Review: BioShock 2


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Sep 25, 2009
Tonimata said:
Is it just me, or did Russ use the words "original game" a bit too much?
But hey, if it's just more Bioshock, God knows it can't be bad.
Maybe that should tell you something about the game...

anyway I'm not getting it, I don't like the bioshock series after it was over hyped and I had a few disagreements with my controller (I won). Sure the origional concept is good and it looks good. But the hype machine destroyed another "gaming experience" for me.


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Feb 17, 2010
Wow. I just finished and I can honestly say that Bioshock 2 is possibly the best game I have ever played. I highly suggest anyone reading this goes out and buys it.

For those coming into rapture expecting a bog standard fps, it's probably what you're going to get but if you take the time out to experience the characters, the beautiful environment, even the philosophical and ethical questions it poses, you'll be able to experience so much more.

I don't know if anyone else felt this way but by the end of the game, I LOVED Eleanor, I felt exasperated by her mother's decisions, I pitied Grace, I full on hated Stanley, I put Gil out of his misery and I felt terrible when I had to mercy kill Sinclair because he seemed so sorry for his actions which made me hate Sofia even more for making me do it.
The obvious black and white morals seem like an artistic choice in themselves because the big daddies are meant to be objective slaves that don't think twice or introspect. The fact that Eleanor had zero sense of her own moral compass because of her lowered self awareness and the conditioning she was put through by Sofia made the choice of whether or not to kill an old unarmed woman much more integral to the story, AND, at the risk of sounding like a pussy, I shed a tear at the end when Eleanor realised she couldn't make any decisions on her own and absorbed you so you could be together forever. It was simply beautiful.

"Love is just a chemical, it's the choices we make that give it value." - A nice quote expressing the oblivion of nihilism Eleanor experienced due to her heightened sense of objective reality countered by her conditioned love of her father which she claims still has meaning due to the fact that she is self aware and continues to accept this reality despite it's perceived inevitability.

It annoys me the double standard people have for narratives. If someone doesn't understand a book, they assume it's their own fault but if someone doesn't understand a video game, it's the games fault for failing to instantly capture their attention.

Not to mention the collector's edition is pretty awesome :)


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May 21, 2009
katsabas said:
Again, the familiarity is what kills it a bit. But hey, I could do a lot worse. I have still a lot of games to play, but I will check this and put aside getting Bayonetta. I always crave me more daddies to send to the scrap pile. I wanna ask a question. The only gripe with the original was the last boss. Is that fixed? Cause if it is, I might as well pick it up next week.
the game was a fun second helping, the combat is a bit faster, and some parts of the game such as little sister gathering cant get really repetitive. however it still retains a load of atmosphere and is alot of fun to play. as for the final boss... um there really isn't one... =/ well more like a last scenario than a boss. i liked how the ending was in this game then in the first one, last boss was far to easy in Bio1. and as for multi, it is fun to play, a nice bit of fresh air (at least for me) from games like MW2, at least when i die in Bio2 multi i don't really feel cheated, unless get ganged up on. other then that it feels pretty balanced, even big daddies aren't to hard to deal with once u get used to the game. and capture the little sister is by far the most entertaining mode for me.


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Sep 11, 2008
It looks as beautiful as the first game and I just hope that there is still the same creepy moments here as there was in the first

I've not read up must on the story of this one and knowin that there is goin to be a twise I dont think I shall, to keep it fresh for me when it happens