Sick of the term "reboot"


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Oct 26, 2006
I really hate the way "rebooting" has become the biggest trend in Hollywood and to a lesser degree in gaming.

Maybe it's applicable in some cases like Batman, but it's really just a code word for the conservative producers in Hollywood to admit that they aren't going to bother seeking out any original ideas and content themselves with trying to turn old movies into new money makers.

The new Star Trek movie is a reboot. The Hulk was a reboot. I hear they're thinking of rebooting Daredevil now. Superman Returns was a reboot that they apparently want to re-reboot. Gah! I've even read about possible reboots of Ghostbusters and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

The only reboot I'm interested in is the one where someone kicks a Hollywood producer in the head for the second time.


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Mar 24, 2008
It is a trend that I can understand having issues with. But a lot of it is governed by the fact that these are IPs that these film makers grew up with and love.

The money making is a big part of it, revitalizing an old IP takes up a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo hours, it needs to make money. But there is a lot of love behind this "rebooting" for a lot of people.

Twenty years from now there will be the Sponge-Bob reboot or the Monster Buster Club reboot, Flllmore the movie Kim Possible live Action... when today's youth start making movies, we've just never really been at a place where "rebooting" could have happened before now.

Expect more to come and realize that it isn't all going to be bad or stupid (why is Batman justifiable over Star Trek or the Hulk. Because you liked it better, those people who love the trek or the Hulk might have something different to say)

EDIT: and Prequel or not the new Star Trek is a reboot according to the definition established in the OP