SimCity Is Broken, And It's Not Just the Servers


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Oct 2, 2008
Fasckira said:
RvLeshrac said:
"...not our official opinion..." As usual, while the games industry burns down around them, the 'journalists' fiddle.

The game is broken. It should be reviewed AS IT WAS RELEASED TO CONSUMERS. Anything else is base cowardice, fearing for ad revenue provided by the games industry and "exclusives."

Would you review a car the same way? "Looks nice, but we're going to hold our reviews for a month until Ford puts working engines in."

How about a restaurant? "Waiter shat on our plates, but we'll wait until the replacement meal comes out before giving you our full review."

Review. The. Damned. Game. As. Shipped.
Bit of an over-reaction.

Likely the full review later on will also cover all the problems so far but at present any review of the game will be hard pushed to avoid devolving into a rant about its issues. If a review were to be released now that covered the game and avoided talking about the problems then it'd be stoned for being biased.

Cant really refer to this as base cowardice after hes just written a two page article about all the faults in the game.
An article is not a review. It will not be indexed by Metacritic, nor will it be read by many consumers.


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Feb 3, 2011
Triaed said:
-Pretty thorough for a not-a-review.
-What makes an "official" review anyway?
-Who says the testers didn't find the bugs? (Scary thought)
-Reviewing a game when "[a game] plays exactly how [the developer] envisioned" is unrealistic. I think reviewers should review the games that they got, developers should be reviewed by the game they released to the market (not on some utopic perfectionist dream), and gamers should get an honest opinion of the game they bought or are considering to buy as it is on the shelf, not as it may become in some unnamed future.

All in all, thank you for your opinion, Greg!
I agree, a simple rule of thumb would be: if it is ready to sell to consumers, it is ready to be reviewed.


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Oct 17, 2007
Any chance of an official review coming soon? I still want to buy the game,but not a headache.