Should I try Bleach again?


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Jan 8, 2009
Honestly: no. No, you should not. The manga has become such a incomprehensible mess. Ichigo is the C-plot in his own story. The Quincy are the most boring villains since the final boss in Naruto, their leader is Aizen minus the charm (but with amazing facial hair) and the story just keeps pulling shit out of its ass.

I mean I get it. Bleach was good. The Rukia retrieval arc and argueably the Hueco Mundo arc were pretty great and it was rightfully part of 'the big 3' but it lost its soul. Instead of developping Ichigo and his merry band, we've been developping the Gotei 13. Instead of seeing Ichigo struggle with this new threat, we've seen the Gotei 13. Instead of giving Ichigo a personal stake in this conflict, we've seen the goddamn Gotei 13. Soi Fon has had more to do than Ichigo this arc. Who is our protagonist?!

I still follow the manga but by god does it need to finish already.

Sep 9, 2010
Queen Michael said:
I don't think you should give Bleach a second chance. But I hate that series, so I might be biased.
I am of this opinion.

Every time this show was on Adult Swim i'd watch it and I never had ANY idea what was going on.


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Feb 20, 2011
balladbird said:
I'd say give it a shot. I'm biased the other way, though. I adored the arrancar arc, and considered the espada some of the highlights of the series; and while the fullbringer arc was nothing to write home about, it features some great shifts in tone, and the scenes where Ichigo realizes what Tsukishima's power is, and the effect it's having on everyone he knows, are some of the BEST atmospheric horror you'll ever find in shonen.

I can't deny that every year sees the quality of the series drop a little, but eh, people love to be hyperbolic about it. It's a very average series, in my opinion. speaking of:

Mangod said:
The Quincy arc is just laughable to me. Ywach is just everything that was bad about Aizen cranked up to 11 []
can't deny this, and it does suck, but the man IS named for the abrahamic god, after all. Kubo seems to be trying to trade off how stupidly perfect his new villain is by reducing the competence of his last two darlings: Urahara and Aizen.

I admit, I got immense satisfaction from Urahara finally NOT knowing something, and seeing Aizen get trolled twice in one chapter (including one time by a random sternritter?) yeah... that was satisfying. those two are usually so infallible they're boring.

Soul Society have officially become one [] with the Idiot Ball []
Soul Society is outclassed anyway. I think the fact they're trying to do anything at all is fairly cute.

and last I checked, Ichigo & Co. got punted off a platform, and have been falling for the last month [].
It's only been a couple chapters since the fall, and they haven't been the focus of any chapters since then: haven't even appeared once since the chapter they were dropped. Trying to make it sound like every week since then has been them falling is just dishonest.
Facetious joke about falling aside...

I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone pick up Bleach, for the same reason that I would, in hindsight, tell people not to pick up Naruto. Even if it's just to "see how it ends" to which I would respond with another Yahtzee quote: "Better to just snap the limb off before it grows nerves."

Perhaps it is better to drop the series before your fond memories of it get dragged down with all the drek. But then, that's just the perspective of someone who's been burned already.