Shadow Hearts 2: Now A Slot Machine

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Shadow Hearts 2: Now A Slot Machine

The Shadow Hearts [] RPG series lives on, but not in a way that's liable to make many fans happy: It's been turned into a slot machine.

Slot Shadow Hearts II is being produced by Siliconera [], slot machines are Aruze's primary revenue source, so this kind of crossover isn't entirely surprising. It is, however, no doubt a disappointment for fans of the series who were hoping to see more of the real thing instead of just a cash-in that exploits the series name.

Unfortunately, the odds of another "real" Shadow Hearts game coming anytime soon are slim. The last title in the series, here [], but as Siliconera points out, there's not a lot going on; it's mainly just cut scenes from Shadow Hearts II and a Slot Shadow Hearts II logo at the end.