Review: Fable 2


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Dec 31, 2008
Ok people. I didnt really like the first Fable much but I personally liked Fable 2. I understand that it still has some failings,and I do wish the game was longer, but I still loved the game. I think that everyone who is leaving negative comments (sorry, did I say comments? I meant RANTS) is being too darn picky. So there are a few problems. Boohoo. At least try and see the positive.

As for the review. I agree with it all except the part about casting spells. Maybe I'm strange, but I found it WAY easier to cast during battle than in Fable 1.


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Dec 9, 2008
Wow I just skimmed through and there's clearly a lot of hate going on here. It's just a review, geez. People seem to hold reviewers accountable for the game's failings, like maybe they took you to EB by the hand and helped eased your money out of your wallet.

Either a) you have so little disposable income that every slightly disappointing purchase represents a jaw-rocking skullblast, and you should probably take up a less expensive hobby


b) you have far too much psychological stock invested in someone else's creation, which is probably not very healthy.

I for one did not think Fable II was going to represent world-shifting innovation, but it WAS fun. It wasn't too long (important given the context - released alongside a TON of other games I was excited to try), and was filled with some pretty whimsical and well-orchestrated moments. If you think of it more like a sandbox and less like a hardcore RPG (i.e. choose weapons for aesthetic value rather than straight-up stats), the game goes down much more satisfactorily.