SimCity Was Never Meant To Be Online

Defeated Detective

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Sep 30, 2012
I like how Jim Sterling and Yahtzee end up having a similar consensus with the whole debacle with SimCity, and it's that the end(for triple A gaming and publishers like EA) is nigh

For Jim Sterling, it's only a matter of time when gamers are going to be fed up and revolution is coming(Jimquisition: SimShitty) which will spell the end for EA

For Yahtzee, he sees the whole Always Online, multiplayer focus decision of EA's SimCity as "the wild thrashing of a dying beast"

This is opposite to what I think though, I honestly believe that EA will still persist, and what they are playing is merely a long game and it involves the bulwark of Origin. My idea is that they're willing to brave the shitstorm they're going through now because they believe that they can keep ignoring us while they condition the next generation of gamers(your sons, daughters, nephews and nieces) to get used with their current business practice just as what Valve did with Steam years ago, their endgame is obvious: Beat Valve in their own game and ultimately be the sole online DD preferred by the majority of gamers.

The end justifies the means, EA doesn't care about our generation since they already know we despise them, what they're aiming for is to condition the next generation of gamers to get used to them over Steam.

Atmos Duality

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Mar 3, 2010
Yahtzee said:
Incidentally, while looking it up, I discovered that The Sims Online was relaunched in 2007 at around about the point nobody cared as "EA-Land". And the moment I started picturing the kind of place that would go by that title, I realized I'd envisioned a perfect setting for the next Bioshock game. Hit me up, Levine.
So, instead of Ryan Industry's "ADAM", the magical resource is the grey bland proto-porridge EA uses to make all their games?
That might actually be a tense setting.