Smile and Nod: That Which Does Not Matter

Russ Pitts

The Boss of You
May 1, 2006
Smile and Nod: That Which Does Not Matter

A week ago Saturday, I was in Jamaica. It was wonderful. No, allow me to be more precise: It was absolutely, incredibly wonderful. Every evening a few clouds rolled in and we got a nice, warm rain shower, but the clouds didn't last and by the next morning the sky was blue again, the weather warm, the ocean perfect and the drinks served with just the right amount of rum and obsequiousness. No computers, no deadlines and no videogames. It was like being in paradise on Earth.



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Feb 28, 2008
I'd rather be sailing
He said with a sigh,
And stand on the beach
With the sun in my eye,
And curl up with a book,
bid all worries goodbye,
and reside in the groves,
Till the day that I die.

I'd rather drink fruity drinks,
and rum for the flavor,
instead of write, work, and play,
for an unforgiving dictator.
I left the sun far away,
this world couldn't be grayer.

Time to drown sorrows,
to the Xbox 360!
The innumberable quests
Are way better then whiskey!

One long weekend later
Faith and Hope are restored,
Being paid to play games,
and avoid being bored,
kinda beats hanging
myself with a cord,
so though someday I'll sail,
and spend all day aboard,
right now it's just good,
to fight the Oblivion hoard!


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Sep 8, 2007
The weather here in Maryland has been crappy all winter and has continued into spring as well. I've wanted to go biking or jogging but it always looks like the end of the world is looming outside with giant ominous rainclouds. It would be kinda funny if April turned out to be bright and sunny after all the rain but it ain't looking likely )=


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Jul 14, 2006
I always find it funny how people complain about rain and cold and "miserable weather". Sure summer is great, I love being outside, at the beach, playing sports etc. But when winter comes around it doesn't mean I have 6 longs months of not summer, it means I have 6 months of weekend trips to the snow fields, sitting on my balcony with a blanket and a glass of port listening to the rain hit the roof and watching the lightning and not having to feel guilty about "wasting" an entire day sitting on the couch playing video games :)
I enjoy winter just as much as I enjoy summer, they're just different is all.


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Nov 9, 2007
I really agree with you there Goofonian. I like my 'winter sleep'. Though I can understand the feeling that games start to gnaw away time from other things you like. It takes some effort to tear myself away from another game to draw for example.