SJW Jim Sterling says Link has to be female and that violent video games promote rape culture.


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Sep 23, 2010
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minkus_draconus said:
I'm for something in between. change genders where it works for the story/character. We have had all kind of fairies in the games so it doe snot matter what you do with them. I don't think the aspects of the triforce are tied to a gender so you can flip as many of them as you want any way. No reason Gannon(dorf) can't be a witch. No reason we cant have a prince with the triforce of wisdom. All the other characters are NPCs and offer a lot of variety anyway.

As for the Ice King's fan-fiction I see no problem with it. Have you watched any of the other episodes with Fiona and Cake?
I can't actually remember if I've seen any of the others. In that first one though, Fiona was a pretty terrible flip of Finn, only resembling him on the most superficial of levels. She has none of Finn's usual agency and pretty much spends the whole episode being led around by Prince Gumball. I really hate her design as well, as it falls into the standard pitfall of sexualized female designs, and is extremely pronounced when compared to the basically shapeless Finn. Her design also doesn't allow for the same free movement as Finn, because where his appendages are basically noodles she has thick, shapely arms and legs.
Right. IMO the differences and things you point out are because we are getting Ice Kings fantasy of these characters. I could be reading too much into it.
You could look at it that way, and I can't say you're wrong, but to me it seemed more like the majority of the episode was written the way the writers wanted to write a gender flip story and the Ice King fanfiction was simply used as a framing device at the end to give the episode a bit of context and to throw in a twist. I just find it kind of hard to believe that the way the episode played out is how the Ice King would write a fan fiction, based on his other creative works that we've seen throughout the series.