Sailor Moon Review: New English Dub Is a Beautiful Transformation


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Jul 19, 2014
JCAll said:
Aristatide said:
crazygameguy4ever said:
They should have kept the name of sailor moon as Serena, instead of Usagi.. it doesn't even sound like girl's name.. does in Japan, believe me. It literally translates to Bunny. If you want it to be an English name, it at least ought to be that, like the manga did, not Serena.
In America, the word conjures up the image of Usagi Yojimbo.
What, to everyone? I doubt that. There will be some overlap, but again, if you want a more 'Americanized' name (which is ridiculous, since this translation will be keeping the Japanese school elements), the logical choice is Bunny, not Serena. The manga even used it to make a decent effort at a contextual translation of Mamoru's "odango-atama" nickname for her, which really has no Western equivalent; they went with "Buns" which keeps the general sense of play.

Kuro Serpentina

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Dec 10, 2012
Cecilthedarkknight_234 said:
Kuro Serpentina said:
Oh sweet baby jegus, Luna is Rukia
*Dies laughing*
What's even funnier is that johnny yong bosch "Ichigo" is voicing Artemis.
=Here lies Kuro Freakin Serpentina=
=He keked harder than the human body was designed to handle=