Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special 2 a Musical "Star-Crossed" Romance


Geekdad News Writer
Jan 5, 2013
Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special 2 a Musical "Star-Crossed" Romance

Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special 2 will take place at the beach and shine a light on Lex Luthor's long gone days as hair metal singer.

Back in 2012 Seth Green and the crew behind Robot Chicken had TV views and comic fans alike rolling on the floor with its superhero spoof DC Comics Special. With reception to the special episode falling very much on the positive side, it was only a matter of time before the stop-motion series returned to the DC Universe to spoof anew. There was arguably little surprise, in turn, when Stoopid Buddy Stoodios announced that DC Comics Special 2 was in the works. Now, with Special 2 set to air in just a few short days, DC Entertainment has released a behind the scenes preview where the cast and crew discuss the work that went into the new episode as well as provide some glimpses into its story and focus.

"[DC Comics Special 2] focuses on the villains," said series' creator Seth Green. More specifically the episode will be based around a "star-crossed lovers" story involving Lex Luthor's daughter. This plot will apparently also lead the heroes and villains to the beach, a move that necessitated two separate models for each character. According to Green, the production was "painstaking" when it came to the design of each character's "beach gear."

The episode will also apparently shine a spotlight on Lex Luthor's "checkered" past. Namely, members of the Legion of Doom will apparently uncover an old video of Luthor during his high school days where he sang in a band under the moniker "Sex Luthor." Luthor's new melodic tendencies will be only a touch of the musical comedy featured in the episode. "In 22 minutes we have three musical numbers," said Green.

The remainder of the video provides a glimpse into the post-production work that went into the episode. One part, for instance, details the creation of eight faux comic book covers released for promotional purposes. Another follows the work that went into creating an "army of seahorses" who show up at one point during the episode's events. The episode itself is set to air on <a rhef=>Sunday, April 6th.

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