Short Film Hacked Merges Spying, Futuristic Tech, and a YouTube Star


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May 20, 2014
Short Film Hacked Merges Spying, Futuristic Tech, and a YouTube Star

Check out our behind-the-scenes interview with Hacked filmmaker Tim Baldini.

We're searching for the next great sci-fi filmmaker with the short films by all eight finalists [] right now, but if you want to go behind the scenes to learn more about the creation of these movies, we're publishing interviews with the Prototype filmmakers.

Today, you can take a peek into the mind behind Hacked [] in our interview, where writer/director Tim Baldini talks about where the idea behind the film came from:

A few years ago there was a news story about a teenage criminal who was leading authorities on a wild goose chase across the country: hi-jacking boats, stealing credit cards, breaking into empty cabins, flying small airplanes, and posting his exploits on social media. You might remember, they called him the "Barefoot Bandit". In any case, he was the impetus for the plot. When I heard about the Prototype competition, I quickly started adding sci-fi elements to the world, while incorporating a little bit of the Edward Snowden/NSA controversy that was going on at the time. You have to remember, only a year ago we were all reeling from the discovery that a body of government was secretly spying on the entire country (and they are still are).

For more, watch Hacked [] for yourself.