SimCity Goes Offline With Official Update


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May 25, 2011
zerragonoss said:
The new modding rules should only apply to mods that affect the online modes.
Nope, they very explicitly apply to all mods:
"By Mods we mean any modification or alterations to SimCity, including add-ons, new content, modified UI, or updates that use content from SimCity such as code, art, footage or other elements"
It doesn't matter what part of the game you mod, it's bound by their rules. On the plus side, I fail to see how that's in any way enforceable. Since it's offline, they have no possible way of knowing what anyone might have done to the game and there's nothing they can do about anyway. It could make distribution of mods more difficult though, since many sites will be reluctant to host anything that could get them sued by EA.


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Jun 9, 2008
BigTuk said:
Wow! Now all trhey need to do is increase the city map size and it'll be just as good as Simcity 4 :p

Still kudos for EA for backtracking on their BS.

*looks at Blizzard* See that Blizzard even EA seems to be faster at correcting their Bullshite than you. EA! If you needed any proof at how far Blizzard has rolled into the darkside this is it. EA is quicker to realize and correct their mistakes.
Quick? It's been 10 months, at this point they don't deserve any kudos for doing anything.


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Feb 23, 2014
Proves how horrible EA is.

Now I MIGHT buy it if they add farms, terraforming, much larger cities, more customization, and a slew of other stuff.

For now I'll just play Cities XL and SimCity 4.