Say One Thing About The Country You Live In


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Feb 15, 2011
Denmark: we are the oldest still existing monarchy in the world and our Queen/King have to be a member of a specific version of Christianity.
Our royals even still signs all the laws through as they always do so they don't have any real power anymore.

On an unrelated note we once conquered England a fact which can still be seen in certain english words and the names of certain places.


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Jan 12, 2011
Eisenfaust said:

Despite our reputation for horror-death animals, we actually have nothing large and carnivorous... Snakes and spiders, sure, but no bears, lions, etc.

The occasional wild dog, but nothing large and meat eating...

Even though there aren't many large carnivorous beasts in the wild. Everything that IS there can and will kill you.



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Jan 2, 2011
The United States:

More specifically, this dusty state known as New Mexico~

We have the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. :D


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Jul 25, 2011
BishopofAges said:
Indeed, a wise guess.
Wait I wanna do this for my 2nd country and don't look at my profile thas cheating

We have a reputation for thinking our country is unique and better than other peoples countries.
And we also get the highest number of tourists out of any country in the world every year.

Stein Inge

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Jun 9, 2009

We invented the aerosol spray can and made weekend binge drinking into our national past-time!

Karma168 said:
4RM3D said:
Not Matt said:

we need a license to have a TV
lol wut? How does that work?
If it's anything like the UK it's a 'tv tax' that you pay to use a tv to watch live shows. It pays for the BBC so that's why it a) doesn't have commercials and b)makes the best documentaries on tv.
If you don´t pay the license they come and seal your tv so that you can´t watch any tv! At least they used to... Don´t know if they still do that...


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Jun 14, 2010
The Netherlands:
We have arguably been in the longest war ever, 335 years at war with the Isles of Scilly. During this war not a single shot was fired and no-one got hurt. (We kind of just forgot about it...)


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Aug 24, 2010

We can't tell the difference between heroes and villains!

It's been on the news all day about some guy who got fired for reporting a crooked cop, So then when he shoots the crooked cop to death he's suddenly the bad guy.

America! Fuck yeah.
Feb 28, 2008
United Kingdom.

We invented the train and then seemingly forgot how to run a proper train network and now ours is a pile of shit on chips that costs half your leg to get anywhere on.

Zen Bard

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Sep 16, 2012
Blargh McBlargh said:
Country: The Netherlands

Cannabis is essentially legal here, and dear god, do I love it.
America - where 80% of us wish we were The Netherlands...

(But we're getting there. It IS legal in two states...)


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Oct 20, 2011
Vegosiux said:

forgoing politics and economy to say, considering what a small country it is, we are quite the force in sports.
Hello fellow ex-yugoslav, glad to see more of us on the Escapist! :D

Country: Croatia

Pointless information: The best thing I can say about my country is (sadly) that almost every army that has rampaged through Europe in the last 500 years has at some point gone over our territory (raping, pillaging, stealing,... you name it - we had it) -.-

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Oct 31, 2012
Mikeyfell said:

We can't tell the difference between heroes and villains!

It's been on the news all day about some guy who got fired for reporting a crooked cop, So then when he shoots the crooked cop to death he's suddenly the bad guy.

America! Fuck yeah.
To be fair, it's pretty hard to play the role of a hero when you go on a murderous rampage against the police department, as crooked as it may be.

We're going to be spending one trillion on the lifetime cost of the F-35, that's the same amount of the GDP of Australia.


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May 22, 2010
Interesting to see the Swedes represented fairly here...

Country of origin: England
Country of residence: Sweden

Pointless fact: As an englishman living in sweden you will have the same conversation at least 4-8 times a month depending on frequency of socialisation.

I often happily point out the repetition to some people and look to others who have met me previously as they all begin to recognise the conversation they first had with me.

Below was intended to be a simple example but I began to ramble... Maybe I'll make bingo cards and next time I'm out with an english friend we'll play with shots.

Person: Where are you from?
Me: England
Person: Where in England?
Me: (Insert you relative town/region of origin but I will use Cornwall) Cornwall
Person: How far is that from London?
Me: About 300 miles
Person: How far is that in Km?
Me: About 500
Person: So it's near scotland
Me: No, it's in the south west
Person: So near Wales then

I have learnt that I can bail out here by just agreeing with them then waiting for the uncomfortable to pass so they can have a real conversation or realise that the only reason they are talking to me is that they think England is cool.
London looks great and they love the countryside because of that british series about the farm (Yes, fucking Emmerdale)

If I don't bail out then I am committed to the conversation until I have to go for a piss or step outside for a smoke.

The conversation then goes onto
i. Where in england they went for their school trip
ii. Where they would like to visit
iii. Why I came to Sweden
vi. What football team I support
v. Astonishment that an Englishman doesn't support Arsenal or Man U or Liverpool (Because they are the only football teams non-English people know/care about unless they saw Green Street in which case add Milwall and be prepared for them sincerely asking "Are you a hooligan then?" "I bet you are and you're just keeping it quiet"

Rule Britannia

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Apr 20, 2011
Canada (used to live in England)

Everyone is reallly nice, eh?

negative thing:
Canada's internet is awful, the rates are ridiculous and the speed is staggeringly bad.
(this is of course in comparison to U.S. or UK or pretty much anywhere in the world, the CEO (i think was his title) of netflix called Canada's internet on par with third world countries.)