RTS problems


Whom Gods Annoy
Aug 20, 2008
The only reason I even keep my old PS2 hooked up is because sports games don't work on the PC and sometimes I get a real jones for playing some Madden or College Hoops.


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Dec 3, 2008
quack35 said:
Seriously? Everyone has agreed with this, just look at any thread discussing Halo wars.
As far as I can tell, Halo Wars is getting flak because it's designed much like an average PC RTS. When the console inputs can't keep up, they responded by cutting complexity to uncomfortably shallow levels. So, it seems to me the criticism is because this particular game would be better if it was designed for the PC to begin with, the complexity cuts wouldn't have had to be made, and the player was more firmly in control.
Plus, I think the whole franchise deserves panning since it's a long-running tale of Microsoft thumbing their nose at their (Windows) customers in order to sell more 360s. All the Halo games were big enough for a timely, quality port to Windows at the least. Can you imagine the amount of sales potential Halo 3 Windows would have if released right this instant? Or if it was released some time ago?

RTS in general would fit consoles fine *provided* the game's basic premise is one that does not require a lot of input commands, rapid unit selection, etc. And therefore will not get dumbed down.

For example, if you were to make a RTS which is a semi-realistic simulation of infantry combat on platoon level, you would not need to dumb it down for console controllers. It would work fine with them.


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Mar 29, 2009
TheBarrel said:
After the release of Halo Wars. It really hits me that RTS games should not be on the console. It is just so much easier, more diverse and better looking on the computer. As opposed to the dumbed down clunky version for the 360.

Let me know if you a)agree/disagree with me and b)if theres any other games that should not be on the console or computer.
I Agree! Console RTS games, are like you target 3 units at a time and move them, when you've got an army consisting of like 20 people. PC is better in every way, you can focus on the economy at the same time as progressing with a large army, and not like in the console version when you have to do one thing at a time.


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Dec 5, 2008
Crash486 said:
LumiHawke said:
Last time any console had good RTS games, it was really the N64, the version of Command and Conquer on the N64 was actually better than it's PC/PS1 counter parts. Starcraft worked well on the N64 as well,
I really hope you're kidding, those titles were absolutely awful on consoles. They're shining examples of what a console RTS shouldn't be.
What? StarCraft 64 was pretty good, its only real down side was the fact once the AI blob starts moving after the game would slow down right when they give the command to go to your base the it stopped slowing down. Always a nice warning before the storm of Zergs. It had some minor issues like less character diolog when clicking one unit multipal times PC version they had more than one hidden diolog line, N64 just had 1 for each unit. There was no online on the N64 so there was no choice for split screen multiplayer, however it did make for great co-op, not very good vs though.

Command and Conquer 64 was oddly better than the original Command and Conquer I personally thought. Over all the story/campaign mode was identical all except the N64 version was in 3D, gold was really gold looking, metal looked shiny like metal, over all the game looked a lot better than the original Command and Conquer, it was better than the PC version oddly and miles better than the PS1 version.

Army Men RTS was a pretty good console based RTS game, in fact it made it's way to PC shortly after and they were nearly identical other than the fact the PC version had online multiplayer. Most reviewers gave it an pretty good score for a franchies series which never had a RTS before, It had better reviews than Halo Wars did which isn't saying much, though I enjoyed it. Army men RTS oddly though I did prefer it on PC when I got it, but I played it first on the PS2 and I fell in love with it on the PS2 first. It was a good game.

I'm sorry if i'm not a narrow minded baboon, I normally don't praise console versions of any games for obvious reasons at times. Most games I play on the PC for the fact PC is much of the time better... but I can't say a game is bad when it wasn't bad, those RTS on console were not bad, sure some the PC version was better, but does that make them bad? It is being "TOO" picky for stupid reasons, PC is normally better, well not this generation sadly as the PC is badly being left out... EA has been evil, even Rockstar's traitorish move to Windows Live wanted me to shoot myself in the foot as now PC is turning into a log in nightmare with unmodifiable games and unability to change in game user names without going through a mountain of technical crap. *twitchs goes back to Empire Total War, cries knowing she has to login for that game to*