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Oct 15, 2011
"Welp, what better place to gather constructive criticism than and entire website with a wide range of people?" I thought totally not sarcastically (honest), so why not? I will add mine as soon as I find a copy of it, since it was printed out for homework, and since I am on holiday, as well as being no where near my actual computer. But you do have my word that I will post it, I am not embarrassed of it.

But for the time being, share your knowledge that was created via, according to my captcha "time and paper", so no pens or pencils!

EDIT: We know have Haikus! So get typin' your favourite three liners!


I've Been Having These Weird Dreams Lately...
Apr 10, 2020
United States
The bumbling fool walks down the long hallway
Trying to keep all the bananas at bay
from entering the king and queens hall

He runs into the room
but smashes into the groom
It was the wrong one, who knew

He walks out again
trying to mend
his relationship with his new friend

Now free from his friend
he now tries to pretend
to know where exactly he's going

And then he remembers
"I don't want to end up as embers,
I best be right on my way!"

Going up the stairs
He starts to declare
"I want go out and fight bears!"

"They're just teeth and fur
If I kill one I'm sure
People will look up and shout 'Good sir!'"

Now at the top
He comes to a stop
Taking in all the new sights

He was forbidden from here
Because they said he was drear,
But at best, they will both go 'Oh dear!'

Shaking his head
he begins to dread
the levels of bananas still rising

He walks into the chamber
Looking at his forced legislature
yelling, "Get over here, you dumb waiter."

Striking a pose
while scratching his nose
he thinks 'I really should have gotten new clothes.'

The king and queen, looking at their ward
say "Come take a look at this hoard,
for you, a shiny new sword!"

The fool looks confused,
but doesn't like to refuse,
even though the sword looks quite abused.

"Now look here you fool
Come be our tool
and finally be of some use to us all."

"Now the bananas you see
used to be free
until we decided to eat them.

They're hungry for blood
because they fell in some mud
and now they want their revenge.

The lower floor is all dead
no doubt they've all bled,
painting the walls with a dark ruby red"

"With that all in mind,
the stars have aligned
time for you to get reassigned

Our deaths our coming
But we will be forthcoming
and do nothing but sit and some humming

Now get out, take a wagon
and this dusty old flagon
Oh, and don't forget about the dragon."

The fool nods his head
but soon fills with dread
at the prospects of his quest

The bananas break down the door
"They're here!" the king roars
And the fool is tossed out the window.

Cursing his luck,
comparing the king to a duck
he braces for the glass.

The glass breaks into shards
but the fool is unharmed
due to his skin being like lard

He lands in the hay
in an uncomfortable way
and at first walks with a sway

"Although my exit was bland,
at least I did land
and not have my bones turned to sand."

He looks back and forth
and then to the north
trying to get his surroundings

The grass is all dry,
a burden to the eye
why was the gardener fired?

"Before off I go,
there's one thing I know,
I need to see the Great Crow."

For the next few hours
he walked in the flowers,
walking to the nearest town.

As the day went to night,
he saw a black knight
and a peasant looking to fight.

The peasant looked drunk
though he smelt of a skunk,
he probably slept in the junk.

?Look here,? said the bum
?I slept with your mum,
and did it in a dirty old slum.?

The knight in the black,
who did not take flack
hit him with a mighty great 'Whack!'

The bum hit the floor,
and promised no more
to reference his mum as a whore.

The fool saw the ordeal,
then thought it surreal
to then see the knight begin to heal

?What sorcery is this,
there's something amiss
when your wounds look as bad as a kiss.?

The knight turned around,
then began to frown
at what he had seemed to found.

"Who are you to ask,
why I drink from this flask
it's a very tumultuous task.

Insults, you see
harm you and me
like the scream of a banshee

They all harm the mind,
make some go blind
it seems that's how they're designed."

The fool looked amazed
at an idea so crazed,
but then began to feel dazed.

"This all sounds so neat
but I haven't a thing to eat.
Could you help me find a treat?"

The knight walked ahead,
"Follow me," he said
"I'll take you somewhere with bread.

It's still a work in progress >.>


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Jul 24, 2009
My chest is cracked
Wide open, exposed
is my quaking heart
And beside it is you
For God's sakes!
Don't trip all over its wired nerves
All it takes is one step
One step,
and I'm dead

You're yet too clumsy to stand this close
So for every flirt that's not really a flirt
And every joke that's not really a joke
More so, every slip-up based on a thoughtless word -
I will glide away further,
I will care a little less
but nevertheless:
I will love you nonetheless
And maybe when you've learned a little poise
I can lean in closer
And put you back in the front row.

