla Skyrim through multiple times.

Could somebody with all the expansions on PC please tell me if this is worth buying?

Will I get as much time out of all the new content as I did with the vanilla game and how much has it been improved?


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Feb 12, 2013
Link XL1 said:
Voulan said:
I'm still really disappointed about no more DLC. There are so many potential story lines that they could have done - the Snow Prince of the Falmer, the civil war and the Thalmor - but instead we get two terribly short campaigns and a build-your-own-house simulator. Whatever happened to those promised DLCs like Shivering Isles, Bethesda? And I thought 5 were planned?
yeah, what happened? i thought i read somewhere that dragonborn was an expansion (whereas dawngaurd and crappy house builder were just dlc) and that there were gonna be 2 more big huge expansions after it?
The PS3 happened. After the last round of them having trouble coding for that platform, I wouldn't be surprised if they threw their hands in the air and said "That's it! We don't want to touch another goddamn PS3 as long as we live!"


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Dec 18, 2008
"Its not uncommon for publishers to release "Game of the Year" editions of games with DLC, compiling all of a game's DLC into a discounted package. But we'll make a news story about it anyways!"


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Nov 26, 2008
Wow, it has been released on the ps3. This is major. Skyrim vanilla was too bloated to allow DLC on the system so this means they've done some major work on the vanilla version to allow this. Seeing as the ps3 version of Skyrim is why I anger-built a 32gb RAm, i7 intel core, with a decent video card (that can be bridged as desired), I don't think I'll be an early adopter of this title (aka, a beta tester).


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Dec 19, 2009
putowtin said:
SageRuffin said:
Question: did that huge-ass patch ever drop for Skyrim?
yeah the 8th of April, but no one likes it cause it fixes the "Oghma Infinium" glitch.
That's no skin off my back. If I can still do the armor exploit/glitch I'm happy.

At least it's not as bad as some people when it comes to fighting games - your favorite character had an obviously broken tactic fixed so now you think the entire game is garbage. Whatever you say, god.