Rumor: Leaked Image Shows Dishonored II - Update


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Jan 8, 2010
First game was fun so I'll keep and eye on this one if it is real. Hopefully with a voiced PC this time.
kajinking said:
Interesting, odd timing considering I'm literally about to start playing the first game today.

Any tips for a first playthrough?
If you knock someone out and don't want them die try and put them off the ground or in the bins. Otherwise rats might come along and eat them which is the same as you killing them.

If you use possession on someone while falling you don't take fall damage. Not that's a move you'll be in position to use often.

You can actually kill quite a few people per level without getting high chaos if that bothers you. Just clean up the bodies so guards don't keep getting alerted. I was killing 15 or so people a level and still got low.

The games pretty straight forward so I can't think of many tips to give.

Its fun to make a game within a game by using the heart to decide if people live or die. I was playing it with the rules that I wasn't allowed to knock people out or use the shadow kill skill, had to use the heart on most of the guards I came across once and if it said something neutral or good I had to sneak around the guard and if it said something particularly bad I had to kill them even if they were in the centre of a group all while trying to be as stealthy as possible. That just might be my weird version of fun though.


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Dec 19, 2010
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Zipa said:
The outsider says there are 8 people with his mark so that leaves 6 more potential protaganist/antagonists if you discount Corvo and Daud.
Don't forget your dear old Granny Rags.
Oh yeah I forgot about her, still though that is 5 potential people. Plus the Outsider could just grant another person he finds interesting powers like he did to Corvo


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May 13, 2011
Really hoping this is real, really enjoyed the original and have yet to play the Daud storyline though.
I'd like to see a collectors edition with a cloth map, replica coinage and outsider figure standing on a whale bone rune base.
gameplay wise, I'd like more freedom to explore the city/area outside of story missions but otherwise just more of the same will be fine.

edit: the symbol in the image is the Burrows family crest, the main villain of the previous game was Hiram Burrows. could we be playing a member of his now dishonored family?