See Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath Expansion in New Trailer and Screenshots


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Oct 24, 2013
See Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath Expansion in New Trailer and Screenshots

The Fall of Oriath expansion for Path of Exile is coming later this year, and Grinding Gear is showing it off in a batch of new screenshots and a new trailer.

Path of Exile has been pretty darn popular since its launch in 2013. It even appears regularly on our Twith channel []. Last year, Grinding Gear Games released the Atlas of Worlds expansion, which revamped and expanded the end game, and now they're showing off the next expansion, Fall of Oriath.

Instead of focusing on end-game content, this expansion will greatly expand the main campaign, adding Act 5, which will take place in all new areas. It will also add Acts 6 through 10, which the company is referring to as "Part 2." That's because those acts are set in the places you've already visited, but with new paths, new stories, and all new bosses.

Many of the old areas have been revamped since your adventures there, with the death of those bosses having an impact on the zone. For example, in Act 1 you fought through the Fetid Pool, which was a swampy are. In Act 6, that zone will have turned into a forest, since the boss who was poisoning the area has been eliminated.

There's also a new Pantheon system that will have you taking on the gods themselves, and acquiring some of their powers for your own use. You'll even get to see a detailed painting of all the gods you've taken out when you equip your new skills.

One thing that's worth noting for long-time players: this expansion will update the game to version 3.0.0, bringing a number of changes beyond the new content. One of those changes that is likely to be contentious is the elimination of what's known as "double-dipping." This is a way to have damage modifiers apply more than once (you can find a solid explanation of how it works here []). It's currently used in a lot of high end builds, but Grinding Gear says that the change will let them bring better balanced builds to the game.

Finally, on March 3, Grinding Gear will launch the Path of Exile Legacy League. This is your last chance to head back to leagues and items from the game's history, and you'll be able to acquire some of "the rarest and most valuable items from the past." The Legacy League launches on March 3 at 3 PM ET.

There's currently no launch date for the expansion on PC. There is some good news for Xbox One gamers, as Path of Exile is headed to Microsoft's console [] later this year, and it will include Fall of Oriath and all previous content updates at launch.

You can find out more about the Fall of Oriath expansion over at the official Path of Exile website [].