Hero in a half shell

It's not easy being green
Dec 30, 2009
Christmas Eve, 2am
The cat stirs in her sleep on the old windowsill,
I should be there too,
In the land of sweet dreams,
but the glow of my laptop tempts my weak will.

My mechanical machine,
hums quietly in the dark, drawing me to it's addictive trap,
The internet calls;
and I stay to imbibe
The unending realm of wisdom and crap.

I have betrayed sleep,
for insomniac-al wandering, through the unending corridors of thread after thread,
my sleep encrusted eyes,
ask my worn out brain,
Oh wouldn't you rather just go to bed?

It's not that I fear sleep,
I love it, I do! The mornings are always to short for my liking.
But beginning the process
of entering that state,
Comes as naturally to me as love from a Viking.

So I will stay here,
At my digital post, defending my views on nerdy fiction,
and suffer tomorrow,
when the alarm clock bellows,
and I'm forced to rise and face the family friction.

Christmas Day, 2 am,
and I should be asleep, there's so much tomorrow I need energy for,
It's easily remedied,
If I went to bed early,
But I stayed up to write a poem on this accursed forum!

There you go, and now I'm off to bed. Good night.


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Oct 15, 2011
Quaxar said:
I just write Haikus
because I am bad at rhymes.
You know what? I will add haikus to the list, since most of us don't write down random poetry on bits of butcher paper. TO THE EDIT-O-MATIC!


Madness to my Methods
Feb 28, 2010
Well I write rap music so...
If you need a hug then I'll hold ya close,
if you need a drug I'll be your overdose,
Need a little bit of that up and down, then check your limbs I'll be your rollercoaster,
If you're black and blue, I'll be your Joker,
6's and 7's help you fold poker,
When were together I get my hopes up to explosive like what done did blew Doakes up,
Come fly with me, we'll drive to Italy, we'll take your feet and soak 'em,
See I need a girl who'll ride wit' me, get high wit' me,
Two seata fleeta ain't a ride for three,
come on Seniorita won't you ride wit' me,

And then I came up with this and was immediately informed that the Stephen King character I was referencing was Christine and not Carrie :/
but maybe I'll unhinge your mind like I'm Johnny Crane,
I'll blow your mind and leave your body out to frighten Cray,
Watch while your primary care carries you away,
Tap into your primal fear it's scary like the Carrie with cherry paint,


Madness to my Methods
Feb 28, 2010
ElVasco said:
EHKOS said:
-snippity snip snip-
What a valuable contribution to a thread completely unrelated thread
Oh, I'm sorry, you must be one of those people who don't consider rap a form of poetry, I shall take my lyrical wordplay elsewhere good sir.


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Jan 25, 2010
the funny thing with me, is that i tend to create poems when in a sad mood, and not near any writing aids so it all gets lost in my head... but lets see what i can come up on the spot

there once was a sparrow
whose eyesight was narrow.
his eyesight was keen
on a female so neat

the sparrow was captivated
by the other's beauty accentuated
but the sparrow was cowardly
his statement of love never came outwardly

and when his courage was growing
possible through her advances unfolding
her beautiful feathers erroded to husk
the snake gobbled the poor little sparrow up


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Jul 17, 2010
I wrote a few to try at osmething new back in high school, and they're all on quizilla with other stuff I've written. here's the one im probably most proud of

<spoiler=Freedom Upon the Great Sea's Thro's>
Once upon the ocean
There was a great cruise liner
And on them there stood a girl
Who stood out by the diner
This girl was rich, yes rich
And yet she was also poor
She had her piles of money
But was kept behind a locked door
She always wished for freedom
But her chance would never be
Until the waters grew violent
And she was pitched into the sea
Silently she fell to her doom
The blue swallowed her from sight
The girl soon blacked out
And did not wake till full light
She came to very slowly
And felt sand beneath her
She looked ahead to a lush forest
And wondered what company they were
She thought she was alone
And crawled into a ball
She wept to herself there
And for help she did call
A boy watched from the trees
Unsure of what the girl would do
But he took pity on her there
For he had been there to
The boy walked to the girl
And placed a hand on her shoulder
The girl looked into his masked face
And the fear began to smolder
?I am Jacob,? he told her
?Welcome to my island?
?My name is Madeline,? she said
?Born to English lovers in Ireland?
?It is a pleasure to meet you?
Jacob said with much glee
?I?ve not had a visitor here
Since I was one and three?
Madeline looked at the boy
One and six, just like her
She wore a white dress
And he wore shirts of fur
?I?m pleased to meet you Jake?
Madeline said without dread
?I really hate to ask this
But do you have a bed??
Jacob led her to his hut
Hidden in the forest deep
And Madeline lay in his bed
Where she quickly fell to sleep
Jacob and Madeline grew close
Indeed they feel in love
But Jacob saw her unhappy
Asking ?What is wrong, my dove??
Madeline shook her head
?I only miss my homeland
Perhaps we could leave here
And I could take your left hand?
Jacob then looked with sadness
?I?m sorry I must stay here
But for you to be forgotten
Is my most greatest fear?
?I shall help you home
Along with my memory
And as long as you have that
You shall always be free
For weeks they worked together
And on the raft left Madeline
?Look inside the pack? Jacob said
?When I first become unseen?
Madeline parted with him
?My heart is always yours?
She set sail exclaiming
?I?ll wait at Heaven?s Doors?
Soon she was alone and sad
Out with only the fish and birds
When she could not see the island
She followed Jacob?s words
Madeline looked inside her pack
And saw that he left a note
The tears flowed from her freely
As she read what he had wrote:
I don?t know what will happen
I don?t know we?re you?ll go
But I know you have your freedom
Upon the great sea?s thro?s

