SFF PSUs in ITX Builds...

Weasel Biggs

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Sep 7, 2020
I'm almost done with my new build (i9 10900K, 32 GBs, 2080 Super) and I'm waiting for my bog-standard modular ATX PSU to come in by mail. The thing is, I'm also working on upgrading an old Lenovo ThinkCentre for work, and I happen to have a 600W SFF PSU lying around, plus a compatible mounting bracket that would give it enough air clearance in my case's PSU shroud, as a kind of stopgap measure. I keep hearing stories about SFF power supplies lacking the requisite cable length to reach certain motherboard components in bigger cases, so I was wondering if this was something anyone else had run into.

Just FYI, I'm working in an Enthoo Evolv ITX case with an ITX motherboard. The Evolv is ITX-compliant, but is also designed to accomodate bigger boards. There's more room than what you'd find in your more common SFF case, but just eyeballing it makes it seem like it could work...

While I'm at it, if you use a modular PSU, my guess is the cables' length doesn't really matter, doesn't it? So long as cable management doesn't turn into a hassle...