Sleepers Author Lorenzo Carcaterra is Alone in the Dark


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Sep 13, 2006
Sleepers Author Lorenzo Carcaterra is Alone in the Dark

Atari has tapped Lorenzo Carcaterra to write the script for their upcoming game, Alone in the Dark.

Lorenzo Carcaterra has been a reporter, novelist (Sleepers), movie producer and television writer (Law & Order, Dellaventura and Under Suspicion).

Now he turns his pen to game writing, with Atari's upcoming remake of the Alone in the Dark franchise.

The game promises to "redefine action gaming" and "deliver blockbuster-action on a cataclysmic scale set in New York City's iconic Central Park."

"Alone in the Dark was a challenge which allowed me to bring a realistic feel to an apocalyptic situation facing New York City and really dig into the Central Park conspiracy idea," Carcaterra said. "It also allowed me to write for hard-edged characters, some good, some bad, all forced to confront a force whose power they could never imagine."

While Atari's official line is:

With a dramatic, graphic and fast-paced storyline, unprecedented levels of real-world interaction and physics, advanced artificial intelligence, stunning visuals and uniquely immersive interface, all set in a meticulously detailed, wide-open environment, Alone in the Dark is set to break gaming cliches, fulfill the next gen-promise, and deliver a new kind of entertainment experience.

Well, as long as the camera doesn't jump to another corner of the room just as a zombie attacks you, it might actually be fun. Sounds a bit like Dead Rising in the park though, doesn't it?