and then there's this one from the three I was doing base on the tarot card series. I like this one the most.
<spoiler=The Red Coin>
Once there was a man
Who was strolling down the street
He happened to look down
And simply gazed at his feet
A shiny red coin rested
On that dusty trail
The man picked up the coin
And walked on without fail
He turned to coin into his bank
His millions were soon bagged
?I will be living on my own,?
In happiness he almost gagged
For days he lived in lavish
Never worried about fare
Until one day he met a man
With red skin, tail, and hair
?Give me back me coin,?
The thing of red calmly said
?No,? the man declared to it
?Leave for I am not dead.?
?I wish to cause no trouble?
The thing kindly implored
?Well then leave my home,?
The man screamed, slamming his door
The thing in red broke it down
It was left in splinters
?Never again shall you see
Your wondrous earthly winters?
The thing in red whisked them to hell
Where our little thief agonized
And the thing in red got his coin
From the banker he had patronized.
This is a lesson
That you should heed
Here is the moral
So you may succeed
Losers may cry or whimper
While finders will surely keep
But steal from the thing in red
And you will be left to weep.


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Sep 21, 2009
ElVasco said:
I start writing a Haiku
My captcha is funny
Hot sauce
Nonono, a Haiku is 5-7-5 ons.



Is not insane, just crazy >:)
Jan 5, 2011
In Borderlands 2
I play my Assassin well
We are still unmatched

His sword is covered
In the blood of countless foes
His gun, just as much

Skullmasher sniper
Evolution, trusted shield
Maggie, his sidearm

We have roamed the land
Searching still for a challenge
Need new DLC

That's all I got. >.>


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Jun 24, 2008
Here's one or two I wrote a while back
Spinning on the spider thin spinnerets of my mind
the needle's worn the grooves too deep
and only echoes resound blues, jazz, rock and roll
that poets write about

The needle's worn the grooves too deep
rewind, original cliches over and over
like my pieces, mothers and shark's teeth
all stepped out, left 2 3 4, the march beat of angels on pinheads

rewind, original cliches over and over
like horrorshow and ultraviolence
all lovely Ludwig Vann, and swallowed knives
Kubrician grins, and the height of fashion; jackboots

Like horrorshow and ultraviolence in
boxcars, boxcars, boxcars
Riding through paradise pits and black lipped lovers kissing
nirvana, iron statues prophet Ginsberg Proclaiming

Boxcars, boxcars, boxcars
Because we got companies for good vibes
on acid soaked beaches, laughing as floating islands fell
laughing as the bombs fall on plastic shores

Because we got companies for good vibes
violent youth bathing in turpentine
throwing stones in crystal castles, suffocating
baptisms, on chalk feet in violet dreams

Violent youth bathing in turpentine
shrieking sulfur and devil trombones
curled up numbed up in dried up wells
stampeding kicked alive by the brass

Shrieking sulfur and devil trombones
the notes resound, cataclysmaly inept
bearing shouts, screams and bleeding throats blending
the reverberation of a thousand souls under the ink needle

After Allen Ginsberg's ?Howl?

