Retro Loses Key Staff, Rumors

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Retro Loses Key Staff, Rumors

Word that Retro's lead employees are leaving fuel discontent at the company.

Shacknews [] reports that several top staffers for Retro Studios (Metroid Prime trilogy) have left the company.

On Friday, April 18, design director Mark Pacini, art director Todd Keller, and lead technology engineer Jack Mathews were "escorted" from the headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Adding to the mystery is a series of updates from Surfer Girl [], an anonymous game developer, who is confirming Shacknews's story.

She reports that "something definitely went down at Retro last Friday that made a number of folks not too eager to head back in to the office today. An office that they may not be occupying for much longer."

Another unnamed source added that "pretty much no one at Retro would agree to relocate at Nintendo's behest, as asinine shenanigans are typically met with little fanfare."

What exactly Nintendo is reorganizing and relocating Retro employees for is unknown and unconfirmed from Nintendo.