Secret gaming confessions


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Dec 3, 2007
actually rang up the nintendo hotline when i was a kid because i was stuck on super metroid... the shame

oh and the advice they gave me (after spending about 10 quid waiting in a queue) didn't help at all... i ended up figuring it out myself

The Poet

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Jan 2, 2008
I represent my friend on this one.

My friend played FFX for over 400 hours (16 days) and the only reason he stopped was because his game became to scratched to be used anymore so he gave me his file to finish because he wanted the quest to be finished by someone. His profile was so powerfully that I 1 shotted the Ultima Machine with Anime and every bit of Sin with him as well.

Hey Joe

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Dec 23, 2007
I have yet to play on Xbox Live even though I have had the Xbox360 for two years. I just haven't got around to buying a wireless router yet.


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Jan 1, 2008
I don't own any consoles
I have been playing on the PC since DOOM
I used to play Diablo obsessivley
I now play warcraft 3 obsessivley


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Feb 2, 2008
-I gave up on okami when I couldn't get past one of the blockhead guys
-I never finished Super mario 64
-I bought superman for the N64 (admittedly it was 5 bucks and ex rentaland I sold it for $20)


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Feb 21, 2008
I never finished Bioshock

I legitimately liked the Pokemon games, and have good memories of playing them

I like linear games more than non-linear "go wherever you like" games


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Nov 13, 2007
Let me revive the thread with another confession:

In every review of Team Fortress 2 I've ever read (including Yahtzee's, sadly), the word "balance" and the phrase "well-balanced" are repeated over and over. I wonder why the word "repetitive" and the phrase "complete lack of variety" never seem to come up at all...


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Feb 3, 2008
I bought crysis, and mostly enjoyed it
I have played through Half-Life 2, about 20 times

Facey McFace

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Feb 23, 2008
I got Mass Effect, i got to the snow planet got incredibly bored out of my mind and sold it on Amazon
I didn't like Dead Rising.
I played Half life 2 Episode 2 before Half life 2 and episode one.


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Sep 22, 2007
I believe the Halo series is a celebration of mediocrity.
The only good part of Final Fantasy VII were the Turks. Namely Reno and Rude.
I have never completed a session of D&D.
I believe that Perfect Dark is in fact, better than Goldeneye 007.

I don't consider those secrets, but whenever I tell anyone they look surprised.

Cuppa Avenger

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Feb 10, 2008
I do not own/have played Starcraft, Diablo, and Diablo II(I did play Diablo II at a friend's house thought)
Never played WoW
I have never played any XBOX or XBOX360 game except for Halo
My favorite Final Fantasy is FFV


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Mar 4, 2008
I once (or twice) payed money to earn gil in FFXI

I have never played more than a Demo of God of War

I was the idiot dancing on top of the Atlas Statue in Atlas Park on City of Heroes

I killed Ms. Scarlet in the Ballroom with the candle stick



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Apr 30, 2008
- I hate Oblivion
- I love Assassin's Creed and might go through it again soon
- I dislike Half-Life 2. I have tried to play it several times spread out over more than a year now, but have never really enjoyed it.
- Though I can be impressed about a horror game's atmosphere, I rarely play horror games simply because I don't see being scared as fun. I'm not scared more easily than most people, I just don't enjoy it. I am looking forward to Left4Dead, though, because rampaging your way through hordes of zombies with a couple of friends while they're scared shitless (or at least making funny sounds every now and then) while your maniac laugh is echoing through the neighborhood as you're moving down dozens of poor, helpless infidels (AKA zombies) is just plain hilarious.
- I have been told by my friends multiple times that when I rush in Rambo-style again and actually take down everyone in the room and I laugh, I sound very scary.
- I dislike (not hate) BioShock, partly because of it's heavy emphasis on horror and partly because, frankly, not much happens in the game at all besides all the scary stuff. I love the idea for the setting, though.
- Team Fortress 2 might be my all-time favorite FPS.
- I have yet to find an RPG that's fun for more than an hour or 4, after the initial exploring of the storyline and game mechanics is done and all that's left is grinding on. I have yet to play Kingdom Hearts, though, and have high hopes for it.
- Before and recently after the Wii's release, I thought it was a great idea. Now, I think it was a failed shot in the dark. There are few good games for it and, apparently, in the end, the stick waggling isn't all that much more fun than good ol' button mashing. I forget I was holding a stick instead of a regular controller after playing it for only a few minutes.
- I hate WoW. Played it for a month or 2 but never could get into it.
- I found Beyond Good & Evil fun initially, but gave up after the gameplay got repetitive and proved boring about 5 hours into the game if Xfire is to be believed (faffing about included)
- I think CoD4 is fun but overrated
- While I have a tendency to use the aim-down-sight way too much in CoD, my learning curve for CS:S was practically non-existent
- I hate Sins of a Solar Empire
- I dislike the Battlefield series because it takes so friggin' long to get to the moment where you're actually in a firefight, if at all, since you usually just shoot a guy before he even notices you
- I have yet to play a Final Fantasy game.
- The only console I have ever owned was a Nintendo 64 (and I loved every minute of it) ... okay, that's not entirely true, I owned a Gamecube for a while, too, but never played with it much
- The only Zelda game I have every owned and completed was Ocarina of Time (genius, that was)
- I enjoy the way Portal has affected the internet culture way more than the actual game itself
- I'm waiting for Mass Effect to be released on PC, hoping for it to be fun
- I haven't played Crysis beyond the first 3 or 4 chapters because I didn't like the gameplay and thought the story was dull. Oh, and I hated the whole one-man army concept. If you're gonna do a one-man army game, don't pretend you're in a squad of people who just each go their own way but like to chit-chat every once in a while between base rapes just for the sake of being a squad.
- I have played crap songs in Guitar Hero III just to watch the short animations in between shows because those were funny and have never played a single song since I completed the story mode on easy.
- I also only know of this site because of Yahtzee's reviews
- When it comes to FPS games, skill-wise, I have pretty much always been somewhere in the grey zone between public n00b and clan war pwner, which makes me a public pwner and a clan war n00b, I guess.
- I'm only typing this because it's spring break and I'm bored as hell because pretty much all my friends are on vacation (some of them unwillingly XD)


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Dec 20, 2007
jaisimar_chelsea said:
God of war, never owned a ps2 but played at a friends house(pc gamer through and through)
Emulaters are awesome. Playing SotC and GoW on a PC with such a High Res is just amazing.