I saw the best minds of my Generation waste away bloodshot, starving, naked
Still up at dawn seeking a seconds entertainment
single minded slackjaws who staring at endless celebrities in reality
Seeing all reality in endless depravity
Who bent and bowed under the relentlessness of boredom, hooded mundane
tortured, by their own security, who composed verses of endless repeating fantasies
and saw dragons in cigarette flames
Who Through kicks and kicks in endless paradise pits, in padded cell living rooms
wearing black eyes as a testament of fist fight nights
and who sought endlessly subterranean entertainment, and ultraviolence
Who prayed to red leather jacket prophets, that were white collar workers
Seeking enlightenment through therapy, occupational, or analytical, or psychotic
or just a nicotine patch for the soul
Who lived everyday submerged in a bottle of fears, and cake vodka
their thoughts racing too fast in to slow brains composing endless drunken manifestos
their spittle flecked beard bears waving endlessly
Who swallowed knives and britvas and endless lovely leviathans, and Beethoven
with droogs in back alleys, sucking canes and gun barrels, and rehabilitative torture
the products of a thousand similar towns and a million similar families,
Who stood at polls in white hoods not because of the cold, sipping tea, with picket signs
preaching endless love and endless hate, and endlessly nothing
while marching in jackboots, jackboots, jackboots, Fascists
Who Kissed their lover's only once in a Poe-esque bathtub nirvana
after penning their briefest and longest love letter to Nietzsche, and nihilism
and kissed the black double barrel lips farewell, Bang
Who Reawaken in cardboard refrigerator box coffins, less fleshy and hungry
for the apocalypse we all endlessly wished for on 12/21 or any other day so long as it's tomorrow
loving Nyx and the Tv Armageddon
Who fantasized end of days in vapor trail lives and counter top jobs
talking shotguns and cannons and katanas while staring down consumer zombies
their already living the dream, they just need the guns
Who donned trench coats, and ballistic armor in schools, soldiers of doomed revolutions
listening to rock music, and television, and news stations and endless bullshit
tired of not being special enough or feeling too special, snow flakes
Who spin endlessly on craigslist sugar daddies laps, with too many children
they all twirl around his pole to make the rent, and pay for designer clothes
while nuclear age jukeboxes sing Roxanne
Who sat up at dawn on the rooftops above the smoke stacks, smoking ciggaretes
reading Ginsberg and contemplating the blues and the things poets write about
cynics humming float on knowing what it means
Who endlessly smiled injected up with mushrooms and medications and rubber cements
seeking more rubber cement, more cash, more houses, yachts, and a spot on cribs
because the high life can always be higher, when it's lived in a gutter
Who slurp on endless needles proposing neo-angelic vikings and Saxon messiahs
they belch perpetualy slurring between teeth black from the white, huffing
false spirituality with every breath craving imaginary salvation
who hid endlessly in dark digital era rooms, fetal, in sweat pants and rags
faces turned pale in monitor sunlight collecting plus five greatswords, hoping
That tomorrows world has dragons, pokemon, or people to talk to
who sat in a million coffee shops in million places with a million feather pens
building poems poems and more poems to show to themselves, terrified
of feeding effort to the hungry Moloch of press
Who wake up everyday and realize
Nothing's changed

Both of these are still rough and the second ones just an imitation of "howl"


Social Justice Squire
Jan 3, 2010
As a writer I
Know that sharing my writing
Is wonderful. Still:

I dislike sharing
on the Internet, where there
Are many mooches.

Therefore, I shall write
About the dearth of writing
That I plan to share.

If you wish to know
More about what I write, then
Sorry... but, uh, no.

Woo. Anyways, I do write poetry - but, as I said in my series of Haiku, I'm paranoid about sharing on the internet. At the moment, I'm writing poetry from the perspective of a character in a novel of mine - quite the interesting experience, considering I have to think of how she would use words, rather than how I use them.

EHKOS said:
Well I write rap music so...
I could actually feel the flow with this as I was reading. Nicely done. ^.^


Madness to my Methods
Feb 28, 2010
LiberalSquirrel said:
As a writer I
Know that sharing my writing
Is wonderful. Still:

I dislike sharing
on the Internet, where there
Are many mooches.

Therefore, I shall write
About the dearth of writing
That I plan to share.

If you wish to know
More about what I write, then
Sorry... but, uh, no.

Woo. Anyways, I do write poetry - but, as I said in my series of Haiku, I'm paranoid about sharing on the internet. At the moment, I'm writing poetry from the perspective of a character in a novel of mine - quite the interesting experience, considering I have to think of how she would use words, rather than how I use them.

EHKOS said:
Well I write rap music so...
I could actually feel the flow with this as I was reading. Nicely done. ^.^
Thank you very much :D Your Haiku's feel very graceful :)


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Jan 29, 2010
ElVasco said:
EHKOS said:
-snippity snip snip-
What a valuable contribution to a thread completely unrelated thread
Man what a hilarious post! Saying that Rap has no place in a poetry thread, woo-weee that's the funniest thing I've heard all year! Thank you for your wonderful comedic insights!


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Sep 17, 2012
Stranger comes for thee
Whisks you away to high depths
You will cry no more

Two points to whoever guesses who the stranger is