Should I follow XCOM 2 info at E3 or bury my head until November so as not to spoil the experience?


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Oct 9, 2008
So. Xcom 2 developers are pretty chatty, I've already learned too much about sectoids and vipers new powers and I feel like those things could have been great surprises in the game. One of the best things about my first Enemy Unknown run was exactly how unknown the enemies were. There was that scary feeling of seeing a new enemy for the first time with no idea what it could do. ("Why is that Muton Red? Oh my god!!") or discovering the horrible power of sectoid commanders...

I feel like particularly for XCOM knowing too much about the aliens ruins the experience a little. So for this game I should go dark and avoid the info. But at the same time I'm really hyped and want to devour all of the media release!


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Aug 24, 2013
Sounds like there's very little that could make you not buy the game.

In that kind of circumstance its tempting not to read anything at all; when it's released check the scores, but don't read the reviews and as long as it's say 7+ go for it....


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Mar 15, 2008
As soon as I decide a game (or movie or show or book) is worth getting, I bury my head so far in the sand that I may strike oil. The only time I poke my head up is to do a quick scan on reviews to make sure that my faith was placed well (and even then, I really just find a bunch of scores and generally don't even read the review part).

Whenever I go into anything, the blinder the better.

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Nov 27, 2011
I'm more of a story buff myself, so the only bits of news that I avoid are any details revolving around a game's story if I'm looking forward to said game a lot. New features and such only serve to fuel my fire even more...for instance when I learned of the "tag-team combat" in Arkham Knight, I jizzed in my pants.

But you clearly have a very specific taste when it comes to info regarding the XCOM games...specifically you want to be taken by surprise when an alien busts out an ability that you didn't know they have. As such, I believe you've already got your answer right there: go with the media black-out. If there's even a chance that the devs could spoil something that you personally don't want spoiled (i.e. in my case the story of a game, in your case the abilities of the enemies) then it's best to avoid anything that could possibly lead to a spoiler. It's kinda like clicking into a thread about a movie or a game that clearly says "Discussion of the Ending" and then getting upset when there's spoilers to be found brought those spoilers upon yourself by going into the thread in the first place.

So yeah, in short: I'd say avoid it.