Shed a Tear for This Classic Videogame Death Montage


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Oct 16, 2009
Ha, that was morbidly wonderful. It's interesting to have games recontextualized now and then; death is pretty run of the mill to a gamer. And I need that version of Mad World now.


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Sep 20, 2010
SpiderJerusalem said:
ultimateownage said:
That sums up the choice in music.
O.T. Eh. I never played half of those games.
This actually made me kinda sad, cause it just reminded me how funny and charming the first Bad Company game was and how they utterly screwed it up in the sequel.
Totally, I loved BC2's MP but I couldn't even be bothered to finish the SP. Thought it was a bit po-faced but did laugh at the line about heartbeat sensor using spec-ops troopers.


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Aug 19, 2009
The Star Wars arecade game scene wasn't actually the death scene. It was the death star explosion you get to see when you complete a stage.

Partial Epic fail.


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Jul 23, 2009
Nouw said:
Tom Goldman said:
If a more upbeat theme [] were used, the video would likely have a different feeling.
I watched the video with that song and couldn't help but laugh xD.

A good video, props to the creator.
Katrina and the Waves... LOL I don't know whether to ROFL or feel ashamed for thinking that this sounds like the hurricane. Not only that but the song is completely the opposite of how people felt lol.

I'm starting to feel the effects of shame...


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Mar 24, 2011
no they don't they really don't. I cant disagree more. Graphics are what sells a game. Not wishy washy "story elements"
Mar 26, 2008
Ah, so many memories. I witnessed a lot of those deaths first-hand.

It was great to see the flying head-chop from Barbarian in there.

Michael O'Hair

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Jul 29, 2010
Much of those games were classic arcade games. Mostly explosions or other animations representing sprite death.

But not a single sprite death-blink. At least none that had any emotional investment in them. Being arcade games, the only emotions that I could recall was the need for more credits. Not exactly as visceral as the death animations that had meaning.

Like members of the player party who still had a ways to go before hitting Level 99, but are killed off by the plot in the middle of the game or vaporized by an alien death-ray. Unexpectedly. Those were the most moving moments; when a character I planned to invest some time in to make them stronger is no longer accessible, that was a time when a game could truly "move" a player such as myself.

None of the deaths in the video with the faux-chiptune music were emotional, as most of them were arcade games (and not 8-bit sprites, but anyway... )

The most emotion in arcades games came from the fear of death, not from the actual event of death.

Often I was actually relieved when Sinistar ate my puny ship; no more flying around trying to destroy him, and depending on the quarters in my pocket I can have another go at him. But the core of the experience, and the greatest emotional period was when the player heard "Run, Coward! I hunger!", at least whatever fear a seven year old can have for a talking arcade machine.

Again, the video wasn't very emotional.

Show me Tellah blink out of existence, or Crono dissolved into nothing by a beam of light, and I might have been moved a little if I haven't been so jaded by the brown, gloom, and bloom of the last few years.