Review: Turok (Xbox 360)


A Nobody in Somebody's Clothing
Mar 20, 2007
Review: Turok (Xbox 360)

"The combination of over-the-top alien weaponry with the hands-off, only-in-the-manual approach to storytelling left an oddly flavorful impression on me. It boiled itself down to the essentials: Go forward, kill everything. It?s an uncomplicated formula, and I assumed it wouldn?t be difficult to resuscitate."

Thaddeus Stoklasa reviews Turok for the 360.

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Oct 3, 2007
Problem #1) you used guns on the dinosaurs instead of the knife. I know it can be difficult, but the knife is meant for fighting dinosaurs. They are too quick for guns, really, unless you're fighting the lumbering Dilophosaurus.

Overall, Turok is certainly not a game for everyone, but I still have a lot of great fun with it. For what they are looking to do, they do a good job. Plus, I'd rather say it's a large jump from the original comics, but Turok has left its comic roots ever since it left the N64.

I also think it's ridiculous for you to not care that the first game has no story or plot, but now nitpick the latest for having a typical action-film-style storyline. They can't all be Gold, so just take what you can get.

It's not a bad game, and for others it's probably only worth a rental or a $20 price. Maybe you should've also added the implementation of co-op uniquely. Instead of just adding a second person to the single player, they have custom missions for co-op that are meant for three or four people (near impossible with just two). I think that's something more games need to do if the single player just isn't right for co-op.